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During the last 200 years on Earth, life has changed drastically from living off the land and being in touch daily with nature and the universe to 24/7 earthly news and entertainment programs transmitted by satellite to televisions, laptop computers and hand-held cell phones. But we also have, now in the 21st century, an option to quiet our mind for the purpose of receiving universal wisdom, truth and unconditional love. It is called meditation.

My initial encounter with meditation was when I was guided to travel from Iowa to Montreal, Canada, to do volunteer work at the Spiritual Science Fellowship Center founded by retired university professors Drs. John and Marilyn Rossner. Volunteering allowed me to attend spiritual programs that usually included some form of meditation. When I returned home to Iowa after a couple of weeks of volunteering, I was always lonely and had no one to talk to about my spiritual life journey. As I quieted my mind to reflect on these feelings, I was guided to start a monthly meditation group at my house, which is now in its fifth year.

Each month my meditation group size varies from six to 18 participants and includes a variety of backgrounds, from teacher to nurse, physician, farmer, student, massage therapist, energy healer and social worker. Ages range from 18 to 73 years old. Most of those who participate are women.

The meditation focuses on healing and then connecting with Spirit. The first phase of the 20-minute meditation is quieting oneself, releasing and bringing in healing energy. A sacred healing energy circle is created and healing energy is sent out to family, friends and all humans, plants, animals, birds, marine life and ultimately Mother Earth. Then the meditation group is guided to a sacred place on Earth to meet and visit a Spirit Guide to receive information related to one’s life journey.

After the meditation, we share our experience. They vary greatly based on life experience with meditation. Examples of experiences that are shared include: "I could not clear my mind of work challenges," "I fell asleep when the Reiki music started," "I felt tingling in my hands when we brought the White Light down our crown chakra," "The pain in my shoulder went away when you said release your pains to Mother/Father God," "When you asked us to open our heart chakras to connect with each other to form a Sacred Healing Circle, I could see beautiful streams of light swirling all around us," "When I went to my favorite spot in the woods, Archangel Raphael came to me and gave me a golden key to help me open my heart to the work I am about to do," "My grandmother who died a couple years ago appeared to me to tell me that I will be okay and that she is by my side whenever I need her" and "My guide gave me a beautiful oak tree to help me stay grounded during this phase of my journey."

Hundreds of such meditation experiences have been shared. We are all students of our life journey. By sharing these experiences, we become teachers and give back to our community of friends. Participants of our meditation group tell me that they are so happy that there is somewhere to go to share spiritual life experiences. They, too, were feeling lonely and isolated.

My teacher and spiritualist, Rev. Irene Gareau of Montreal, told me that because I have established a specific time and day each month for the meditation, Spirit will guide people to attend. Even if only one person comes, I need to have the meditation because Spirit has guided this person to come, to learn and to share.

My favorite phrases when ending the monthly group meditation gathering as we stand and form a circle and hold hands are: We are energy. We are Love. We are One with the Universe. Let there be Peace on Earth and let it begin with Me. Namaste.

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Ralph A. Wolf
Ralph A. Wolf is a retired Health Care Administrator with a Ph.D. in Philosophy and a Master's degree in Health Admininstration. He has been on a spiritual journey for 15+ years with training in Reiki, Healing Touch, Shamanism and Meditation. He has volunteered for many non-profit programs. His monthly meditation group focuses on "We are Energy. We are Love."


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