A special gift to our advertisers: Inexpensive coupons to promote holiday specials!

    Edge Life Magazine is offering Gift Guide 2007 as a special gift to our advertisers. For the December 2007 issue only, place a holiday coupon in Edge Life for only $75. We will create the ad for you. We do not accept camera-ready display ads for the Gift Guide. All ads will be the same size and format. All we need from you is the text you would like to include in the Holiday Gift Guide Coupon – use Gift Guide Form pdf to order your ad.

    We offer free color for both the dash around the coupon and the solid box inside of the coupon. Specify your choice of color! Again, see the Gift Guide Form pdf for example and details.

    Call today. Deadline is November 17, 2007. Download Gift Guide Form PDF.

    E-mail information to cathy@edgelife.net.

    Fax information to 763.433.9290.

    Call your information to us at 763.433.9291.

    Send check or money order for $75 made out to "Edge Life". Mail to:

    Edge Life Holiday Gift Guide
    300 E. Main St., Suite 300,
    Anoka, MN 55303

    Major Credit Cards accepted at (763) 433-9291.

    Deadline to reserve Gift Guide Coupon in the December edition of Edge Life Magazine: November 17, 2007



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