Manifest Your Mate this Valentine’s Day

For singles, Valentine’s Day can bring up strong feelings of desire to be in a healthy, loving relationship. Without a little help, finding the love of your life can be a daunting challenge. Most singles on a conscious path are relatively happy and content with their lives, however, they would usually prefer to be in a loving, spiritual partnership with a person that enhances their life and gives them the opportunity to grow and thrive in a deep, spiritual love, making their life even more enjoyable.

By incorporating the following tips and techniques, you will manifest the love of your life in no time!

Get Love: It all starts with you. When you love yourself unconditionally, you create loving energy towards yourself, which draws loving energy in your direction. Remembering that you are Divine Energy makes loving yourself unconditionally come naturally. We all came from the same Divine Energy and everything is made of this energy, including you! You are "God" having a human experience, so forgive yourself for making mistakes, learn the lessons from "being human" and move on! If you feel you need to clean up any past energy with others, then by all means do it, so you can be free of the past and move forward.

Love yourself and your body unconditionally, 100 percent! Your body has done everything you have asked of it, whether conscious or unconscious, so thank it for doing what you have asked and embrace, love and accept your body as you are now. When you fully immerse yourself in Divine, unconditional love of self you will feel exuberant, joyful and deeply peaceful.

To help you get to an unconditionally loving place, treat yourself to a brief meditation of self-love every morning and every night (and more throughout the day if you want!): Close your eyes, take some deep breaths, get centered and relaxed. Once you are in a meditative state, feel your connection with Divine Energy and know that you are Divine. Feel your strong love for Divine (God) deep in your soul. Feel and KNOW that you are this Divine Energy. Bring this knowingness into every cell of your body, which is the physical manifestation of Divine energy/love. Feel deeply grateful, happy and in love with yourself. Let yourself get "blissed out" in this energy. Bathe in the love and feel grateful to be YOU. Do this every day for at least five minutes when you first wake in the morning and every night before bed. Appreciate and love yourself throughout the day. Take a few breaths and think "I love me! I am Divine Energy and Love!" and feel the total acceptance and love for yourself.

When you remember and embrace your Divinity, you will be grounded in self-love and wholeness, not looking to others to "complete" or validate you. You are whole, complete and in love with yourself, therefore, fully present when interacting with others.

Get Clear: Once you have developed a healthy, loving relationship with yourself, the next step is to get clear about the type of person you would like to draw into your life. In my consulting business I met a man who had been using a traditional, mainstream online dating site. He had been corresponding by email with an intelligent, funny, interesting woman for more than three months. Finally, the big day came; they were finally going to meet in person! He told me how excited he was to meet this wonderful woman face-to-face. That day, he received an email from her saying, "Ha ha, I’m a guy!" Needless to say, he needed some coaching on being clear and specific!

• To help you get clear, take about seven minutes, put your pen to paper and list all of the qualities you would like to experience in your ideal partner. Don’t think too much, just write. Write everything that comes to mind, such as integrity, honesty, good sense of humor, active, fit, healthy, goofy, intelligent, great chemistry, wants kids, financially stable, loves to travel, loves to swim, is a good dancer…. Keep writing and list everything that comes to mind without judging it. Once you have your list, circle the items that are "must haves." In other words, if your ideal partner does not have these qualities, it would be a deal breaker. Consider everything you have not circled a "preference." For example, "must haves" might be "he must be a non-smoker" and "she must be single, divorced or widowed." A preference might be, "I prefer her to be attractive" or "I prefer him to be tall." These are things you would like, but could live without as long as your "must haves" are present. Remember, you are meeting a "soul" in a human body. The body is temporary and the real connection is with the soul, so let things like body type, height, weight and race be preferences (if at all); they are really not that important. Chemistry is a funny thing and comes in all shapes and sizes. Lifestyle, activity level, spirituality and a decent base of common interests are more important.

• Once you have your must haves and preferences, write a few paragraphs describing your ideal mate. Include your must haves and as many preferences as you like. Write your "vision" as if he/she is already in your life. Make sure to include how your partner will make you feel and what kind of interactions and energy you will experience together. For example: "My husband is the most loving, intelligent, kind, caring, thoughtful, funny, friendly, environmentally conscious, spiritual man I have ever met. I feel so appreciated, loved, and respected by him. His down-to-earth nature, genuine realness, huge heart and quick wit always make me smile. He brings out my playful, youthful spirit and makes me laugh till it hurts! Our spiritual bond is incredible and we share powerful, deep meditations and tantric love experiences often. He is fit and healthy and we love swimming, hiking and cooking together…."

• Now get your creative juices flowing and write a story describing your "ideal day" with your ideal mate. Do this in the present tense, as if it’s already a reality. Make it multi-sensory and live it up! Include where you are living and how you feel. For example: "I wake up in the morning and feel the tropical breeze on my face, smell the gardenias in the air and hear the peaceful sound of the ocean waves off our balcony. I roll over and smile at my husband. His eyes light up as he hugs me and tells me how much he loves me. My heart swells with joy and gratitude, feeling so content and so in love! We get out of bed and eat some papayas and mangos for breakfast, enjoy a deep meditation and then go for a swim in the ocean with the dolphins that frequent the cove we live on…." Go through your whole ideal day like this and you will not only be manifesting your ideal mate, you will be creating your ideal life!

Get Grateful: Now let’s energize your stories! Read the description of your ideal mate out loud. Imagine he/she is already in your life and feel grateful, joyful, and in love. Amp up these feelings as much as you can! Then, read your "ideal day" story out loud and feel even more joy and gratitude for the beautiful life you have created together. Now, let it go and whenever you think about it, imagine the wonderful life you have together and know that it’s done. Feel grateful every time you think about it. To successfully manifest, you must be confident. Any feelings of doubt or skepticism will slow down the process or even prevent it. Stay in your power by keeping the feelings of gratitude pumped up! Know you deserve a loving, spiritual relationship and get ready to meet your ideal mate!

Get Busy: This last step is critical in manifesting your mate. Take action! Put yourself in situations where you can meet other eligible singles. Start dating and getting the energy flowing. Be open to meeting/dating a variety of people "looks-wise;" remember, chemistry is a funny thing! Joining an online spiritual dating site will help you get started. By joining a spiritual dating site, you eliminate the tiresome process of weeding through thousands of people who are not serious and don’t have the basic spiritual beliefs and values you have. Put yourself in the best, targeted "pool" of conscious singles possible! Once you have joined a spiritual dating site, use your intuition to let Divine Energy guide you towards whom you should contact. Be pro-active and initiate contact!

When dating and meeting new prospects, be authentic and real. Trust that the Divine love you feel for yourself will be reciprocated by the right person. Just relax, be yourself, have fun and enjoy the process. Continue to feel grateful in advance and watch the sparks fly! Here’s to you and may you manifest your mate easily, joyfully and powerfully!



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