How to Enjoy the Shift


There is a change, a "shift" under way, that is affecting every aspect of our third-dimensional reality. This shift is so far-reaching that our limited imagination cannot begin to grasp the transition and change we are now in the midst of experiencing.

This shift is affecting every aspect of life on the planet: political, social and economic structures, the environment, every institutional system, the wars, how we view our relationships, our work, every thought we think and every feeling we feel.

It is altering time, our memory, our DNA, the wiring of our physical and emotional bodies, our beliefs, our perceptions of good and bad, right and wrong and especially our awareness of what is possible.

The shift is composed of huge waves of light that hold massive amounts of information and instructions. These waves are rewiring our DNA, providing new electromagnetic frequencies to upgrade the body’s physical, emotional and mental systems. These waves of Light are activating the fourth- and fifth-dimensional chakras, aligning us with a higher awareness.

This shift is providing new understandings of how to once again live in harmony with each other, the environment and All That Is. However, between this new "Heaven on Earth" and where we currently exist, there is transition.

The Transition

This transition, as exciting and wonderful as it is, is creating difficulties for many. These difficulties are occurring as this pace quickens, but we continue to hold our third-dimensional beliefs and way of life as truths. We continue to argue for the right and wrongs, judge others for their actions or fix them because "we know better." These actions belong to the third dimension and they must be released. As long as we continue to hold these limitations, we will experience the affects of this shift within our physical and emotional bodies.

These affects are becoming known as "Ascension Symptoms" – dizziness, confusion, loss of focus, headaches, fatigue and increased tiredness, digestion discomfort, anxiety and nervousness. You are experiencing time going faster. There is more on our plate and less time to complete it. We are losing aspects of our memories (no, it’s not Alzheimer’s). Things that were once very important are no longer as important. And most of us are feeling a heightened sense of distraction, coupled with an emotional sense that something is just not right. As we argue for our limitations and hold on to the old beliefs that no longer support us, we create a resistance or blockage within our four-body system, creating these discomforts.

The third-dimensional reality, as we have known it, is shifting. It is becoming far more grand, aligned and balanced, moving into a higher consciousness. Humanity is waking up, and as it does, the old structures that have supported duality, maintained separation and have controlled the masses with fear are crumbling.

As this new light finds its way into every corner of darkness on the planet, those who live within the darkness are beginning to recoil, react and become very noisy. They will scream the loudest to maintain the status quo. They are creating distraction, wars, economic failures and many other distractions to prevent this shift from occurring. They will, for a short time become very loud, generating much fear in their attempt to avoid this shift. They have already failed – and they will be very noisy.

As this new light flows within each of us, we are now receiving new information, opportunities and choices that were not available to us in the past. These choices are now allowing each of us to step out of the fear, distraction and separation.

By grounding, realigning your energy fields, stabilizing your attention point and focus, you will make the bodies safe during the noise.


Grounding is something almost everyone has thought about or considered. But grounding is not a thought; it is an action, a tool to dissipate noisy thoughts, anxiety and undesirable emotions that run through our bodies.

Please close your eyes. In your imagination, create an image of a beam of light, a line of energy, a tree trunk, a pipe or a chain. Then connect one end to the lowest tip of your spine, the first chakra. Feel the connection. Make this real. Then drop the other end of the line to the center of the earth – the center of the earth is not very far away. See the line of energy grow roots and strongly connect to the center of the earth. With your mind, reach down and tug on both ends and feel the connection. Now, expand the line to about 8 inches in diameter and give it the command to activate and become magnetic. Take a breath and notice a relaxation.

Thoughts are electrical; emotions are magnetic. The command to activate allows the grounding line, a natural part of your body’s operating system, to release thoughts and emotions that do not belong to you, but constantly affect you. These thoughts and emotions flow through the unprotected energy field, stimulating emotions, creating reaction and discomfort. Interestingly, the majority of thoughts you think belong to the world surrounding you actually have very little to do with you at all. But once they are in your space, they create a distraction, distort your attention and direct your life. Grounding minimizes this noise.

The Octahedron

Surrounding you are a number of energy fields, one of which you know as the aura or etheric body. The aura gathers, retains and files every thought, word and action that occurs within, through and around you. In other words, it holds a lot of information, much of which has very little to do with you. This energy field also is an antenna. It attracts frequencies of thought.

If you can manage the antenna, you can manage what the antenna attracts. Constructing this antenna around you creates a powerful energy field that aligns with the information of the shift and your own internal guidance system. In sacred geometry, there are five forms known as platonic solids that hold unique characteristics. One is the octahedron. It is one four-sided pyramid pointing up with a second four-sided pyramid connected at the base and pointing down.

Find a point about two feet out in front of you and, with your mind, place a dot there. Then place another dot two feet directly behind you and two more dots, two feet to the left and right of you. Place a dot about two feet above you head and another below you feet. Six dots.

This is experiential, not a mental exercise. Feel each of the dots and see them with your imagination. Now, from the point above your head draw four lines connecting to the four dots surrounding you. Then connect each of those four dots creating a four-sided pyramid. See it. Feel it around you. Next, from the point below your feet, draw four lines connecting up to the four dots surrounding you.

This will create as sense of containment. This containment is not a wall or a defense system; it is a safe vessel that allows you to move around without becoming affected by the noise. It also is an antenna, which aligns with the light and infinite intelligence being transmitted during this shift. The octahedron creates an alignment with all that you are and simply filters out that which you are not.

Experience and play with these two tools. As simple as they are, they will alter your conscious reality and allow you to enjoy the flow of the shift.

Jim Self is presenting a free class on April 10 at the Center for Spiritual Development in Minneapolis and other locations April 7 and 9. He offers the weekend seminar, "The Shift and Creating the Personal Power Field," in Bloomington April 11-13. Jim currently is presenting 14 free tele-classes on "The Expanding Shift of Consciousness." For information and to register, call (763) 843-0043 or visit

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Jim Self
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