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Light Speed Learning (LSL) is the ability to comprehend and retain information starting at 20,000 words per minute (2 pages per second) up to a maximum of more than 2 million words per minute, and the ability to comprehend and retain this information for life.

This revolutionary, life-changing method of learning embodies "the secret" that has been known by the famous minds of our century-Edison, Einstein, Emerson, Lincoln, Gandhi, among others. The secret lies in the brainwave state of alpha. LSL is accomplished in this lower oscillation, higher frequency state, the state responsible for all creative thought and the ideal state for learning. Coincidently, it also is the ideal state for manifesting and for living healthy.

The following is an interview with Thomas Morton, one of the founders of Light Speed Learning. He has been delivering this learning technique to the world for more than 17 years. Morton also has been known worldwide for his lectures on quantum physics and sacred geometry. In this interview, he speaks about our natural abilities to learn at these quantum speeds.

Why should I learn Light Speed Learning? What is the difference between it and reading?
Thomas Morton:
Technically, Light Speed Learning is not reading. Reading requires sub-vocalizing or hearing the words within. Reading, or the rote system of learning, stops happening around the fastest speed we can talk. No one can read faster than they can talk. The world record for the fastest talker is around 637 words a minute. Therefore, that is the fastest that anyone can read. Light Speed Learning bypasses the rote system of learning entirely, going directly into long-term memory.

Light Speed Learning was first taught by books accessing the information at 20,000-25,000 words a minute. We now have taken it to another level by reaching speeds of 2 million words a minute. We teach this by computer with our special software program. You can literally receive into long-term memory an entire book within 3 to 5 seconds.

Why might I prefer LSL to memorization or the rote method, the way we have been taught to read in school?
This is an entirely new age of learning. Let’s look at what passes for learning in North America, where we teach the rote system of learning. The rote system of learning depends upon the conscious mind to retain information. The conscious mind is proven to be short-term memory only. So most teachers will suggest that we study (or cram) right up until the time we take the test. This helps us get a good grade on a test, but we will forget most of what we learned within 48 hours. We study in the wrong brainwave oscillation-beta, which is the part of the brain that does not learn or think by nature. Permanent long-term memory resides within the subconscious mind. The doorway to the subconscious mind lies within the brainwave state of alpha. LSL is a process to send information directly into the subconscious part of the brain.
Here are the national education statistics: The first time we read something, we comprehend 50 percent of what we read, and within 48 hours, we forget 90 percent of the 50 percent. You do the math. That works out to retaining a scant 5 percent of what we have read after 48 hours.

When our technology is used to process information, there is no studying, no cramming, and you retain the information for life. If you took an exam today and again next month, you would get the same results.

What are implications for children? How might it affect their learning abilities? I know that you mentioned brainwaves. Don’t children naturally experience the alpha state?
Yes, children from infant to age 5 are in alpha almost all the time. They are naturals, and they learn everything automatically from the moment that they are born. They do this through imagination, visualization and by being in the alpha state of creativity and learning.

According to National Education Association statistics, between the ages of 7 and 14, children begin to move out of alpha into beta waves, primarily because of the present educational system. Well-meaning but ignorant teachers and parents direct them to abandon this natural learning ability in favor of the analytical, senses-based, left-brained learning system. They are taught to think with the left side of the brain. The most profound thinkers of are time utilize right and left brain hemispheres in unison.

The left brain is for action, as in taking the actions to make thoughts into things. The right brain is connected to the intuitive and creative center. We need to use our whole brain, not just one side. Research has shown that people using both right and left hemispheres of the brain (the whole brain) have an 80 percent chance of making successful choices, while those using only the left side (more than 90 percent of the population) only have a 20 percent chance of making the right decision!

Why do people think they need to read or access information faster?
In 2002, UC-Berkeley’s study of information storage and flows analysis showed that more information is produced each year than in the entire history of mankind. What does that mean in terms of how much new information is generated per person? According to the Population Reference Bureau, the world’s population is 6.3 billion, thus almost 800MB of recorded information is produced by each person every year. It would take about 30 feet of books to store the equivalent of 800MB of information on paper or 35.8 million miles of books total for the entire population.

