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    "Dr. Sunray is one of the few old masters who has the knowledge and connection to the higher realms necessary for the journey ahead-the journey of the mind into the final frontier. Her instruction is "akami," channeled from the highest dimension." – Pila of Hawaii, author, seer and teacher of the Ancient Wisdom

    Paula was born in Arkansas and grew up in Indiana. She attended Oberlin College and studied in Europe at the Mozarteum in Salzburg, Austria. She received her Master’s Degree in Music from Indiana University and a Doctorate in Metaphysical Science from the University of Metaphysics in California. She was ordained as a Spiritual Counselor in New York after completing her studies at the New Seminary, and became Director of the National Interfaith Seminary and Sunray Healing Haven in St. Paul, Minn., where she taught Higher Learning Courses for 10 years.

    In her earlier years, Paula moved to Minneapolis to play with the Minneapolis Symphony for 23 years as a professional musician. She also taught at the University of Minnesota during this time. She traveled all over the world and had many exceptional experiences during her days as a professional musician, including a personal ovation from Igor Stravinsky, a private audience with royalty, and many appearances in Carnegie Hall. She also played with the Metropolitan Opera National Company and performed with many celebrities.

    Although Paula’s life appeared to be most successful on the outside, she was despondent and suicidal much of her life. Her life changed dramatically in 1981 after experiencing a spiritual "vision" in an alcoholic treatment center while lying on a cot, alone and hopeless.

    After finding a Higher Power, and after intense therapy, Paula became interested in the field of metaphysics. She read every book she could get her hands on. She studied shamanism and Huna in Hawaii, and opened the Huna Center in Minneapolis where she taught empowerment classes. After being diagnosed with breast cancer in 1989, Paula became passionately interested in every facet of mind-body-spirit healing.

    The spiritual journey for Paula Sunray has been an amazing one, although not an easy one. She has had many peak experiences during her search for truth, including a visitation by Jesus, the sudden materialization of sacred objects, a tearful and dramatic recollection of her life as Judith the Essene (teacher of Jesus and John the Baptist), a profound healing in the Queen’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid, and a bizarre visitation by three entities who melted and reformed parts of her head and face while she was sitting upright, fully awake. The most intense and challenging experiences were with an entity from the future, who, over a period of three years, shared information about the secrets of our origins, how to access other dimensions, how to fully awaken, and how to leave this universe. She was taught cosmology and the language of the universe as well as an unusual understanding of the spirit world.

    Paula experienced 33 challenging and intense initiations that removed her from the world of illusion and resulted in an expanded awareness and awakening. Shortly thereafter, she allowed her entire image, identity and life to melt away into the void in order to he reformed into a new identity, much like the Tibetan monks who erase their sand mandalas after much focused work and attention.

    Paula’s new life was very different from the old one. She was less action-oriented and lived a peaceful and abundant life, free and unencumbered. She taught classes when her inner spirit moved her. She was known as a reformer, a spiritual pioneer, a master teacher and a teacher of teachers. She worked with students who hungered for the truth. Paula claimed that very few systems teach the real truth, and that there is a reason why the secret teachings have been kept a secret. "Secrets must no longer be kept," she said.

    Paula worked with those who have a great capacity to discipline and focus their lives to embrace the power of the real divine teachings. Many hard truths have not yet been told. With empowerment comes responsibility. At the same time, one must know how to completely surrender and allow oneself ease and joy. There is a careful balance that is needed for true awakening and enlightenment.

    Paula made the decision to come forth to share the wondrous and sometimes frightening truths that she learned from her masters on the higher levels, as well as her own inner Teacher. Most of these teachings were unknown to even the metaphysical community. These teachings were for those who wanted to go the distance in rising above the human illusion with its slumbering belief systems and move back to their original destiny, which is to be a creator who is a raging fire of dreams and imaginings and is awake on all seven levels of their pyramidal self known as All That Is.

    Paula wrote five books, including Life Skills for the New Millennium (Petals of Life, 2002) and dedicated her life to assist others as they crossed the bridge into the new energies. Her teaching style was direct and sometimes confrontative as she challenged students to recognize their true power and identity. Her commanding knowledge and direct experience made her an expert in the teaching arena of an awakening world. She was a tour guide into the new energies, a spiritual pioneer, and an Ambassador of Light.



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