Energy Healing

The following are resources for Energy Healing, including Reiki, Healing Touch and Quantum-Touch, in the Upper Midwest & Beyond.

The Edge encourages you to use these resources to support your journey in life. To appear in The Edge’s Partner Directory, contact Kelly at 763.433.9291 or email her at

4th Dimension Healing, Mary Jo Feely, RN, HTCP, RMT, CCH, 651.439.9001, Stillwater, MN, — Accredited and Certified. Mary Jo has been working in the Energy Healing field since 2003. She uses Healing Touch, Reiki, Light Language, Hara and crystal healing, channeling, past life healing and essential oils in her professional healing practice.  Usui Reiki, Crystal and Energy Healing classes. All ages welcome!

Dana Aschoff Intuitive Energy Healing, 18326 Minnetonka Blvd., Suite E/F, Deephaven MN 55391, 763.242.1782, — I operate a heart-centered, energy healing studio focused on the unique needs of the individual. I provide gentle, supportive energy healing that helps to create balance, harmony and wholeness in mind, body and spirit. Your comfort, privacy and unique healing needs are valued, honored and respected. Be Balanced. Be Well.

Camille Bernards, Grace Love & Light LLC, 11417 NW Hanson Blvd., Coon Rapids MN 55433, 612.599.1931,, — Quantum-Touch is a method of natural healing that works with the life force energy of the body to promote optimal wellness. Quantum-Touch is a very safe and effective way to reduce pain, stress, anxiety and so much more. See my website for more information.

Brave Bear Healing, P.O. Box 102, Cottage Grove, MN 55016, 612.470.4325,, — Got a difficult decision to make but feeling energetically blocked? Our Brave Bear Breakthrough session combines energy healing + intuitive guidance to help you navigate the murky waters of life, work and love. Phone or web sessions start at $44. Learn more and book your appointment online.

The Connecting Spirit, Terri Peterson, 651.442.4623,, — Terri Peterson, SBF, TBF, RPh, offers a unique path to personal transformation, optimum health and wellness through breathwork, energy healing, sound healing and soul coaching. Certifications include Soul Breathing™, Transformational Breath®, Pranic Healing®, NPMDT® and Reiki. Heal – Rejuvenate – Align – Transform! Individual sessions by appointment; classes & workshops ongoing (check website for current offerings).

Earth & Water Wellness, Marie Savage, 612.508.9606,, — Hypnosis and more. Healing modalities to enrich your life. Animal communication, Quantum Hypnosis, Shamanic journey, Reiki, Intuitive readings.

Healing Waters Health Center 651.430.2866, — Offers AcuEnergetics® classes and treatment using a cutting edge technique offered in Stillwater, MN and Balmain, Australia. Using an efficient and effective way to treat depression, anxiety, migraines, and physical pain with the understanding of the bioelectrical system of the body. Learn more at our website!

Helping You Heal Center, Annette Bruchu, 5898 Omaha Ave N, Suite 2, Stillwater, MN 55082, 651.247.9719,, — Healing is more than a onetime fix. True Healing is an ongoing journey of living better, being healthier and striving for wholeness. Change of season is a great time to schedule your appointment for an Energy Healing, Infrared Body Wrap, or Foot Ionizing at the Helping You Heal Center to give your energy and immune system a boost!

Dr. Steven Hiebert, 651.777.9156,,, — You’re more than just a physical body. You’re also an energetic being. To be strong, healthy, and vitally alive you need to optimize both. Dr. Hiebert has been doing hands-on energy healing integrated with chiropractic adjustments for more than twenty years. The result is a unique and life-changing healing process.

Jaci Loos, 651.436.1418,, — Jaci is an Inter-dimensional Sound Healer, Akashic Record Consultant and Teacher. She offers classes, private and group healings, house clearings and Sacred Travel Tours. She is dedicated to change, growth and personal integration. Her passion is to empower others to experience their life with greater joy and ease. Email or visit her website for more information.

LynMarie8, — LynMarie8 is an Intuitive, Medical Intuitive and Medium. She is the founder and teacher of Beyond Quantum Consciousness® and a Certified Teacher of Theta Healing®. This resolves all mental, physical, spiritual conditions in all aspects of one’s self, of the past, present, future simultaneously and permanently. Receiving 100 percent truth and accurate info. Creating permanent shift on all levels of Mind, Body, Soul and all areas of your life.

One Holistic Wellness, Anne Brady-Cronin, 2013 14th St. S., St. Cloud, MN 56301, 320.250.9402, — Anne specializes in connecting with your guides, angels, power animals and other Spiritual beings to provide Divine guidance in working with your life journey. This, combined with her knowledge and training as a life coach and hypnotherapist, gives a truly unique perspective and direction to those who desire wisdom and knowledge in discovering their truth.

Kristen Wernecke, Roseville, MN, 612.963.4463,, — Kristen is a wellness coach, teacher and author of “Choosing Conscious Health for a Vibrant Life.” She offers energy healing and massage. She has been a bodyworker since 1990, helping people heal their body, mind and spirit with gentle, intuitive paths for transformation.



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