Meditation Is About You!


Years ago when I was learning to meditate, it was suggested to me that I invite others to join me in my meditation. As I offered an invitation to some in spirit to join me in my meditation, I began to feel their energy flow through me and around me.

As nice as their energy was, it never satisfied me within. I began to realize I was becoming dependent on another’s energy to bring me a quiet balance within. And all it was creating was a greater dependency on another’s energy to give to me what I should be able to give to myself.

I then began to invite my expansive energy of Self to flow through me and be with me. I was truly amazed how my energy held a greater peace and vibrancy than even the archangels, or any other spirit essence could give to me. I chose during my meditations to fill myself up with my Self. I stated, "It is my desire and intention to come home to my Self." I began to create my own special space within my body, with my unseen and not yet realized energies of Self.

There within that space, I realized that I was the one I was waiting for. It was just a matter of inviting my Self to come in. Now when I go into my space, I Am the only one there. A Universe of One. A peace that passes all understanding, as only I can give to myself.

I no longer ask any other to be there with me, but I believe as I expand into the Universe, there are others who desire to experience what they have not yet learned to give to their Self, too.

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Ricki Lee Schuster
Ricki Lee Schuster has been transitioning, transforming and releasing energy since 1999. If you are interested in contacting Rick, he can be reached at [email protected] or through Rick currently lives in Worthington, MN, and makes multiple trips a month to work out of the Twin Cities. 


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