The Ten Traits of the True Spiritual Warrior

    Once when I was speaking to a small gathering of students about the secret nature of true confidence, one of them asked me the following question: "What’s your best definition of being a truly successful person in this life, and how does one go about that achievement?" As you are about to read, my answer mentions nothing about becoming recognizably powerful, having fine possessions, or winning the approval of those around us. Instead it speaks of a whole other possibility, one whose value cannot be overstated.

    "We succeed in this life when-no matter win or lose in the eyes of the world-we can walk away from any demanding moment with a measure of more true self-understanding than we took into it."

    This answer prompted many questions, most of which were concerned with "how" one achieves this higher state of self. Most wondered, given how challenging life can be at times, if such a lofty goal is even possible. That day we walked through, step by step, the reasons why we must all become true spiritual warriors if it’s our hope to win real life. Study closely the following set of lessons that exemplifies the truths we covered that day. Within these special instructions is everything we need to know about a new kind of success that never spoils, but only freshens itself moment to moment.

    1. The true spiritual warrior knows the only enemy she has is what she has yet to shed light upon in herself, therefore, she never postpones a battle that must be engaged.

    2. The true spiritual warrior always remembers that his enemy never forgets his weaknesses.

    3. The true spiritual warrior starts life over, all over and over again.

    4. The true spiritual warrior works every day, every moment, to sharpen her battle skills.

    5. The true spiritual warrior leads by example, never fearing to make an example of herself-no matter what the cost.

    6. The true spiritual warrior makes it his aim to never burden another human being with what is his pain.

    7. The true spiritual warrior is never afraid to look at what she doesn’t want to see.

    8. The true spiritual warrior commits himself to his best choice and realizes that to live in conflict over what is or is not best is the refusal of responsibility.

    9. The true spiritual warrior never fears feelings of helplessness, because she recognizes such states as the heralds of new powers to come…like storm clouds before spring flowers.

    10. The true spiritual warrior knows that the path of spiritual liberation that he has chosen must lead him to one encounter after another with conditions that always seem greater than he is.



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