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Bumbling Towards Nirvana, by Allen Johnson, Jr., 133 pages, free download, available at BumblingTowardsNirvana.com

In the introduction to Bumbling Towards Nirvana, Allen Johnson writes: "I have felt for some time that the New Age movement was too serious and therefore, in danger of becoming a religion. I believe that any journey towards spiritual awakening must be filled with lightness, fun and humor. Mistakes – or "bumbles" – if they are not too damaging, give us a wonderful opportunity to laugh at ourselves and avoid taking ourselves too seriously. As a free download, this book is a gift to others like me, who clearly see the light ahead but know that they must continue to bumble and stumble through the struggles and indignities of daily life on earth." Johnson’s book is fun and funny but also insightful and penetrating. Take a look and see why two of his spiritual beacons have been his dogs and his own boyhood. Find out what happens when he asks God if he wants "to come out and play." Bumbling Towards Nirvana is a delightful celebration of our hopes, joys and humanity!

Dancing with Divinity, by Deanna Reiter, 132 pages, $21.94 (includes CD and shipping), available at www.dayawati.com

It’s common to become stuck in negative patterns. Perhaps we eat too much, or frequently grow impatient with our loved ones, or struggle with finances. The conventional wisdom goes, "Just count to ten" or "take a deep breath." But often we need a more specific course of action to break out of a physical or emotional rut. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves that health and happiness are not a privilege, but our birthright! Deanna Reiter’s Dancing with Divinity reminds the reader that "there is never a need to be alone, unhappy, or lacking anything because there is abundance in the Universe." This book of positive affirmations offers hundreds of short, but powerful, phrases tailored to specific ailments or psychological roadblocks. For example, if you’re feeling "immature," you might want to repeat the affirmation: "I am balanced between being playful and serious." Or if you’re feeling "bored," you might repeat the affirmation: "I create my own reality. I control my own thoughts and perception. I have the power to change my reality at any given moment. I choose to live a life of excitement and awe." Ms. Reiter is a Certified Personal Trainer, a Yoga Instructor, and Rebirthing Breathworker. Her international travels and deep-seated spirituality pervade every page of her book, which also includes a CD with additional affirmations, spoken word poetry, and original music by renowned pianist Rahjta Ren. What makes Dancing with Divinity unique is that it is geared towards the "everyday" reader – not the "new-age" fanatic. Reiter’s prose is clear, direct and very inspiring. In fact, it’s difficult to picture anyone who wouldn’t benefit in some way from this lovely book of wise affirmations. – A.E. Franzen

Being In Love: How to Love with Awareness and Relate Without Fear, by Osho (Harmony Books), 288 pages, $22, available nationwide

Osho urges us to re-think and rediscover the beauty of love as a verb – growing, changing and always full of possibilities. He shows readers how to move beyond the drama, fear and insecurity associated with love, and instead open ourselves up to the true experience of loving. Osho encourages us to:

question our whole approach to love and loving and release unhealthy expectations; love from an inner sense of abundance and security; and love in a way that brings contentment, not clinging. Being in Love offers thought-provoking insights and a realistic guide to discovering love and all its possibilities. Osho challenges us to think of love as a state of being in which we are fully present and participate by sharing. With compassion and wit, he guides us through the many joys and pitfalls that all lovers inevitably face and cautions us against using the experience as a means to fill a void. According to Osho, love is not a static entity that we can define, but rather a vibrant, ever-growing, ever-changing realm of potential. Only when we move beyond our preconceptions and expectations can we know real love.

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