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Infinite Light Wellness Center, 251 8th St. NW, Suite A, Elk River, MN 55330, call 763.633.9364, email [email protected], visit

Infinite Light Wellness Center offers a wide variety of complementary therapies, classes and special events. Six practitioners offer hypnotherapy, energy therapies and coaching. The center also offers Ear Candling, Aura and Chakra Check Ups (including aura photos and reports), Massage Therapy, Personalized Wellness CDs, Intuitive Readings, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, HO’oponopono, Sound and Light Therapy, Chi Machine, Far Infrared technology, E-Power, and the Electro Reflex Energizer. A wide variety of classes are presented, such as Qigong, Yoga, Coaching Skills, Awaken Your Inner Spirit, SFQ Practice Sessions and more.

Infinite Light, open since November 2004, moved to a new 2,000 square-feet location last year. The center includes four treatment rooms, a waiting area, a reading nook, and a classroom space.

"I wanted a place where people felt safe to experience personal growth, self-discovery and healing," owner Michele Bergh says. "Having done a lot of this work myself, I know how much it means to be surrounded by people I can trust to support me. Additionally, I want to be a resource for others. This is why we offer a reading nook, full of books, the Lodestone Networking Group, free downloads on our website and much more. If someone at Infinite Light can’t provide what the client needs, we have many resources available to help them find the right practitioner or service. We are here to serve anyone who is ready to have the life they deserve – full of joy and passion and health."

Visit Infinite Light Wellness Center and experience a group of kind and caring practitioners who are committed to their growth and overall well-being. The environment is welcoming, calming and peaceful.

Bergh says the following are some unique aspects of Infinite Light:

The aura photo/report equipment generates up to 23 pages about the condition of your aura, chakras, stress levels, mind/body connections and more. We are offering consultations with the reports and will be adding a service where clients will be assessed with the program, receive balancing therapies, and then be assessed again to see the growth directly after receiving the balancing therapies.

We have a networking group for those offering services or selling products geared for mind, body and spirit wellness northwest of the cities. The group is called Lodestone Networking. It began in September 2007. We have 20 members so far and a popular website at

We offer wellness expos/fairs every three or four months. Between 10 and 12 practitioners provide mini services for a small fee and sometimes at no charge. This allows people to experience a variety of services without a lot of expense or commitment to see what’s right for them.

We offer the Chi Machine, Far Infrared Dome and Electro Reflex Energizer free of charge for up to 30 minutes, based on availability, before or after the client’s purchased service with any practitioner.

I also participate in a volunteer program through Mercy and Unity Hospitals and their Cancer Resource Center, providing some services free of charge to clients they refer with cancer who live in the area. This opportunity is available to anyone who has been diagnosed within the past year who requests a referral from the Cancer Resource Center. They don’t have to be a patient at either facility. I also offer my services at 50 percent off for those with cancer all the time.

"I want people to know they aren’t alone," owner Michele Bergh says. "There are many of us who are here to support them along their journey. There are also many, many tools out there. The key is to find the one that’s right for you. If we don’t offer what they need, we will take the time to connect them with those who do."

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