Orbs in Media


Book | The Orb Project, by M’ceal Ledwith and Klaus Heinemann (Simon & Schuster/Beyond Words), 178 pages, $18.95
The first book to look at the phenomenon from a scientific perspective, written by Klaus Heinemann, a physicist, and M’ceal Ledwith, a theologian. Both authors, while from disparate areas of study, reach the same conclusion – that orbs are beings comprised of levels of energy that live in a frequency outside of what we can normally see. The Orb Project shows how modern digital photography allows us to observe a hidden world of light spheres known as Orbs-and how to capture them for yourself. Visit www.orbprojectbook.com.


DVD | Orbs: The Veil is Lifting, by Hope & Randy Mead (Beyond Distribution), 84 minutes, $29.95
This is the first full-length film that brings together scientists, spiritual teachers, and experts to explore the orb phenomenon. What are these Orbs? What does the presence of Orbs mean, and how do we experience them for ourselves? Through the lenses of science, skepticism, and first-hand experience, Orbs opens the conversation by addressing questions about the possibilities of what exists in the unseen. Viewers are then invited to draw their own conclusions and to explore their own first-hand experiences. We may be living in the midst of other dimensions our eyes alone cannot perceive. New technological advances are allowing us to confirm what many have believed – that there is more to our world than meets the eye. Orbs: The Veil is Lifting shows how modern digital photography allows us to observe what has been with us all along: a hidden world of light spheres known as Orbs. Visit orbstheveilislifting.com.

DVD | Exploring the World of Orbs: A Pictorial Adventure, by M’ceal Ledwith
Míceál Ledwith has selected 500 extraordinary orb images for this video, with commentary that explores what orbs can tell us about the nature of reality in which we live and how our traditional understandings of the paranormal, the supernatural, the spirit world and the ghostly are seen now to stand in sore need of redefinition. Just released, this is the companion to the book The Orb Project, co-authored by Dr. Klaus Heinemann. To order the DVD, visit www.hamburgeruniverse.com.


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