The Eleventh Hour


    Recently my wife and I attended The 11th Hour, a Leonardi DiCaprio film about the state of our ecosystem. Two ideas really inspired me: We currently have the technology to reduce our "footprint" by over 90 percent; and it is our collective opportunity to turn things around-help heal the ecosystem and save our human race!

    And really, what are we waiting for? The Earth is hurting right now, as are we, and we can choose to wake up and do something about it! This beautiful Pearl floating in the middle of nowhere is our home to play and grow and evolve-and I want to keep it! I want it here for my children and grandchildren, and selfishly, I want it here so I can return again and again!

    For me, this means returning to and living with Nature. For starters, I aim to stop making trash!

    One goal beginning today and moving forward is to cease bringing home throw-away, to-go dishes. That means no more take-out and delivery, and no leftovers to bring home.

    I will continue my support of organic farming by purchasing organic food from local farms when possible. I will take the time to learn about farming practices and use my dollar "votes" by supporting farms that live harmoniously with their land.

    I will reduce my meat consumption.

    I will bring my own bags to the grocery and other stores, reducing the amount of plastic and paper bag usage and trash. Any bags I do bring home I will reuse for my own trash liners or as recycling paper bags.

    This spring, my wife and I set up a compost bin in our backyard and I love it! We just bought a couple new houseplants, and instead of buying soil we used the soil in our backyard with a healthy mixture of compost. Plus we save the landfill from "waste" that the Earth loves!

    We also joined Harmony Valley Farms CSA this season and have enjoyed the fresh, organic produce delivered without packaging. I like this on many levels, and joining the farms through bountiful harvests as well as thin ones reconnects me with Nature and helps support the farmers in the process.

    All these steps bring me more in touch with Nature and all of her cycles. I don’t want to waste energy-I want to renew it. That is the key in my estimation; figuring out how to give our "waste" back into Nature’s cycle so it can be used again and again.

    Doesn’t that feel right?


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