Fargo Holistic Expo 2008: Conversations with our Key Presenters



10:30-11:45 a.m. Sunday, April 20 – ""Find Your Soul Purpose Through Soul Communications": Heal your past so you can live today! In this class, Susan will lead you on a discovery of your healing potential and your ability to transcend. How can you create a more fulfilling life? Are there past-life issues affecting you today? Is your soul completely integrated in this timeline, in this lifetime? Even more simply, do you want to lose weight, stop smoking, release a phobia, or achieve satisfying relationships? Susan will discuss how visiting previous lives can inform current decisions and unlock the patterns of pain. In fact, there are many lessons in our previous lives and if we’re open to the messages, we can unlock the cycles of pain. Be the source of your healing. Tickets are $10 in advance and at the door. ONLINE TICKETS HERE

Susan Just, CH, CPHI, is a Success Coach, Certified Hypnotherapist, Hypnotherapy Instructor, Past Lives Regressionist & Soul Communicator. Susan is also the President of the MN Chapter of the National Guild of Hypnotherapists and was formerly on the Board of Directors of the MN Advertising Federation and co-chaired its annual awards show for two years.

What is the key idea you want to share with those who attend your talk?
Susan Just:
I’d like to help people and souls wake up. So often we live our lives in a trance: fixated on the things we think we should do or immobilized by the negative things we believe about ourselves. When people become de-hypnotized, they can safely and creatively transcend their past and live a rewarding life today.

Why is it important that people hear what you have to say on this topic?
I’m a deconstructionist. Too often people holistically combine body, spirit and mind, but if one or several components are not healthy or are not playing nice, life can be a struggle. But, I don’t want to break things down to make them break. I want to deconstruct so we can retain what is good and useful, so then we can build it back up more resilient, more beautiful. This is possible through soul regressions, past-life regressions and even current life regressions. We can get to the fears, misperceptions and limiting beliefs so that all aspects of a person’s existence can be expressed. In reality, deconstructionism is a safe mechanism for evolutionary change or creativity. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to reflect, we wouldn’t be able to transcend.

What moment in your life was most instrumental in leading you to where you are now as a healing leader?
I truly became galvanized when I read the book Journey of Souls by Michael Newton. I had an epiphany that I was here to help heal souls – but, more importantly, to heal the relationship between the soul and the human. In fact, there’s a story Mr. Newton relates about a child soul who must throw itself out a moving carriage so it could share the challenges and rewards with its parent souls. And I was so horrified and angry. HOW is it possible for a soul to come into this life and want to harm a human body? To do it mistakenly is forgivable, but to intend harm? I thought it was an honor for all souls to be in human bodies. Our physical state allows the blessings and challenges of experiences and emotions. In fact, every soul knows that it’s easy to be good when all you know is good, but to be good after you’ve been bad, that’s true transcendence. So I was outraged, and I envisioned a holy war, but a holy war on the spiritual field that’d allow humans to break free, to cast out the parasitic souls who are using our bodies, who are using our experiences and often causing us harm.

But then I thought and thought and thought. And I realized that sometimes the equation works against the soul, sometimes it works against the ego, sometimes against the body. The answer is in the middle: the human experience in this life is added to the soul, and that by working together, creating a healthy symbiosis, we can help deconstruct the patterns of pain, and learn to heal the greater cycles of human and soul evolution. In many ways, I am here to help people live many lives in this lifetime.

Why is it important for you, personally, to take part in events like Fargo Holistic Expo?
Being from North Dakota, I know that the people here are good, caring and warm. They also support your right to believe whatever you want, even if they don’t completely believe it themselves. They are that strong and secure in themselves, they are so interested in fairness. And I think it’s great that this community supports events like the Fargo Holistic Expo. They know there isn’t a single path to truth. Truth is like a rainbow, and there are many views, many ideas, and the synergy of all creates the energy to evolve. It’s this freedom of expression, and every individual’s willingness to play and entertain new ideas, that will help all of us lead more rewarding, more authentic lives – whatever we decide

Fargo Holistic Expo 2008 is April 19-20 at Fargo Civic Center, with pre-expo events on Friday, April 18, and post-expo workshops on Monday, April 21. See complete details at Fargo.edgelife.net. Advance tickets are available at Edgelife.net/tickets, or call toll-free 1.888.810.2065.



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