A Healing Perspective

George showed up with tremors from a stroke. The shaking in his hands caused him embarrassment and affected the quality of his life. He had tried to find relief through traditional Western medicine, with no success. As a last resort, he decided to try some alternative healing techniques, including mine.

I’m trained in a number of energetic healing modalities. During this first session with George (not his real name), I used a form of Qigong that I learned from Master Lin of Spring Forest Qigong. An amazing aspect of energy work is that the practitioner doesn’t need to touch the recipient of the healing energy (in fact, the healer and the recipient don’t even have to be in the same time zone!) so George only needed to sit comfortably in a chair as I worked with him energetically.

My view of healing has changed dramatically during the last 10 years. At one time I had complete confidence in the Western medical model, with little knowledge of any other possible forms of healing, but my awareness and curiosity grew as I began my first explorations into organic foods and non-toxic cleaners, and the laying on of hands for symptom relief (massage, chiropractic, etc.).

I have experienced many different healing modalities since, and my latest experiences have moved me significantly up the energy pyramid, giving me a clearer understanding of real healing and the universal connections that come with that. As I worked with George, I could sense where energetic blockages were in his body, and using Qigong helped to dissolve them so the energy channels of his body could flow freely again. Much to his surprise, without touch or even a verbal suggestion, his hands stopped shaking for the first time since his stroke.

Over time I’ve come to realize that many factors may affect our heath: accidents, diet, stress, environment and others. What I’ve found is that most "dis-ease" has a mental and an emotional component, and those issues typically need to be addressed before true healing can occur. The wonderful advantage of healing energy work is that we can deal with some of these issues energetically with awareness, release old wounds that affect us on multiple levels, and then move forward with acceptance and forgiveness.

For George, it meant reconnecting with some physical and emotional traumas that happened to him long ago. I sensed it in his body, and when I asked him about it, he was not conscious of their connection to his current condition. We worked with it energetically. He needed to forgive another person, and as often happens, he also needed to forgive himself before the energy was able to shift and become part of the whole of who he is.

When he returned for another session, he was thrilled to share that he could now hold hands with the person next to him in church, and raise them in praise to heaven, without the embarrassment of his hands shaking. Being less self-conscious of his hands allowed him to be more open-hearted and in joy, which I believe is our underlying state.

True healing is a complex and beautiful mystery, which I’m privileged to get to witness. My further explorations have led me to realize that what I’m really doing is soul work…deepening my connection to all and helping others to know their wholeness. As another heals, so do I. In answer to Einstein’s question: I believe it is a benevolent universe.



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