A Glance at New Video & Audio Resources for Body, Mind & Soul

THE ANSWER TO ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING, 80 minutes, DVD, available at GetTheAnswer.org

The Answer to Absolutely Everything explores the fundamental questions of how to live a profoundly abundant and joyful life. Inspiring people whose stories are documented in The Answer have overcome adversity and realized their dreams. It provides a road map to navigate and powerfully accelerates your life in the areas of health, wealth, relationships, self-expression and wisdom. The Answer to Absolutely Everything is not "The Secret 2," "A Better Secret" or "The Real Secret." Dr. Ray Blanchard and Ed Madison saw What the Bleep Do We Know!?, The Secret and a number of other "conscious cinema" projects and were moved not only by their messages but by the tremendous number of people they inspired. Together, they saw an opportunity to utilize the profound power of media to provide the public with unique and deeper insights on the principles of transformation. "The possibility available through this work is so vast and powerful that it defies limitations," they say. "It would be short-sighted to believe that any one person, group or project owns these truths. We live in an abundant universe that has more than enough room for numerous expressions of wisdom." Watch the answer online for $4.95.

Rare Recorded Talks of Paramahansa Yogananda, CD audio: REMOVING ALL SORROW AND SUFFERING, $14, 48:23 minutes; AWAKE IN THE COSMIC DREAM, $14, 77 minutes (Self-Realization Fellowship), available at bookstores nationwide or www.yogananda-srf.org

Removing All Sorrow and Suffering is the ninth in SRF’s Collector’s Series of rare recorded talks by Paramahansa Yogananda. In this digitally re-mastered archival recording, Yogananda speaks about how to permanently conquer all suffering by applying the universal precepts for happy living (in harmony with divine laws), and by practicing the ancient scientific techniques of yoga meditation for realizing oneness with Spirit. The talk was recorded at the Hollywood Temple of Self-Realization Fellowship on New Year’s Day, 1950. Awake in the Cosmic Dream, the second in SRF’s Collector Series and originally released as an audiocassette, provides listeners with an overview of spiritual living, illustrated with personal stories and practical guidance. With endearing humor and compassionate understanding, the great Guru conveys why God is the only permanent solution to the enduring problems of human existence. This talk was recorded in 1952 at the Self-Realization Fellowship headquarters in Los Angeles, on the occasion of Paramahansaji’s birthday – just two months before his passing.

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