Old Beliefs and Values Impact us Greatly


I was looking for a way to help my dad deal with Alzheimer’s disease when I heard there was evidence that Brain Gym® could help; and my journey into mind-body-spirit work began.

I had never heard of Brain Gym® before, so I found instructors on the website, contacted one for books I could read and signed up for a class. I was amazed when I attended the first class and learned the "balance" process right off the bat. As we introduced ourselves that first time, I shared that I had had systemic yeast for about 20 years. Whenever I would eat too much fresh fruit in the summer months or too much refined sugar around holidays, I would suffer extreme fatigue, itchy skin all over my body, blurry vision and foggy thoughts. I had been to many different medical professionals over the years, and I had resorted to using over-the-counter creams after a while, as there wasn’t much else offered.

A homeopathic professional gave me a three-month routine of things to drink, and I was really working hard to stick with it and eat minimal sugar when my Brain Gym® instructor encouraged me to "go home and balance my yeast." She stopped me dead in my tracks. After 20 years of having this condition, managing it had become my "norm" and it didn’t dawn on me that I could get rid of it.

We continued to discuss this possibility and she encouraged me to think about the kinds of thoughts and beliefs I had that would hold me back from being healthy. Many ideas flooded my thoughts, and I wondered how I would ever sort them out. Then I remembered I could use the applied kinesiology I learned in the class and asked my system what I needed to release this condition. I got to work and identified which beliefs were keeping me down and what to do about them.

I realized that I had a really low self-esteem, which stemmed from my family of origin and upbringing. Mom was home full-time with the four of us kids and dad brought home a modest income. As we grew, my sister and I realized that "the boys" in the family received a bit more attention and were expected to strive higher than we were. I’m not blaming my parents. It’s just the way they saw the world in the 50s and 60s, and they passed it on to us. We were an athletic family and there weren’t many opportunities for girls to excel with physical skills until much later. My sister and I just expected that we’d attend a year of college, marry and probably have a family. But we didn’t have a lot of expectations for ourselves.

Well, here I was now with my college degree working full time and trying to manage my own family and home and balance it all. I realized that I didn’t have a role model for how to do all of that – and because I couldn’t figure out how to do it all, I never felt good enough. I gave and gave to everyone else and continually depleted myself, allowing this yeast to set up camp in my system.

I balanced my system, using techniques I learned in the class. I instilled in myself a new foundation of being worthwhile, capable and good enough, no matter how things turned out. I decided to take good care of myself first and then give to others.

Amazingly, my state of mind shifted immediately. My beliefs about myself became much more positive and I had more energy to do things. Within a couple days, I could feel my itchy skin subsiding and my eyesight and thinking clearing. I went back to class the next week, tearfully grateful for the new "norm." I continued clearing symptoms for several months and, all of a sudden, they were completely gone. I’ve been free of them for six years.

I didn’t understand until then how important it was to hold positive thoughts in my mind. I monitor my thoughts frequently, now, and keep them as positive as possible. My attitude, energy and health are great, and it feels good to be at peace within.

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