Health, Wellness and Fitness are impacted by a 100-year-old Event in Siberia


The peasants saw a body shining very brightly (too bright for the naked eye) with a bluish-white light…. The body was in the form of "a pipe," i.e. cylindrical. The sky was cloudless, except that low down on the horizon, in the direction in which this glowing body was observed, a small dark cloud was noticed. It was hot and dry, and when the shining body approached the ground it seemed to be pulverized, and in its place a loud crash, not like thunder, but as if from the fall of large stones or from gunfire was heard. All the buildings shook and at the same time a forked tongue of flames broke through the cloud. – Eyewitness account

Imagine being part of an historic event that would stump scientists for a hundred years. On June 30, 1908, over Tunguska in Central Siberia, there was an explosion that released energy that has been compared to 10-20 million tons of TNT. It devastated 850 square miles of uninhabited Siberian taiga and felled more than a million trees. What remained was charred, flattened trees and ash. It was assumed by mainstream science that the Tunguska explosion was caused by a meteorite, yet it is impossible to explain how the object could have exploded in mid-air. The exact nature and origin of the body that exploded remain a mystery that has spurred countless theories and controversies.

The Evenki people of this area were nomadic, and it is said that the shamans got an early warning. Months earlier, rumors started that "the end of the world" was coming. Imagine the shaman, with antlers on his head, dressed in ceremonial clothes covered with attached pieces of iron and shiny mirrors, which they believed had magical powers. His clothes have rows of rattles and bells to make noise and a large skin-covered tambourine to arouse attention. His ceremony signaled the tribe that it was time to move.

The wild animals began to leave, as if obeying some inner sense and the pronouncement of the shamans. An immense expanse of taiga lost its fauna. Only those who did not believe the shaman remained in the danger zone. This story has been preserved in the ancestral memory of the local people and passed down through an ancient epic poem called "The Olonkho," which was written long before the event and serves as a prophecy to what was coming.

Twenty years after the explosion, Leonid A. Kulik was the first scientist to reach the area. One of the Evenki people led Kulik to the impact site. Scientists have speculated that it was the result of an impact of an asteroid or comet, but the nature and composition of the Tunguska Cosmic Body remains a mystery. After a century of study and research, scientists are still unclear about what occurred deep in the Siberian wilderness of Tunguska, Russia. Different factions of the scientific community have been kept busy debating this issue. In 2007, Italian researchers from the University of Bologna found evidence that the 164-foot-deep Lake Cheko is the site of a meteor impact that participated in the Tunguska Blast. It is believed that there are actually three craters. With modern testing equipment, they may just get to the bottom of this mystery.

Adaptogens flourish

Today, 100 years later, the Tunguska Valley has become an oasis. Tests show dramatically enhanced nutritional values – with plants and trees growing at three to four times their natural rate and enriched with copper, zinc and gold, which stimulate growth and conduct energy. The plants are able to grow during times of intense heat, they do not go dormant and are able to adapt to the fierce weather in Siberia. They have been named adaptogens. Soil studies, which only partly explained this phenomenon, indicate that intense heat appears to have concentrated soil nutrients to a greater richness than even volcanic soil.

More than 1,200 scientists – armed with studies on a half million people – identified 10 adaptogens from the Tunguska Region to use in a product they called StressX. To be considered an adaptogen, the product had to:

• Be nontoxic to human cells

• Restore abnormal, unhealthy cells to a healthy state

• Allow the body adapt to stress or stressors

The Soviet government chartered its Academy of Sciences with a mission kept secret from the rest of the world, and it developed a product that would enhance the physical and mental performance of the country’s elite citizens, top Olympic athletes, ballet dancers, cosmonauts, chess players and others. Russian scientists identified specific adaptogens that help the body adapt to stress, support peak performance and enhance more than 20 body systems.

Rare nutritional infusion

In 2000 CyberWize of Sarasota, Fla., acquired StressX, worked for several years to improved on its formula and renamed it Tunguska Blast, after the region that gave it birth. CyberWize has captured the heightened life force from the plants grown in the Tunguska region to create a rare nutritional infusion that helps combat stress, improves mental and physical performance, boosts energy, enhances the immune system and increases stamina. This product, previously used only by the Russian elite, is now available in the U.S. and around the world.

The Tunguska Blast manufacturing process begins in Siberia where the product’s 10 phyto-nutrient, supercharged, adaptogen herbs are harvested, co-extracted and blended. Teams of people go in by boat and harvest parts of the plants with machetes. The herbs are then transported to the United States, where Tunguska Blast is produced.

Nick Hall, Ph.D., a medical scientist and professional speaker who has conducted groundbreaking studies linking the mind and body for over 20 years, uses Tunguska Blast. He also is a world-class athlete who, in 1968, was the first person to complete the grueling Baja 1,000 mile off-road race on a bicycle. In 2006, he completed the 1,200-mile WaterTribe’s Ultimate Florida Challenge in a sea-kayak. Dr. Hall reported that he drank bottles of Tunguska Blast to support him on this grueling race.

Dr. Hall reports that Tunguska Blast is the best product he has taken because it reduces stress and improves focus and brain function. "Relentless anxiety and pressure can leave you feeling exhausted as your body struggles to remain on high alert," he says. "Eleutherococcus senticosus and other ingredients in Tunguska Blast interfere with the stress response before it gets started. That’s because they block the stress hormone, Cortisol, which sets everything else in motion. Tunguska Blast can also increase energy through its support of the immune system. When fighting bacteria and viruses, white cells produce chemicals that make you feel sluggish. Rhaponticum carthamoides and other ingredients in Tunguska Blast can spare you the need to produce energy-depleting substances. Of course, with less stress and improved immunity, you will sleep better. Each day begins the way it should – with ample energy to enjoy good health and maximum productivity."

Divine intervention

Since introducing Tunguska Blast in April 2006, CyberWize has received testimonials from around the United States from people who feel it has helped improve mental clarity, memory and sleep, helped children focus and concentrate, decreased people’s stress, and decreased strain from exercise and over-exertion.

Nobody knows for sure what caused the Tunguska blast, and it remains one of the 20th century’s biggest scientific mysteries. The Tunguska explosion directs our attention to the powerful forces that have helped form the earth, and it causes us to ask questions about the nature of much larger cosmic events. It makes me wonder if this was some kind of divine intervention that gave us the gift of these healing herbs. The Tunguska blast, initially thought to be a force of destruction, has actually created a lush Garden of Eden, which yields plants that have amazing healing properties – now available to everyone.

To find out about Dr. Nick Hall’s future workshop in Minneapolis or to get more information about Tunguska Blast, contact Katelyn Mariah at 651.646.8306 or [email protected]. Visit Dr. Hall’s website at

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Katelyn Mariah, BFA, MA, was a psychologist for 26 years. She is a visionary artist, award-winning author and sound healer. She has a private practice empowering people in their health and wellness using art, sound and creativity. She has authored five books including Resilient Heart: A Women's Holistic Guide to a Healthy Heart, and Resilient Heart Art, featuring 32 paintings that Katelyn did while healing her heart. Her books are available at Katelyn can be reached at 651.955.3673.


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