Somatic Visualizing: How and Why It Works


The most practical way to deal with a gripe is to transform it into a goal! Focus your mind and heart on effecting change, and complaining will fall away.

Somatic visualizing is one of the quickest and most infallible ways to bring your goal into reality. Somatic visualizing uses visualizing/ picturing, feelings, sound/inner hearing, and body sensations and movements (e.g., fist pump, grinning from ear to ear, clapping your hands, etc.). I call it "Somatic" (body) Visualizing, because adding strong body movements to your visualization intensifies and makes more vivid the sensations that you already have what you desire.

The following are directions:

• Lie down comfortably, or sit in a way that you can deeply relax and let go. Relax by focusing on your breathing or pulse, being cleansed in a shower of light, allowing a beautiful color to fill your body, etc., until you have that far-away feeling.

• Imagine yourself doing an activity that represents your wish fulfilled, e.g. signing a book that you just had published, being handed your diploma and holding it in your hand, looking at and touching the new ring on your finger (signifying your marriage), etc. Whatever your goal, get an action picture of it as already having been accomplished, with you doing, or speaking the action. Hear a friend or relative congratulating you on your success.

• Add deep feeling. Feel the thrill of having your goal. It’s yours. Feel it in all of its many aspects: joy, relief, peace, gratitude, triumph, etc.

• Allow your body to be part of the emotion and action. What would be your body’s natural reactions when this goal is a reality. Act them out now: pumping your fist, jumping for joy, yelling "I did it," feeling goose bumps, breathing in gasps, laughing, thrusting your arms upwards in the victory sign!

• Continue the feeling and body sensations for as long as you can, up to 4 or 5 minutes. Believe it has already happened! Feel it has already happened. Rejoice that it has already happened.

Persist and be disciplined with these five steps daily, and within a few months, you will be successful. Change your complaint to a goal, and your grievance will become a distant memory. Before you begin each day, set your intent to absolutely have this goal. Feel the certainty of it coming to you, and the gratitude that you have the knowledge to be able to create something beautiful in your life.

Mind is the law of cause and effect. We must know consciously that we have creative power.

Why somatic visualizing works

In his excellent book Resurrection, visionary author Neville talks about the Law of Reversibility. The law of reversibility states: "All transformations of force are reversible."

• If heat can produce mechanical motion, so mechanical motion can produce heat.

• If electricity produces magnetism, magnetism, too, can develop electrical currents.

• If the voice can cause undulating currents, so can such currents reproduce the voice.

Cause and effect, energy and matter, action and reaction are inter-convertible; one can produce the other. Mechanical motion caused by speed was known for a long time before anyone thought of an inverse transformation; that is the reproduction of speed by mechanical motion. For a long time, electricity was created by friction without realizing that friction, in turn, could be produced by electricity.

This law of reversibility also applies to our subtler energy systems; including our thoughts, feelings and beliefs.

If you knew how you would feel if you were to realize your goal then, inversely, you would know what experience you will bring about when you solidify that feeling within yourself.

When your somatic visualization produces a consistent feeling of joy that you already have your wish, inversely, that feeling must produce the goal you’ve been visualizing. It is law.

Because all transformations of force are reversible, continuously assume the feeling of joy that your wish is already fulfilled, yours now. When felt consistently, your subconscious mind is transformed, and your visualization becomes fact.

The guidance to pray believing that you already possess what you pray for is based on this Law of Reversibility.

If a physical fact can produce a psychological state, then inversely, a psychological state can produce a physical fact.

Physical facts are the inverse of psychological states; one can produce the other! They are reversible forces! Tara Lipinsky (Olympic figure skating gold medalist) used to practice climbing up on boxes and imagining that she was receiving a gold medal. It paid off for her, as well as for Tiger Woods, who used to spend hours and days imagining how much fun it would be to beat the best golf players. They practiced Somatic Visualizing!

Now you know how and why it works. Join me and countless others in reaping its fruits.

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