Fargo Holistic Expo 2008: Conversations with our Key Presenters



Noon to 2:00 p.m. Saturday, April 19 – A Life of Excellence": The momentum towards conscious awakening continually eludes us. Find the answer to getting your momentum going. Tickets are $21 in advance and $25 at the door. ONLINE TICKETS HERE

Pre-Expo Event on Friday, April 18 – 1:30 to 4:30 p.m in Room B at Fargo Civic Center – "The Mystery Schools: "A mystery school is a university for the human spirit, a school for the study of the mysteries of the journey toward self discovery of one’s own divine spirit. By understanding what the Ancient Ones teach about divinity, one can cultivate an intimate relationship with the divine God within. Divinity is not about being out there and greater. It’s about being in the heart and within reach. Tickets are $44 in advance or at the door. ONLINE TICKETS HERE

Lynn Young, author of the book Being, is the daughter, granddaughter and great-granddaughter of highly intuitive women. She is a wise and insightful mystic noted for her incredibly accurate, in-depth readings. The information Lynn brings forward is from the Enlightened Masters and each individual’s Higher Self, thus allowing people to get the information needed to move forward in their lives. Thirteen years ago, Lynn became a full-body channel for "G," an omniscient being of Divine Light who has come here to reawaken the knowledge of how to walk the master path that we have hidden from ourselves for thousands and thousands of years.

You will be speaking on "A Life of Excellence." What do you mean by this?
Lynn Young:
I feel that a lot of people have lost something in their lives. There is something missing in the scheme of the journey. We all have some kind of target we are pointing our fingers at, but between here and there, there is a blank part. It’s like a record that skips and keeps going, and then it skips again. And what happens is, we keep focusing on the "missed" spots, the parts that aren’t as fulfilling. What I want to do as a speaker and a channel for "G" is to show how people can really live a life of excellence in every moment of their life.

You can’t settle. You can’t sit back and put your life on "pause" just because somebody else isn’t happy or something else is going wrong. We let life get in the way, we let the journey get in the way and we let our jobs get in the way. We think we are everything that is outside of us. In reality, there is a hidden part of us that we’re not aware of.

As a teacher and someone who has been on this road a long time, it is clear that we’re not listening to the ancient ones who are telling us who we are and why we’re here and what our reason for being is. We flip the switch and turn off our hearts and the spirit within and don’t follow through in allowing our spirit to be. Many teachers have come and gone over the ages. The greatest message is that we’re a part of that ancient knowledge and ancient knowing. What they tell us is, "Be your most. Be your best. And stop settling for less than you are." Love what you live, and live what you love – and then life is amazing.

It’s about not focusing on the distractions that take us away from who we are.
Absolutely. Learning to not do that involves immersing yourself in our Truth, our divine Truth, our God Truth. It doesn’t let us skip a beat and fall back into our human day-to-day crap. It keeps us in the energy of truly being who we are.

What separates people who truly live on purpose and from their hearts from those who think they are doing that, but they’re not there?
We’re taught in our society that you have to hit rock bottom before you really learn to dig yourself out and never go back. That’s a poor message to send to the universe, but that’s what we hear. And some people have it in their minds that things aren’t too bad, so there’s no need to do more than they’re doing. What it comes down to is making the decision. Just choose life. That’s what "G" talks about. He says, "Choose life, and choose it all, and that’s what you’ll get." A woman had come to "G" for a healing. She was laying there and said, "Is there anything you want to say to me, ‘G’?"

"G" said, "You need to choose."

"Choose what, ‘G’?"

"You need to choose life."

And she said, "I thought I did."

"G" said, "Did you?"

She had stage 4 breast cancer. She said, "I choose life. I choose life." She later went in for surgery, and stage 4 went down to stage 1. And now she is cancer free. One of the things "G" keeps stressing is that we’re not choosing. We’re letting life choose for us. We’re looking at things around us and letting those things choose for us. Instead of just following the traffic and letting it direct us, it is important that we put our signal on and make an intentional turn and choose to go that way.

So for those who think they have chosen, but things in their lives stay the same, does that mean they really haven’t chosen?
Yes. It’s an illusion that they have chosen. A great wise master once told me, "Humans have fallen under what is called "the lazy mind." The lazy mind convinces you, very matter-of-factly, that you’re there, that you’ve finally reached the top. And yet, all the signs and symptoms show otherwise. Until you learn to recognize the difference between the human mind and the Divine Heart Mind, you’ll never really get where you want to go. We fill ourselves up with what we intellectually have knowledge about. We know what we’ve been taught, we know what we’ve read about, what people say to us. But we have to get out of our knowledge and into our knowing, which is in the deeper, divine part of us. If you listen to the divine part of yourself, you will make it. You will reach that point where everything just falls into place.

Tell me about your pre-Expo event on Mystery Schools.
There are thousands and thousands of years of knowledge locked away inside of us. But for most of us, this knowledge is dormant and asleep within us. What "G" will be talking about are the hidden layers within us, under the superficial, human equation, and our ability to retrieve that deep inner spiritual knowing. It’s really about unlocking the hidden potential – that God core – that’s really deep inside of us.

Fargo Holistic Expo 2008 is April 19-20 at Fargo Civic Center, with pre-expo events on Friday, April 18, and post-expo workshops on Monday, April 21. See complete details at fargo.edgelife.net. Advance tickets are available at edgelife.net/tickets, or call toll-free 1.888.810.2065.

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