Power Yoga: A Practice of Peace for the New Age


I am a child of the New Earth. There is no greater time than now to create lasting

The right usage of energy by a soul to create peace within – the by-product of enlightenment – is a process – as it is with a world that helps us create lasting peace.

The creation of peace that I will speak with you about refers to the city infrastructures – the community compositions – that will take all of us into the Light. Yoga is here to be a vehicle for change and everlasting peace.

For the sake of this discussion, I will limit this conversation to United States soil. I think it is most efficient to think globally and act locally.

I currently lead asana based on the traditions of Ashtanga and Bryan Kest (Power Yoga). I call Power Yoga the flower on the tree of Ashtanga, as its roots are in Ashtanga, but it is the delicate, mindful practice of "hard" yoga, which creates excellence and tone in the body, as well as power of mind for a gentler, more profoundly aware society.

Regardless of the practices that will lead us back to God within, as a whole, we must remember that it is this belief in pure potential within that has created anything that exists and that brings about our freedom to this day.

It is that remembrance that spawns the inspiration for courage in our world in the times ahead – a call to act and be courageously in the world. Being and creating. Living purely and wisely and deeply within the essence of who we are.

We must believe that we have everything in us to balance and harmonize the planet. To be the people of peace we need to be. To love ourselves unconditionally and to cultivate the inner resources necessary to enrich our lives forever, until we make our transition, and to know how to love and love much better.

We are children of a new creation that is completely our own. We need to take the reigns on every part of this society and make it well – like the healers we are or can be.

These are the days to be ourselves without fear. To own the authenticity we have and engage it. With focus.

Live the dream and vision of every ancestor that has ever existed or spoken, to any measure, of peace for his or her people and the planet upon which we stand.

Learn how to be in peace regardless of circumstance and exercise it.

Teach your children, and make way for their progress as beings of Light.

Live in the highest standards of excellence you can muster, established within, and as set forth by the living masters who have walked the earth before us. Let your prayers and scriptures become your New Year’s resolutions.

I am honored to be leading upon a spiritual path accessible to so many to make this impact.

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Amy Jin Schmelzer
Amy Jin Schmelzer is a Spiritual Leader, Ashtanga-based/Santa Monica Power Yoga Teacher, Leader, and Healer, whose life path includes Corporate Creative grooming, New Age Spiritual Writing and Speaking, along with the practice of the EMF Balancing Technique and Spiritual Illumination work for others, Modeling and "Talent" work, Enlightened Consulting, all of which now falls under the category of "Love Yoga: The Movement," a Love Offering-based Movement that may eventually have its own physical home, and which staunchly encourages the values and virtues of all traditions of honor that have ever existed, starting with one's self, offering an experience of universal tribe that neither homogenizes nor condones collective egoism. This is her 1st writing for The Edge after regular appearances in The Edge's Heartland Edition in Kansas City, as an "awakened Indigo/Crystal Child."


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