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    The world is getting ready for something spectacular in 2012. According to researchers, the Federation of the Universe representing all the 88 star constellations will officially visit earth in 2012 and reveal themselves. It will bring an end to all UFO cover-ups in various countries.

    2012 is sometimes claimed to be a great year of spiritual transformation (or apocalypse). Many esoteric sources interpret the completion of the thirteenth B’ak’tun cycle in the Long Count of the Maya calendar (which occurs on December 21 by the most widely held correlation) to mean there will be a major change in world order.

    Rumor is beginning to circulate around the Internet that soon the United States government, along with other world governments, will begin to limit and/or defame information associated with the events leading up to and including December 21, 2012.

    Controversially appearing over two consecutive nights at Silbury Hill, Wiltshire on 2-3 August, 2004, according to resident 2012 prophecy expert and numerical conundrum whiz Geoff Stray, a vast wheel of ancient Maya symbols included "the double square spiral-the Maya symbol for jaguar snouts, which indicates an entrance to the underworld." Given that, as is now widely known, the Maya calendar indicates an end-of-time point in the year 2012, this gave the UK newspapers something to get their teeth into, the Daily Mail dubiously proclaiming it "The Doomsday Crop Circle."

    In the next few years, there is bound to be speculation over the possible meaning of the so-called "end of the Mayan calendar," and there are already various theories circulating, from the catastrophic to the ecstatic. In 1999, I started circulating a booklet called Beyond 2012, listing information, theories and ideas from diverse sources which predict 2012 as: an evolutionary pinnacle; a leap in consciousness; a dimensional shift; an end of linear time; an encounter with an asteroid; mass genetic mutation from solar or cosmic rays; etc. The ideas come from scientists, artists, mystics, alternative Egyptologists, prophets, divinatory systems, shamanic psychonauts, mythology and Mesoamerican research. It was designed to be a brief, easy-to-read summary, with references, to promote more research.

    End of the world or new golden age? Something’s up. We don’t know what. From the Mayan calender to Terence McKenna, voices all around prophetize, alert and discourse on the subject. Here’s where you can add to the gabfest.

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    Tim Miejan
    Tim Miejan is a writer who served as former editor and publisher of The Edge for twenty-five years. Contact him at [email protected].


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