January 2008: The Year of the Beginning


Edge Life Magazine will be 16 years old this year. Factor in Edge Life Expos and Events and we have another eight years of presenting on-the-edge content in a variety of forms. All of our events in 2007 were very successful and well received, and we will not disappoint you in the years to come.

The genius of that statement is that we will have more phenomena to work with than anytime in the history of this planet, ever.

My wife, Insiah, and I traveled to Nevada to play golf, relax and relax some more. My word, did we have great surprises waiting for us. A few of the unforeseen ones included rain in the desert, weather in the low 50s in the day, 20s at night, the manic behavior in Las Vegas, and Insiah receiving a gift to see Celine Dion, sitting no more than 15 feet from the stage.

We had reservations in St. George, Utah, and Mesquite, Nev., to experience a part of the world we had not visited, as well as a great golf course, Coral Canyon, which maintains the beauty of the natural habitat. Then we were on to our experience in Zion National Park. We have visited Egyptian pyramids, South African magic and the enchantment of Tuscany in Italy, but we were not prepared for the creation of Zion Canyon: The Great White Throne, Angel’s Landing, Court of the Patriarch, plus a retreat located in Kolob Canyons called The Center for True North. Located in the high desert, this retreat offers 360 degrees of utter beauty, sacred circle symposiums and soul-stirring seminars, less than two hours from the Las Vegas airport.

The reason I share all of the above is because when I travel to unfamiliar areas, my perception changes and I am blessed with information from soul and other worlds. I kept hearing that this new year, 2008, is a beginning. I contacted my numerology guide and consultant, Wes Hamilton. I had noticed that 2008 is a 1 year [2+0+0+8=10 and 1+0=1]. This is what Wes shared with me:

In 2008 = 1 We sense a strong need for new ideas, new commitments, new projects. We begin our journey with new "eyes and a new vision."
In 2009 = 2 We will become more aware of our relationships, to ourselves, our Passion, Purpose. We will need to be mindful of our timelines.
In 2010 = 3 We become aware how our environment becomes our laboratory and our playground to create the life we choose to have.
In 2011 = 4 We begin to build and develop our new dreams and plans into practical applications for living the life we choose to create.
In 2012 = 5 We enter the energy of chaos, everything outgrows its form. We are in the energy of expansion beyond our comfort.
In 2013 = 6 We search for balance. New growth has challenged our family, our friends, our boundaries. We become aware of our responsibilities.
In 2014 = 7 We are feeling the urge to research our intentions. We are perfecting ourselves through inner awareness of exterior results.
In 2015 = 8 We find our self wanting to force things into results. This will become a joyful or frustrating year depending on what we have learned.
In 2016 = 9 We celebrate our abundance. Time to discard old ideas and things that we no longer need. We are aware of "Manna-festing."

The next nine years will open opportunistic energy. We will be evolving our knowledge and developing new skills to create our lives on purpose. All of us will be given many opportunities to discover our true identity, believe in ourselves, create with our personal energy signature, using clear intentions. We will begin to live consciously.

Our creators have presented to us a universe filled with possibility to create and reinvent ourselves and the world with INTENT. This is what The Edge Group works with, and what great excitement is in store for our magazine, expos, events, readers and attendees to make choices, receive new information and ride the wave into 2012 and 2016. What fun!



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