Time-tested Healing Technology: inspiring a Celebration of Physical, Mental Fitness


At Advanced Biomedical Technologies (ABT) La Fleur®, an elegantly stated health and fitness rehabilitation clinic located in Eagan, Minn., a briskly paced business day winds down on a Monday eve to make time for a celebration. What’s the nature of the celebration? Well, it’s not an "open house" in which an elite public gets invited to "dress up," sip champagne and pick up a pocketful of the company’s business cards. Rather, it’s an intimate gathering of kindred spirits (including the company’s family members, clients and health practitioners) who’ve come together to share their unbridled enthusiasm for a new, yet time-tested healing technology.

For those who pride themselves on using a "think outside the box" approach to physical and mental fitness, the meetings offer an opportunity to share the joys of what it’s like to be on the "giving" or "receiving" end of the technology. A local medical intuitive named Jean says: "As a recipient, I’ve experienced the power of having my brain turned back on, after an accident that sometimes left me feeling as though I had lost a few cerebral marbles. As someone who runs a health consulting practice, I’ve since become excited about recommending the technology to people of all ages. I’ve seen it help with all kinds of issues, from organ imbalances to injuries, to mental issues such as anxiety, depression, and even Alzheimer’s."

The technology is a winning combo of three computerized instruments referred to as the Acuoscope and the Myopluse (both pain management devices) and the Neuroscope 230 (a device used for treating conditions of anxiety). The sleek looking machines are made in three sizes and colors and come with various knobs and wires attached to them, which, along with the guts of the machine, are designed to electronically "read" and "measure" the body’s areas of injury and stress, while using the biofeedback received, to stimulate renewal, balance and regeneration of cells in those body parts, via the delivery of healing micro-currents.

The technology was developed by German-born Dr. Reinhold Voll more than 50 years ago, and he tested its effectiveness with many patients. Following that time, however, only a few doctors were trained to use the device, until the 1970s when the FDA approved it. It was then when Ed Loeffler,-CEO of ABT La Fleur began training health practitioners in the use of the devices.

I was about 65 percent physically functional when I met Ed, having been disabled for three years by a balance and vertigo disorder called Mal de Barquement. What Ed helped me to realize was that I could not heal from my condition until I rid my neck, arm and shoulder of extreme fibrosis (scar tissue) and increased the circulation to my head and vestibular system. And, though I never would have guessed that a technology (versus hand-on manipulation) could remedy a serious problem like mine, I’m happy to say that it did. In fact, it did for me what massage, chiropractic and other hands-on manipulation had previously failed to do.

The individuals who run the day-to-day affairs at ABT (not to mention the inspiring information gatherings) are genuinely committed to body-mind fitness. Mr. Loefller possesses not only a deep knowledge of how the human body functions and heals, he has the hands that guide the skilled use of his equipment and the heart that sustains healing. Just ask Suzanne Detlefsen (the company’s marketing director) if she agrees. After implementing the Acuscope to heal the internal and external wounds produced by a serious car wreck, she can’t help but inspire "team cheer" in all those who come through the door to find freedom from pain.

To learn more about the different, tailor-made treatment options available to you at Advanced Biomedical Technologies La Fleur, visit www.advbiomed.com, or call the clinic at 651.681.0918 to set up an appointment.

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