Welcome to Edge Life Expo 2007

    The 2007 Edge Life Expo is our seventh year, The Magic 7, and we welcome all attendees and exhibitors.

    According to my friend Wes Hamilton, a numerologist, the number 7 indicates a time of spiritual awareness, researching the unseen and looking for the magic in Life. We all enjoy a great window of opportunity to experience these qualities, and the tools to obtain them and integrate them into our lives, at one phenomenal event, Edge Life Expo, at one time, November 9-11, under one roof, the Minneapolis Convention Center, with 150 exhibitors and intuitive readers, 65 free workshops and 13 highly regarded Speakers (see the complete schedule in following pages).

    My wife, Insiah, the Edge Life staff and I are proud to present this year’s event to Mid-America. In partnership with Media Relations, The Edge is spreading the word throughout the Twin Cities and Upper Midwest that Edge Life Expo 2007 will share knowledge, insight and entertainment unlike any other event in our area.

    I share with you a few of our speakers-Dannion Brinkley, Sri Ram Kaa & Kira Raa, Echo Bodine and Kathryn Harwig-all of whom will focus their energies to share information and insight to promote our daily betterment of Life, integrating this with the anticipated arrival of the "2012." In addition, three teaching schools and universities will be on site to share their knowledge and research.

    If there every was a year to attend, it is The Lucky Number 7. Walk into Edge Life Expo and experience your life feeling more pleasant and exciting. And above all, it is a place to find spiritual awareness, research the unseen and look for the magic in Life. We offer this to you our fellow seekers.



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