The Journey of Healing from Within

The shy, quiet little girl watches the world around her with wide, wondrous eyes. So much happening, so much that did not make sense. A house full of chaos; yelling, blaming each other for everything not quite right in the house, or in the world for that matter. The little one quietly retreats to her room in order to find solitude, no one noticing that she had left; no one checking in to see how she felt. So much pain, so much loneliness, so much wondering why no one understood her, and why she did not understand herself.

The child grows into an adolescent, then into an adult. Her body larger, her mind more developed, but her emotions feel the same. She wonders why she still feels so sensitive, so easily rejected; so much pain. She was older now, so she should feel differently, right? She should feel like everyone else, like some sort of adult who has it all together.

She goes off to college, finally free from the chaos and emotional isolation in her family. She is on a new journey, one of self-discovery and revelations. She finishes college, then on to graduate school. She knows that she is a healer of sorts; that psychotherapy is her passion. She graduates with a Masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. It’s been a long road so far; and even longer now that she has completed her education. Thus begins the journey of post-graduate experience, licensure, and approved supervisor status.

Around the time she is finishing her licensure process she meets an intuitive, a healer who channels the wisdom from spirit with an intent to assist in self-discovery and growth. Her awareness of self and the world begins to transform in miraculous ways. Her life begins to follow her lead from within, and the most amazing awakening begins to occur. Awakening to self-love, spirit, and all that is possible on this plane.

She begins to realize that there is a curve on the career path, as well. An unexpected turn that will someday prove to be true passion, fulfillment and soul purpose. Simultaneously, through her self-growth she develops her own abilities as an intuitive healer. She realizes that she desires to create an alternative practice where she is free to use all of her abilities to assist in soul growth for others. This intent lay dormant until the time was right to manifest. As that time grew nearer, she began to notice the signs from spirit that it was time to take action, and they guided her to the perfect space and the perfect creation of all that she symbolized. Her energy clear, her vision completed.

Her intent is to reach the inner child, to offer healing and a voice to all those who have forgotten that their child needs them to fight for how they feel. If they do not listen to what this child needs, they unintentionally imprison their child in a silence of unexpressed emotions that have become frozen in time. This is why no matter how much time passes, the emotions can feel as fresh as yesterday. The patterns and emotional triggers continue to transpire; doomed to repeat the cycles until the adult self realizes that they have a choice. A choice to thaw the frozen emotional state and heal the wounds that are crying out for attention and love.

The "symptoms" that are often experienced as anxiety and depression are the "messages" unconsciously created to draw attention to the source. That source of the child who felt trapped, misunderstood, unloved and invalidated by all that she experienced.

She is the key to unlocking the past, and unlocking all of her dreams yet to come. All she has to do is open herself to what is possible, to all that already lies within.



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