Experiences with Brain Balance and Harmony


Last September, a 38-year old man told me his life history, which included living with Tourette Syndrome since his mid-teens, becoming suicidal and trying prescriptions, meditation and talk therapy to find relief. What was so significant about this conversation? No tics.

Tics are the common characteristic of Tourette Syndrome. Just one week prior to our talk, this man exhibited tics multiple times each minute, including head and neck shaking, arm contractions, leg spasms, tongue thrusts and eye blinks. How did his tics stop? Through an innovative technology called Brain State Conditioning™ (BSC™).

More than a year ago I learned of BSC™, a technology that focuses on balance and harmony in the brain. I had heard stories of clients who used this modality and enjoyed better sleep, reduced anxiety and the lifting of depression. I was intrigued and wanted to learn more, so I traveled to the home of Brain State Technologies™ in Scottsdale, Ariz.

Upon arrival, I was asked to state my own BSC™ goals, which I would use to measure my progress in the coming week. I identified three: maintain a sustained energy level throughout the day, minimize my fear of heights, and eliminate my addiction to caffeine. My next step was to complete an assessment, which was done by a trainer who measured my brain waves by placing electrodes at several points on my head. Following a review of those results, my Brain Training, as BSC™ is casually called, began. Three times a day I sat in a comfortable chair, listened to my brain’s activity translated into sound, practiced deep relaxation techniques, and visualized a variety of images, all intended to help my brain become more balanced.

Throughout the week my trainer fine-tuned my sessions based on my input of how I felt physically and emotionally. After two days I noticed changes – a constantly tapping foot (was this the energy I was looking for?), a need to go to sleep early (I discovered that a changing brain needs lots of rest and proper nutrition), tears during training (I was releasing grief for a deceased loved one), and an overall feeling of happiness.

After concluding my brain training sessions, I was told my brain would continue to integrate what it had learned for the next two to three weeks; it was actually creating new pathways along its network of neurons, pathways that would lead to a more optimally performing and balanced brain. I also learned that brains change in response to the input or stimuli they receive, and sometimes, the brain needs a bit of help to rebalance itself. BSC™ provides a holistic, non-invasive, enjoyable way to do this.

For a month after my brain training, I noticed that my nervously tapping foot disappeared along with my afternoon energy slump, and I experienced less anxiety around high places. I also went cold turkey on caffeine, a process I had been unwilling to do prior to training. As an added bonus, I found I could handle stressful situations more calmly and reach more creative solutions to problems I faced. These changes were subtle, but I was sold on BSC™ and the idea of balancing and harmonizing the brain in order to balance and harmonize life.

Which brings me back to my friend with Tourette Syndrome. His experience with BSC™ was profound. After two weeks of brain training, his life was changed forever. He summed up his brain training experience with one word, bliss.

My life has also changed forever since I became an affiliate of Brain State Technologies™. The opportunity for me to open an office, work with clients individually, see them make changes to their own brain, and witness their excitement as they recognize change is a thrill. Clients throughout the world have experienced real, permanent change using this technology for brain balance and harmony. What a joy!

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