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    2013 Oracle: Ancient Keys to the 2012 Awakening, by David Carson, Nina Sammons (Council Oak Books), www.counciloakbooks.com
    2013 Oracle looks beyond 2012 with a powerful divination system, including 34 beautiful laminated cards, a colorful printed cenote cloth to contain and focus the oracular energies, and an illustrated book to explain and interpret the guidance of the ancients. In beautiful artwork by visionary artist G. Borri and David Carson’s prophetic interpretations, users will find answers to guide them through the uncertainties ahead.


    Unlocking The Secrets of 2012: Galactic Wisdom from the Ancient Skywatchers, by John Major Jenkins (Sounds True), soundstrue.com
    On this 3-CD audio program, John Major Jenkins invites you to explore the mysteries of the Mayan legacy, including: the Galactic Alignment of 2012; the astronomical phenomenon predicted by the Maya, and how it will affect us; Izapa as the origin place of the 2012 calendar and the "uncorrupted vision" of the early Mayan skywatchers; how the "Hero Twins" creation story encodes a hidden blueprint for the evolution of human consciousness; and the spiritual practices of the Mayan mystics, featuring a guided breathwork exercise based on their shamanic traditions.


    2012 The Odyssey: Armageddon is Not What It used to Be, by Gregg Braden, Jose Argelles, Alberto Villoldo, and John Major Jenkins, 99 minutes, www.2012theodyssey.com
    Join Sharron Rose as she travels across the U.S. speaking to respected researchers about this fast approaching "end date." This film shows us that the coming world is ours to reshape and to remake in any way that we deem possible. It reminds us that we need not be victims of events beyond our control.

    Science of Soul: The End-Time Solar Cycle of Chaos in 2012 A.D., 60 minutes
    From the unified mind’s eye of Reality Press author John Jay Harper comes the complete visionary integration of physics and metaphysics, a Science of Soul. Indeed, this spiritual blend of music and mind-blowing graphics coupled with a finely crafted scientific script filled-to-the-brim with facts will offer viewers the "lost key" to the secrets of the ages that was only briefly introduced in What the Bleep Do We Know? and The Secret.

    Stargate 2012 with William Henry, 177 minutes, www.williamhenry.net
    Thousands of years ago, Stargate technology from an ancient alien civilization on Earth was lost. Mayan prophecy predicts that this lost Stargate technology will be rediscovered by the year 2012, marking the dawn of a new age, the birth of a new type of human, and a shift in the matrix of reality. Investigative mythologist William Henry has analyzed the most cryptic symbols of 2012.


    2012 Atlantean Revelations: Becoming a Mystic in a 9 to 5 World, by Sri Ram Kaa & Kira Raa (TOSA Publishing), 329 pages
    Like nothing you have ever experienced before, this is the book for these times and how to do more than just survive them! This book will awaken your own cellular recognition of your Divine heritage and mastery with 12 profound lessons taught directly from the Archangelic Realm that will clear away the mental chatter, eliminate fear, and empower you to lovingly take charge of your life and the events of the world.

    2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl, by Daniel Pinchbeck (Tarcher), 416 pages
    The acclaimed metaphysical epic that binds together the cosmological phenomena of our time, ranging from crop circles to quantum theory to the resurgence of psychedelic drugs, to support the contention of the Mayan calendar that the year 2012 portends a global shift-in consciousness, culture and way of living-of unprecedented consequence.

    2012: Mayan Year of Destiny, by Adrian Gilbert (A.R.E. Press), 330 pages
    Discover why the year 2012 is predicted to be a year of exciting and extreme changes and the reasonings behind these changes. Learn why and how the ancient Maya, a people of exceptional astronomical skill and understanding, invented a calendar so accurate that it ends exactly when the Sun enters a specific portion of the Milky Way as it rises on the Winter Solstice, December 22, in the year 2012, marking the shift to a new age.

    2012: The War for Souls, by Whitley Strieber (Tor Books), 320 pages
    Whitley Strieber explores 2012 in a towering work of fiction that will astound readers with its truly new insights and a riveting roller-coaster ride of a story. A mysterious alien presence unexpectedly bursts out of sacred sites all over the world and begins to rip human souls from their bodies, plunging the world into chaos it has never before known. Courage meets cowardice, loyalty meets betrayal as an entire world struggles to survive this incredible end-all war.

    2012: You Have A Choice!: Archangelic Answers And Practices For The Quantum Leap , by Sri Ram Kaa & Kira Raa (TOSA Publishing), 262 pages
    Discover why our world is polarizing. Learn to experience Joy within global anxiety. Discover that multi-dimensional existence is real-you are already doing it. Angels are here, have a lot to say, and show you how to create miracles. There are four basic soul groups, identify your own and that of your true Soul Mate. Remember Why You Are Here, Now!

    Ancient Gods and Their Mysteries: Will They Return in 2012 A.D.? by Robert Berringer ( Cloudrider Books), 216 pages
    The great riddle of the universe has long preoccupied scientists and scholars. Who is responsible for creation? When did it all start? And for what purpose? The Gods have left behind clues-a kind of spiritual "trail of breadcrumbs"-that may answer those very questions. Based heavily on the work of New Age scholars, this book delves into ancient civilizations, their temples, their gods and other signs of a divine architect.

    The GAIA Project 2012: The Earth’s Coming Great Changes, by Hwee-Yong Jang (Llewellyn), 248 pages
    As part of a grand cosmic plan called the Gaia Project, the earth is already undergoing a purification process-marked by natural disasters, disease, war and social chaos that will ultimately end in our planet’s ascension to a new dimension. Jang’s prophetic proclamation-communicated to him through channeling, dreams and energy reading-explains countless mysteries about the world.

    The Mayan Code: Time Acceleration and Awakening the World Mind, by Barbara Hand Clow (Bear & Co.), 304 pages
    Bestselling author Barbara Hand Clow shows how the Mayan calendar is a bridge to galactic wisdom that fosters personal growth and human evolution. She reveals how time acceleration is a manifestation of the acceleration of consciousness. She also explores how our own personal healing is the most important factor as we prepare to make this critical leap in human evolution-now referred to as the awakening of the World Mind.

    The Mystery of 2012: Predictions, Prophecies & Possibilities, by Various Authors (Sounds True), 416 pages
    The leading authorities on the 2012 phenomenon present their insights about this enigmatic date in a single book. Featuring articulate and lucid essays from dozens of renowned experts on the question of 2012, this invaluable anthology offers all the information necessary to examine the mystery from every angle-spiritual, economic, ecological, and scientific-and to decide for yourself whether 2012 will end with a whimper or a bang.

    The Revolution of 2012, Vol. 1: The Preparation, by Andrew Smith (Ford Evans Publishing), 177 pages
    This is a natural sequel to the various research studies of the ancient mysteries involving the Mayan predictions for the Winter Solstice 2012. It is a briefing on the current mysteries surrounding the run-up to 2012-directly from the Ascended Masters working on the implementation of the Divine Plan for the Earth’s evolution through this period. This is the first of three volumes.



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