How to Energize Yourself


    Most of us believe that we are living life at a pace that is far too frenetic and that the stress this causes is part of the price of living in modern times. It is sometimes hard to see that the hectic pace of the life that we lead is not simply a choice, rather it is a symptom of something far more endemic to humanity. We are all seeking to acquire more material possessions and an ideal lifestyle with less resources and less time. As a result of this constantly increasing compression, we sometimes feel as though we are being crushed under the weight of the life that we trying to live. It is therefore in our best interest to, from time to time, decompress and reenergize as a way to deal with this pressure.

    The first step in correcting this imbalance is to accept that virtually everybody’s life sometimes drifts out of control to a greater or lesser degree; therefore you are not alone. Realizing that you are under the effects of a negative influence is the first step in emancipating yourself from that influence. When you feel that this "drifting" is happening to you, you’ll need to take time to stop, gain control of your mental state and energize yourself to replenish your energy and defend against these negative effects in the future.

    Symptoms of moving out of control

    Losing control over your mental state can occur in very incremental steps over a long period of time, or as anecdotal accounts state, a person can "snap" suddenly, losing the ability to cope with one single, massive event that overwhelms all of their coping tools. You may recognize the symptoms of moving "out of control" as a steadily increasing sensation of fight or flight, a desire to run and hide from the events occurring in your daily life. Sometimes seemingly small, virtually insignificant, events create an emotional response that is far out of proportion when compared to the actual event. You may also find yourself either angry, afraid, or stressed out for no particular reason and unable to "think" your way to a place of mental safety. The root problem is that thinking has created your drifting state of mind. The mind’s desire to examine and reexamine the details of your life events over and over again without rest is what gives birth to and builds upon your negative mental state. It is like a person with an addiction believing they can save themselves if only they can move more deeply into their addiction. It may seem counter-intuitive, but what needs to occur is the opposite.

    Moving back into control

    To begin the process of moving back into control, you must first begin to realize that you need to escape from the absolutely destructive process of incessantly dwelling on the memories of past regrets, current stressful events and the anticipation of possible yet unpredictable future redemption and viewing them as negative occurrences that need to be escaped from. You should instead begin using your most effective coping tool to change your perspective so you can begin to view your problems in a more correct context, devoid of the negative emotion.

    Illnesses of both the mind and body have a higher probability of making you feel sicker when your defenses are at their weakest. It is, therefore, in your best interest to keep both your physical and mental immunities as strong as possible. Below you will find an exercise that will not only move a thought process that is an out-of-control (sick) state back into a controlled (well) state. It can, when used consistently over time, allow a run-a-way mind to begin moving in a proper direction in a controlled manner.

    Energizing Yourself

    You should, if at all possible, find a quiet place devoid of distractions. This is not absolutely necessary but is recommended for beginners; it will become less necessary as proficiency grows.

    It is best to make yourself as comfortable as possible by sitting or lying down, closing your eyes and taking a series of slow, deep, relaxing breaths. When you first begin using this exercise, it may take you a while to relax your body and mind, but as previously stated, the more you do this and the better you get, the faster the process of relaxation will occur.

    With eyes closed, visualize a bright, white light in front of you. Not everyone has strong visualization skills so it may be necessary to face an artificial light source or turn your face, with eyes closed, toward the sun.

    Begin envisioning the light flowing from its source into you, feel its warmth filling you, flowing throughout your body. Let it flow from your head and neck down into your chest and into your arms and down to your hands and fingers. Feel it moving down through your back and abdomen into your legs and down to your feet and toes. Imagine the light filling every part of you to overflowing. As the light flows into you, envision yourself flowing into it, you becoming one with the light and the light becoming one with you. In your mind, envision glowing as bright as the light that is filling you, erasing all differences between you and the light.

    As you work your way through this energizing process, you may begin to feel your breathing slowly becoming more rapid or sense a slight increase in your heart rate, do not be afraid when you feel your body becoming energized, this process may be new, but it is not harmful; the energy you are manifesting is completely positive, benign and compatible with the physical and mental state you are trying to achieve. After a few minutes, or when you feel that you have taken in your fill, slowly open your eyes while continuing the slow relaxing breathing.

    Once you have completed the energizing process, you should begin to feel more energized as though you have just taken a short nap. You should also find that you will be able, while under the effect of your energizing session, to re-examine any issues that might have contributed to state of diminished energy or mental turmoil with a new refreshed and positive perspective.

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