Complementary Therapies: Honoring The Power Within

I love the concept and practice of the complementary therapies. They honor the true nature of healing recognizing the Creative Intelligence inherent in the body-mind-Spirit continuum. There cannot be lasting healing without recognizing this inherent connection. Healing isn’t a matter of "defeat the enemy." Healing is a matter of recognizing the inherent alignment with Spirit that well-being is!

We are Spirit made manifest. Complementary therapies recognize this Truth. It seems odd to call these processes "alternative therapy" when I wish with all my heart they were the mainline of treatment. We are moving in that direction more and more, and I am grateful. Proactive approaches are far more powerful, with the added benefit of no negative side effects!

The complementary therapies I have directly experienced are: chiropractic, Pilates, massage and prayer, in two forms that are new to me, the Abraham teachings and EFT.

Chiropractic, Pilates and massage help directly with realigning the body with its natural form and pattern of movement. What I particularly value about the form of chiropractic treatment I have received is that I could maintain the realignment from week to week. This is particularly meaningful to me, and indicative of the power of the therapy, because I have mild cerebral palsy as a result of severe birth trauma. This therapy modality says to me there is a natural rhythm that can be accessed no matter what has happened.

During my chiropractic and Pilates treatments, I had a particularly fascinating experience showcasing what stress can do. I went in for my usual weekly chiropractic treatment. When my chiropractor saw me, he blurted out, "Where in the world have you been? You’re completely out of alignment!" He made that statement without even touching me. Apparently, I was visibly out of alignment. I told him I had been visiting my mother in the hospital. He explained to me the process of "hospital stress." That experience makes me wonder if that’s what stress can do to someone who’s not even in the hospital, what does the experience of being in the hospital do to someone?

I make this point because I so fully recognize that healing is not just a body-based process. I have experienced that Truth in so many forms and so many ways. Our bodies respond in truly amazing ways when we acknowledge the body-mind-Spirit connection.

One of the most powerful examples of this connection happened years ago when I was receiving massage therapy treatments twice a week. A friend saw me from across the room, came over and playfully bumped into me saying, "What in the world have you been doing? You look absolutely transparent." I told her I had been receiving massage treatments. She said, "Wow! You are radiant! I feel like I could walk right through you." I laughed, knowing the difference the treatments made in my life.

I cannot finish this article without acknowledging prayer as the complementary therapy I most highly value. I have had so many amazing demonstrations of the immediacy of the power of this healing modality. Years ago I fell out of a tree. My arm was badly scratched all the way from my wrist to my elbow. I hit the ground with such a thud that I felt like I had landed in another dimension. I looked at my arm and felt the sting of the wound. Without hesitation I passed my hand over the wounded area knowing I was effecting a healing. Immediately the sting went away. The next day my wound was completely healed.

More recently, I have been introduced to the Abraham teachings and EFT. Both of these healing modalities address the power of self-love, acknowledging our God Self within. The Abraham teachings address the power of our feelings, acknowledging that thoughts follow feelings. The Abraham teachings speak to joy as having the highest vibrational level, and how to stay attuned to Joy. EFT actually changes the physiological patterns in the brain caused by early childhood emotional trauma. EFT says it’s not enough to change our thoughts. We must change the early physiological patterns in the brain that go along with the emotional woundedness. Then physical and emotional healing can happen. I’ve seen this process in action and the results are amazing. I also practice EFT every day.

I experience these healing modalities as 21st century prayers. They express the vitalizing link between spirituality and science that I love so very much. These two modalities consciously work with our feelings and thoughts. As is commonly known, our feelings and thoughts have a huge impact on our state of well-being. These modalities recognize and honor our natural, inherent creative intelligence and Source of our being. They both recognize healing comes from within, and these modalities have helped me heal and stay centered better than ever. They’ve added a whole new level to my awareness process.

Self-love – honoring the God essence, the natural creative Intelligence, life, love and wisdom within us – is the ultimate healer, the ultimate therapy. As we learn to love ourselves and each other no other therapy is needed. I believe that with all my heart and soul!

The one healing modality I want to incorporate into my life is swimming. I didn’t know until I started writing this sentence what that meant to me. I am reminded of Dr. Masaru Emoto’s work with water, that we are 97 percent water. We were born into physical form in the medium of water. Water, to me, is our Earth-based connection to God. Being in water reminds me of my God connectedness. It also occurs to me that’s why I love the Pacific Ocean so much. I was born into this earthly experience on the West Coast.

Thank you healing modalities. I love you all so very much!



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