The World Wide Web contains about 170 terabytes of information on its surface; in volume, this is 17 times the size of the Library of Congress’ print collections. Instant messaging generates 5 billion messages a day (750GB), or 274 terabytes a year. Email generates about 400,000 terabytes of new information each year worldwide.
Mankind is now entering into the information age. Reading, even speed-reading, is not enough.
Technology and the internet make learning more imperative today. We are now exposed to more data than ever before. To remain on the cutting edge of the information age, we need the ability to access information quickly. This new technology makes comprehension, retention and recall effortless.

Even if you already read quickly, LSL makes it possible to google a topic, then less than a minute later, have it stored in memory. If you choose to "read" material that you have processed, merely because your conscious mind wants to know, or for the enjoyment of reading, you enjoy it more. You do it faster, and the experience is enriched by a sense of "knowing." This "knowing" is achieved by opening a pathway to the "super consciousness," or what is commonly known as the subconscious, creating a gateway to almost infinite information.

What is the difference between super conscious (subconscious) learning and subliminal programming?
I’ll start with subliminal programming. We’ve all heard about how in movies they flash the word or picture of "popcorn" on the screen, causing sales at the concession stand of popcorn to increase by 3-5 times, or even more. You didn’t actually see the "popcorn" flash, although you received the information and were affected by it.

Subliminal advertising is a $1 billion industry that increases every year, as it has for the past 20 years. The reason is that it works. It is now in almost all visual advertisement, including magazines, billboards, commercials, cinemas and movies.
Each day we are bombarded by hundreds if not thousands of subliminal suggestions. It should be your right to either accept or not accept what is coming into your subconscious. In our class, we teach the students how to turn that switch on or off, or how to filter that which they choose to store into long-term memory.

In LSL we flash words at 1 million words a minute, but you choose the information that you want to bring in. You are the one who is in control of what you perceive. We also teach something very important called "filtering" in the class. Filtering teaches you how to make an active choice about what comes through the gateway.

Many people think that subliminal advertising was outlawed in the 1970s. It did go to court and was found to be illegal only if "branding" (using brand names of products) is used. Brand names don’t work as well as major trigger words, such as "SEX"-the number one word used in subliminal advertising. These words are almost always presented backwards and/or upside down, making it unavailable for the conscious mind to see it, although the subconscious mind gets it clearly and is attracted to that advertisement.

Can you explain the difference between beta and alpha waves, as well as the importance of the waves in learning?
Beta is the state where most of us, as adults, reside. This brainwave activity oscillates at 15 to more than 21 cycles per second (cps). Most of our traditional "learning" takes place in beta, even though it has been proven that 20 cps is the most de-synchronized, disorderly, least energetic mode of thinking. And yet, this is where 90 percent of humans spend most of their time. It has been found that 90 percent of humans function eccentrically…they are doing their thinking off center (the center being 10).

When one impresses information at 20 cps, it is impressed with such a small amount of energy that one forgets almost everything-95 percent of what they have "read" within 48 hours. This also is the brainwave state where disease and stress take place.

Alpha occurs at 7 to 14 cps. It has been found that the strongest, most energetic and most synchronized frequency of our brain is 10 cps, the midway point in the alpha cycle. This is where all creation and healing takes place. ALL physical things have their genesis in the mind first, at alpha, before they become physical reality.
The alpha dimension is the crossover point between the right and left hemispheres of the brain. Research also has shown that decisions made at 10 cps are right four out of five times (80 percent), compared to beta in which you only have a 20 percent chance of being right.

LSL teaches the brain to slow into alpha waves. Alpha waves induce a powerful, creative learning state, known to be used by many outstandingly famous minds and leaders. It is necessary to use both parts of the brain to access "genius" thinking.

What are the long-term implications of using LSL?
The long-term implications of introducing LSL into the worldwide arena are enormous. LSL is a learning aid that can revolutionize the educational system. Learning will be accelerated at speeds we cannot comprehend. Children could reach college-level thinking and understanding between 12 and 13 years old.

Corporations can use LSL to assimilate all the information that is current in their field, and their employees, in alpha, can enrich the corporate culture by contributing new ideas that can only come from the alpha state. Athletes can go in to the "zone" (alpha) at will.

Most importantly, when people can induce a brainwave oscillation into alpha, they hold the key to a healthier, wealthier, more creative and successful way of living. As the icing on the cake, spiritual awakening is a normal consequence of being in alpha! In many ways, it is the dawning of heaven on Earth.

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