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    A preview of new works of note

    New Sacred Geometry

    Is there a geometric design to the universe? The ancient Greeks, Mayans, Egyptians, and others believed so, as evidenced by their use of nature’s recurring mathematical patterns in architecture, music, and language. Today, this "sacred geometry" finds new expression in the creations of Dutch graphic artist Janosh, whose work has swept across Europe. With Sacred Geometry ($29.95, Sounds True), he shares the life-changing gift revealed to him in a series of meditative visions he received from an energetic intelligence he calls the Arcturians. How does it work? "The geometric forms," Janosh explains, "provide an extra dimension to our natural senses, activating our physical, emotional, and spiritual evolution." Sacred Geometry gives you all the tools you need to realize your highest aspirations, including: 33 contemplation cards, each with a hologram and its corresponding theme; 100-page tracing-paper pad and pencil for a kinesthetic experience with the holograms that "imprints" their underlying messages into your consciousness; and an 80-page hardcover journal; an 89-page study guide explaining the principles and practical applications of sacred geometry; and a music CD by neuropsychologist John Consemulder for relaxation and focus while contemplating Janosh’s art. Visit SoundsTrue.com.

    New enlightenment

    Known as underground spiritual classics, the Enlightenment Trilogy (Wisefool Press) by Jed McKenna is now complete with the release of the third and final book, Spiritual Warfare. This series is full of charm and humor, memorable characters and delightful dialogues. They’re also full of something seldom found in "spiritual" books: a stark and unyielding challenge to the reader. In the end, these books are about one thing-moving beyond the ego-and that’s a territory many wish to leave unexplored. Jed’s books are not all sweetness and light, and they’re not for everyone.

    The tagline of the Enlightenment Trilogy is "The Search Is Over." Some readers have called these the last spiritual books anyone will ever need, and there’s good reason for saying that too. Jed McKenna’s books are required reading for anyone who is not afraid to go where honest inquiry leads, and no one who is serious about their spirituality can afford not to read them. The bottom line is that spirituality has a bottom line, and Jed shows us right where it is. The Enlightenment Trilogy is: Spiritual Enlightenment: The Damnedest Thing ($21.95), Spiritually Incorrect Enlightenment ($21.95), and Spiritual Warfare ($21.95). Visit www.wisefoolpress.com.

    New Animal stories

    Twin Cities authors Linda and Allen Anderson have succeeded again in presenting inspiring stories from animal lovers. Angel Animals: Divine Messengers of Miracles (New World Library, 288 pages, $14.95) is a heartwarming collection of stories by ordinary people

    about the spiritual lessons and truths they have learned from animals. Sections in the book explore spiritual connections, unconditional love, accepting change, and saying goodbye. Whether these angels are daily companions or animals living in the wild, they demonstrate gratitude, survival, courage, forgiveness, grief, joy, love, and compassion. Touching, humorous and remarkably inspiring, each story includes a meditation or a question or comment to help readers carry the spirit of these angel animals into their own lives. Visit newworldlibrary.com.

    New Intuition

    Sonia Choquette’s new book, Intuitive Spark: Bringing Intuition Home to Your Child, Your Family, and You (Hay House, 256 pages, $14.95) demonstrates how you can bring intuition into your family and friends’ lives. Choquette, a best-selling author grew up in a home where her sixth sense was her first sense! Her mother credits escaping a POW camp in Europe to her intuition, and she instilled the idea of trusting your intuition in her children. Sonia was encouraged to let all of her senses to develop; following her mother’s wisdom, she now shares her knowledge of connecting to your instincts in Intuitive Spark. According to Sonia, "We’re all attuned to Divine wisdom because we’re all spiritual beings. The six-sensory intuitive life is one of assurance, inner peace, and creative expression. What better gift to offer yourself and your children?" Conflicts that may arise from leading an intuitive life such as the divided family, when one spouse is in touch with his or her inner guidance, while the other leans toward a more rational and closed point of view. Choquette advises to respect each other’s perspective in order to create stability and encourage creative and intuitive growth in everyone. "It is your birthright to expect extraordinary levels of insight at any given time," the author says. Visit HayHouse.com.

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