God is still Filling Teeth through Dr. Willard Fuller – now over the Phone


The first healing service I ever attended with the world-renowned healer, Dr. Willard Fuller, was in 1999. It was a packed event held in a Unity Church in Golden Valley, Minn., and in no time at all he had hundreds of normally taciturn and composed Minnesotans laughing, shrieking and screaming "AAAA-men!" in true Southern Baptist style. After an hour or so of lively talk, he and his wife Althea, also a minister of healing, laid hands on everyone in the house, healing at breakneck speed.

Afterward, he began pulling people out of the audience and quizzing them about the state of their dental work. Discretely popping a Tic Tac breath mint, he asked them to open their mouths and, with flashlight and dental mirrors, peered in to take a look. Then he let them see for themselves. Pandemonium broke out as one person after another saw gold fillings where there had been none and other such startling changes, no short of miraculous. Members of the audience rushed up to crowd around someone’s open mouth to watch teeth change right before their eyes, while others inspected their own teeth with mirrors that had been passed around the room.

I enjoyed the spectacle, feeling uplifted and inspired but didn’t realize that I, too, had received a mouthful of shiny new fillings until hours later at home when, just for the heck of it, I looked in a mirror. Since then, I’ve attended a number of other large healing services with Dr. Fuller – and they’re always the same. After a while, the mind-blowing transmutation of teeth, as well as all sorts of other spontaneous healings, begin to feel common place. A teenage friend of mine had the experience of all her fillings and cavities disappearing. She left the healing service with a mouthful of perfect virgin teeth, much to her mother’s astonishment.

I travel in circles of people who are open-minded and willing to believe all manner of things most people don’t. But even my most "out there" friends looked at me dubiously when I told them the story of my teeth instantly growing new fillings through prayer. I found that people whO’d have no trouble believing that inoperable cancer could be spontaneously healed have difficulty believing that teeth can spontaneously heal.

This is exactly why I find Dr. Fuller’s ministry of dental-healing so compelling. It could be argued that dental needs aren’t as crucial to our well-being as the healing of more serious diseases. Yet teeth are such a bony, stony, unchangeable part of ourselves – a part we believe simply can’t get better without the extreme interventions of drilling, pulling, filling and replacing. If we can experience this rock-like part of our body changing so easily and instantaneously, then what, truly, is impossible? What other "carved-in-stone" aspects of our body, mind and life circumstances might also be subject to some new rules of reality?

Though Willard’s style is all Southern, his theology couldn’t be further from his roots as a Southern Baptist minister. When the gift of healing came to him some five decades ago, as he put it, he had to make a choice between Christ and Christianity. Now, his great passion is the formation of a "Spiritual United Nations" to bring spiritual leaders from all religions together to find the common ground of unconditional love that all spiritual paths share and help lead the world to unity.

In his mid-eighties, Dr. Fuller and his wife, Dr. Althea Cook, retired from the non-stop travel of their ministry and established a small retreat center in the remote town of Lloyd, Fla., where he now teaches theology, ordains students and offers healing to all those willing to make the pilgrimage to Northern Florida. Now in his nineties, it’s been a handful of years since Dr. Fuller has conducted one of the exciting, large group healing services that made him famous. However, with the help of phone conferencing technology, all that’s changing.

On March 30 at 4 p.m. Eastern (3 p.m. Central), Dr. Fuller and Lynn Woodland will conduct a national, phone-in healing service for up to 250 callers. While participants need to pay their usual long-distance rates, the healing, like all Dr. Fuller’s work, is offered unconditionally, with an option to make a free-will donation. To find out how to take part in this event, see wwwlynnwoodland.com or call 651.642.5405.

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Lynn Woodland
Lynn Woodland is an international teacher, author of Making Miracles—Create New Realities for Your Life and Our World, and creator of the online Miracles Course. Her particular expertise is in what gives rise to miracles and in teaching ordinary people to live extraordinary lives so that miracles become, not just possible, but natural. Learn more at www.lynnwoodland.com.


  1. how do I learn how to do this type of healing. Can you help me ? I live in Michigan but moving to FL soon. I studied with the late Rev. Hanna Kroeger for 20 yrs off and on. Thank you for your time….blessings, Linda

  2. It was very encouraging reading about dental miracles.
    Has anyone ever taken over where dr fuller left off where there is prayer for dental miracles? Thank you sandra

  3. I Found Fuller and his miracles in an article here in Norway back in 84, and it tells about the other side of life that is so unlimited and fascinating, and available.H


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