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"When you truly believe in yourself and love yourself, there will never be any fear, phobia, or person that will stand in your way of your dreams, and desires to better your life." – Anne Chamberlin Crawford

When you read that quote it empowers you to achieve wonderful things. That is what Life Coaching can help you with. Life Coaching is a highly effective process that supports individuals in creating the lives they have always wanted. I have a deep interest in what drives my clients’ emotional well-being and a commitment to preparing the client for a successful life within themselves.

Think about what your life is like right now. Are you struggling with hard decisions or just can’t find your way in life? What is your purpose? Wouldn’t it be an amazing journey to have someone who is trained in supporting your dreams and who will not tell you what to do, but ask you questions that get you to think and inspire you to move your life forward, at your own pace?

Within ourselves

I truly believe that each one of us has the solutions within ourselves. With the right Life Coach, those solutions can be brought to the surface and enriched and nourished so that the client can move forward in their lives with clarity and personal empowerment.

A Life Coach can help you free up stress and attract what you want in life. You will begin to make meaningful choices that will simplify your life. Life Coaches will help you design your own personal or business life – and best of all do it in a manner that respects you at all times. I can’t think of anything more rewarding than seeing my clients develop into their authentic self.

Now look in the mirror and reflect on what an incredible person you are. You are worth having someone special in your life who will totally believe in you, nourish your dreams, assist you in overcoming your struggles and do it with respect and total privacy. Life Coaching is a gift you can give yourself that will last a lifetime.

Balance in life must come from within. You sometimes don’t even realize that your life is not in balance until something major goes adrift. An illness, an accident or just hearing about a loved one who is suffering. How many times have we looked in the mirror after hearing of a terrible life situation and said to ourselves, "I must stop to smell the roses. I will quit my job or my bad habits before something terrible happens to me." That’s when the famous balance words drift into your mind. It’s the first step in moving towards this life goal.

Finding balance

As a Life Coach, nearly all of my clients do not have balance in their lives. That is why they cannot clear their paths to move their lives forward. One side of their situation is on the positive side, while the other side is spinning out of control.

Here is an example. John loves his family life. He is in a good marriage, loves his children and everyone is healthy. But he hates his job. He is so unhappy at work. Stress is taking over his life. Stress is taking over his body.

Stress eventually will carry over into his family life. I can help John bring a healthy balance back into his life by first identifying what is draining his spirit. I encourage him to list all the negative and positive things that this situation brings to him.

Positive things include good working hours, nice people, close to home, health benefits. Negative aspects are no respect, no job advancement and a different value system as far as how they treat their employees.

Making a list helps you see clearly what things are important to you and your personal growth. Would you travel 30 minutes longer to work if you were respected and allowed to show the world your talents? I bet you would. There is no need at the moment to get another job, but deep in your heart you know that it is a necessary move for your personal well-being.

So how can you bring in more balance in your life while accepting your job situation for now? Take courses that will advance your skills at your present job. Join a gym to work off those tense muscles before going home. Join book groups. Hire a life coach to support you during this difficult transitional time.

Once you begin to feel the balance returning to your body, it’s like a youth drug. Balance allows you to handle stress better, gives you a clearer path on your personal goals and refreshes your spirit, so you can be happy within yourself. It also frees your mind of guilt, obsessive thoughts and anxiety – all things that can throw you off balance.

Take a moment to reflect on how well you felt when your life was in balance. You took positive chances in life and you attracted healthy people into your life. This also includes loving yourself, which to me is a building block to any balance in life. So make yourself a balance sandwich and eat up all the goodness that living in a balanced life can bring.

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Anne Crawford
Anne Crawford has been in business for over six years as a certified career transition coach. She gives clarity to men, women and the military to find careers that match their business and personal ethics. Anne runs employment support groups, which review resumes, teach people how to network themselves and also how to prepare for job interviews. She is an expert in thinking outside the box and moving people forward in life.


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