First, Do No Harm

    Editor’s note: This column is an excerpt from the author’s new book, Palm Visions.

    I have given intuitive readings for most of my life. For the last twenty or so years I have done it as a profession, and I am sure that I have broken every rule there is that is possible to break. I am not fond of rules. As a matter of fact, I generally believe in rules only when they don’t apply to me. But, whether you believe in the laws of Karma or not, it still remains that "what goes around comes around."

    So, Kathryn’s rules of psychic behavior are:

    1. It is better to be kind than to be correct.

    There is always a kind way of phrasing your interpretation of a psychic hit. I hear horror stories on a regular basis about psychics who have told a person they will "die by the age of 40" or that their spouse is cheating on them. They can then walk away feeling proud of their prediction. But the recipient of this information lives with a fear and questioning that haunts them. Bluntly dropping bombs on people and then walking away is cruel. Don’t do it.

    The urge to be correct is overwhelming. You will want to be "right" and to have people rave about your predictions. There is nothing wrong with being correct. Unless, and this is a big unless, it is at the expense of others.

    2. Just because you know something does not mean you need to say it.

    I learned this one the hard way. When I first started doing psychic readings publicly, I felt some sort of moral duty to give people "tips for better living." Not surprisingly, most people weren’t all that grateful. Let people ask you for intuitive advice, don’t volunteer it.

    It is amazing how much easier life gets when you quit giving unsolicited advice. (This is true whether you are a psychic, or are acting in the role of parent, spouse or friend.) While we may find our advice for others to be valuable, they will appreciate it more if they actually want it.

    3. Boundaries are a good thing.

    Once you start developing your psychic gifts, you may feel overwhelmed by the amount of information that is available to you. Just as you don’t need to volunteer information to others, you also can choose what information you wish to receive. I have developed a fairly good boundary system that allows me to ignore psychic information that does not apply to me.

    How do you set boundaries? With intent. It is up to us to decide what information we do and do not wish to hear. Just as we can ignore the piped-in music in an elevator or the numerous conversations taking place around us at a gathering, so too can we filter out unwanted psychic information.

    4. If you don’t take care of yourself, who will?

    People who have psychic ability tend to be overly empathic. If you find yourself feeling drained and tired from doing intuitive work, you need to have a plan in place to recharge your energy. We cannot give away what we don’t have.

    5. If it’s not fun, don’t do it.

    You only have one life. (At least one at a time.) Being psychic should enhance your life and bring joy. It should make it easier. Lightening up is a spiritual practice from which many psychics could benefit. Live and let live and ask others to do the same.

    Don’t take yourself too seriously.

    6. Heal yourself and the planet will follow.

    More on that next month.



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