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    I am currently gathering personal stories that demonstrate how veganism has affected individuals on a spiritual and/or subtle energetic level. Much research is being done within alternative healing and scientific circles on the subtle energy fields that we all experience, on both conscious and unconscious levels. However, very little attention has been paid to the disruption of our energy fields and our spirits that is very likely caused by eating and using animals who have suffered terribly.

    I am interested in any experiences you may have had that suggest that using/eating animal products was destructive to your energy field and/or your spiritual life. Or you may have had experiences that demonstrate that refraining from consuming animal products actually enhanced your capacity for compassion, awe, inner peace, and/or the experience of interconnectedness with all life.

    As examples, here are a couple of stories people have shared with me.

    A shaman decided to “feel” the vibration of some meat he was preparing to eat. When he did so, he experienced the cow’s pain and sadness from being taken from his mother, as well as from his death in the slaughterhouse. He quickly decided never to eat animals again.

    Shortly after Michael H. had recommitted himself to veganism, he stated, “I witnessed a bird hit the windshield of a car and die on the freeway. It was the first time I really felt for this small creature and could identify with the pain it must have suffered Before, I was numb to the pain and suffering of animals, because I think it was too painful for me to accept…but this was the first time I was courageous enough to open my heart up to this beautiful creature’s suffering and horrible death. Your book has made me stronger and more courageous.”

    If you have a story of your own or know of someone who does, please send it to me at Eventually, with your help, we will assemble a book of hope for a future of compassion, nonviolence, and peace for all beings.



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