2012: Ideas Expressed at Edge Life Expo 2007


    "What I have heard is that the transformation is going to happen a lot earlier. I think everything is speeding up and the major shifts and Earth changes are already happening right now. I don’t see this as a negative experience, but a major transformation that Earth has to go through and we have to go through with her….In a vision, after this change I have seen cities of light, a transparent crystal-clear light, very beautiful. So it is all good." – Bettina Madini

    "I think it is a major change for society-not the end of society, but a major change. I think the changes already are affecting some people. Perhaps they feel a physical discomfort. I think it is important to share the information that we all have, and to share healing with each other, whether it is Healing Touch or qigong or whatever. I think this is all helping. The transformational process is raising our vibration and assisting us through these changes." – Valerie Lis

    "We should keep our eyes and ears open to what the universe is pushing us to take care of and to do. Helpers on the other side of the veil are assisting us greatly right now. They’re giving us direction in terms of sleeping more, getting more exercise, taking care of issues from the past. People who we may have had problems with are going to come up in our mind right now, and we need to let them go, forgive them and move on. It’s all about clearing ourselves and purging right now. It’s like a new world is coming. We’re letting go of old baggage and getting ready. We’re going into a very good time, but for the next few years it will be very intense." – Echo Bodine

    "I think a lot of preconceived notions about time, timelines and how we record time are going to fall away. I think we’re going to be crossing over many more dimensions. When we think we’re in one dimension, it might not be so. It may be an alternate reality. It’s not the reality that is so important as your growth. What’s important is what you learn and what you’re trying to do in this classroom." – Penny Johnson

    "We’ve gotten many messages from the ancients that something is going to happen. I don’t think the world will end, and I don’t think we’ll be hit by an asteroid. What could create the greatest problems is the melting of the Antarctic ice cap." – Mel Vagle

    "I think it’s an opportunity for us as individuals to expand our consciousness and educate ourselves as 2012 draws closer. There’s the theory that it could be like Y2K and nothing happens. But when you have the collective consciousness preparing for a date and time like this, something will manifest and something will be created. If that’s a new awareness, that’s great. Another perspective is that for fundamentalist Christians, it would be time that Jesus would return, because that’s what they would need. If you’re not a fundamentalist, then you would see what you would see. I’m curious what will happen." – Troy Parkinson

    "The biggest insight that I get is that it will be the end of life as we know it, that we will be moving and shifting into a new thing. What that will look like, I don’t know. I do think there will be a lot of turmoil and a lot of unrest before we get there." – Mary Stoffel

    "We’re going through a period of transparency where we’re being asked to look at ourselves and our lives and what’s happening. The person with whom we’re in relationship is going to be mirroring stuff for us as we come into our divine self, our divine being. It’s like we have this mystical marriage of the twin flames of both people. Right now, the energies are changing and we’re going to move from the third to the fifth dimension. That started last December. This past June we had the integration of the heart. Between now and Christmas, the winter solstice, we have this mirroring within relationship. With each solstice and equinox, we move to a new level. This will happen two or three times each year between now and 2012. We’re going to keep moving and keep evolving, and our energies, our vibrations, are going to keep changing. The veils between the outer world and ourselves are getting thinner. On 2012, I just believe we will cross a threshold into a very beautiful experience of heaven on earth." – Finbarr Ross

    "If you end up getting into those fear-based mindsets, it is so debilitating and restricting. If you think about the infinite potentiality of the universe, these scenarios are irrelevant. If it ends on this planet, it just begins on another one. There is no end. People have infinite opportunities to exist as all forms, and there is no defined end to what will go on for hundreds of billions of human interpretable years." – Scott Berger

    "I don’t think 2012 is going to bring about the end of the world. I would hope that it is in line with predictions for a new millennium, a major shift in terms of existence as we know it. Many people think 2012 is when we will make alien contact. I don’t think that life is going to cease to exist in 2012." – Tara Hastar

    "It’s a call for us to be aware. I don’t believe there is a predestined outcome. I believe that as we become more spiritually adult and responsible, we can co-create what 2012 will be, as opposed to walking into 2012 in a state of amnesia. Those are two different paths. What has been predicted by elders and past prophets is a call, not a conclusion." – Hank Landau

    "I interpret 2012 as a shift in consciousness. Astrologically, there will be a huge alignment of planets in the center of our galaxy. I think it’s an opportunity for an explosion of light and acceleration of consciousness on the planet. Everything we have been doing up to this point has led us to this place. People who are ready will accelerate and I don’t know about the people who aren’t. But it’s a good thing." – Mark Stefan

    "2012 is an acknowledgment that everyone knows that a shift is already here. It’s about what are we doing to engage the energies now, and come into our heart and our true path now as we move toward the time of culmination and however we want that to look." – Delasaria Lihon

    "I’m not so much fascinated by the actual date. There seems to be a change of the energy on planet Earth. I see TV programs like "Medium" and "Ghost Whisperer" and 40 million people are watching them. In the last century we have gone from horse and buggy to cell phones, and something good is going on. I look at this time as a very positive experience. When they talk about 2012, they talk about ascension. To me, that is when each individual, you and me, go within and connects with Source. It’s not about going out there to save the world from the next president of the United States. I just feel the energy between now and 2012 is going to heighten, and that’s going to help all of us in who we are on our journey." – Ralph Wolf

    "In the past people thought that the Mayan calendar ending in 2012 meant the end of the world. That is so far from the truth. The Mayan calendar is cyclical. We’re coming to a new beginning. That new beginning is going to bring an end to the negativity that has been rising to the surface. This new beginning will be focused on wisdom and unity, rather than the dichotomy of good and evil. I think that change already has begun. It’s going to get exciting." – Dale Fisher

    "The end of the Mayan calendar just means we have a chance to restart. The growth of metaphysical ideas and spirituality has started to become more prominent not only in society, but as a part of our evolution. We’re getting used to the idea. It’s a circle of balance and it’s all becoming one, as it should be. We’re going to have a chance to explore more of those ideas." – Laura Jones

    "To me, 2012 is a representation of the waking of mass consciousness. We’re continually brought forward in this journey as a piece of a puzzle. Each one of us has our little niche or spot in the puzzle. When we awaken and be who we are, and be the piece of the puzzle that we are, it helps awaken the other pieces of the puzzle, like a row of dominos. I do something that affects you, and you do something that affects him. We’ve all been asleep, and for the first time, we’re all awake. We’re starting to say, There’s something more to this, more than just life and death. It’s a breath between life and death that we have to do something about. 2012 is that final a-ha, that final opening that says, Here we are and here’s where we are going. I see it as all positive. The Earth is changing and so are we. We have to go with the flow of earth changes and life changes. I’m very excited by it." – Lynn Young

    "There’s a lot that I’ve heard about 2012 and a lot that I sense about it. It’s the end of the Mayan calendar and I feel the shift of change has already started as we enter a new dimension on the earth plane. I believe there’s going to be a quickening evolution for everybody who is alive at that time. None of us will be able to recognize what it was like before then. For those who are conscious through that shift, those who are doing the work right now in preparation for the change, they will be able to tell stories of what it was like pre-2012. Others will make that jump and will be unaware of what’s happening. I think it’s a very powerful time, and that everybody who is here right now has a responsibility to hold that energy. There are millions of us who are doing that right now, helping to make that shift as smooth and as less painful as possible." – Bryan Bertsch

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