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Consider, in this moment, that children who seem to lack attention, or focus, or the ability to communicate or act compulsively actually are speaking volumes
about adults who are quick to label and judge but are unable to understand the consciousness of these children. That is the basis for a unique two-day workshop, "Conscious Kids – X Men," that will be presented June 3-4 in the Twin Cities by internationally known seminar leader Gary Douglas.

The event is intended for parents and others who work and live with children who have the so-called Attention Deficit Disorder, Attention Deficit with Hyperactivity Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or autism.

Douglas, 62, is the creator of Access, a transformational process that came to him nearly 20 years ago as a series of revelations and insights.

"I began channeling information," he said, "about points on the head that act like a computer bank for all our thoughts, feelings, emotions, considerations, attitudes, decisions – anything that we decided that was important at anytime in this life or any other lifetime. I felt that maybe this could be a class for massage therapists or bodyworkers. I came home and called four friends to come to a class on energy work. That was the first Access class.

"Since then, it’s been a co-creation with the more than 2,000 people who have come to the classes. The process keeps getting more simple and yet more powerful every time we conduct a workshop."

Douglas spoke to Edge Life about Access, and about the upcoming "Conscious Kids – X Men" workshop, by phone from Australia where he has been conducting leading seminars and programs on Access.

How would you summarize your personal mission in this lifetime?
Gary Douglas:
My mission would be: to bring consciousness to the planet and to as many people as can possibly have it; to facilitate the expansion of possibilities in life; to eliminate the limitations; to bust out of the matrix we’re functioning from; and to become more aware of all the different energies available to us.

What limits most of us from recognizing ourselves as infinite beings?
Mostly it’s the judgments that we’ve learned to make more real than our awareness, and the places in which people have been taught to not trust themselves. As near as I can see, people have been taught pretty early on to look for the answer from someone other than themselves and to not trust themselves – and to assume that there is a wrongness in their point of view and a rightness in somebody else’s. But wouldn’t an infinite being always have the answer, or at least the awareness?

What is the origin of the Access concepts?
The original information started coming through channeling that I did, and then later I started to understand that everyone has awarenesses. If we can tap into that awareness that each person has, the secret that they know that no one else has, then we all become more aware and more enlightened as the result of it.

Do you help people come to that awareness through speaking to them or through energy work or a combination of different modalities?
We deal with the energies in and out of people’s bodies and what creates the stuck position that keeps them from actually having the fluidity and capacity to shift their body with great ease and to shift their lives with great ease.

What you’re doing is almost like a conscious acupuncture work?
Yes, in some respect.

Getting the energy to flow through their bodies.
Yes, and to flow in their lives, as well. We have numerous tools and techniques and processes that will unlock the areas of their life in which they are feeling stuck, limited or can’t seem to change something.

What is meant by the phrase, "living as the question?"
Every time you come to a conclusion, a decision, a judgment or a conclusion, nothing that doesn’t match that decision, judgment or conclusion can even come into your awareness. So, if you start to live IN and AS the question, then you’re always in a state in which you can receive more information. One of the greatest difficulties in our society is that receiving is not a normal aspect of our lives. We either give all the time or we take all the time. Being able to receive from everything around us with great ease is not part of what we’re taught or part of the way we function. In truth, we should have access to the entirety of the information of the universe, if we were truly willing to receive it in totality.

As you were speaking, what came to mind was the natural world – animals and birds, for example – where it seems like receiving is a natural part of their lives.
Exactly, and it should be the same in our lives, but we don’t seem to function that way. We seem to try to find the right set of answers and come to the right conclusions so we can have the right answer for the right way to do things so that we can get our lives right. That’s not the way the rest of the world functions. They’re not looking for a right answer. They’re looking for, "Where do I need to be? Where do I need to go? Where is everything coming from? Where do I go next?" They function in concert with the energies around us. If the animals know that it’s going to be a bad year next year, they don’t have babies or they don’t have as many babies. But we, the smart, intelligent species on the planet, have babies regardless of how bad a year it’s going to be.

What’s the difference between how adults and children see the truth of who they are?
Children are more able to see it quickly and easily when they’re given the awareness that there’s a different possibility. I always let kids come to my classes for free because they get it easily, and they totally are validated by their knowing.

I’ve been working with children with ADD, ADHD, OCD and autism. Rather than these being disabilities, in truth they’re a level of mutation of the species to a higher level of abilities. I worked with a kid in Australia who communicated telepathically with his mother. He told her that he wanted juice and she said, "Oh, Simone, do you have any juice? I have some in the refrigerator there." The woman was already moving to the refrigerator. She opened the door and said, "Which of these do you want?"

I was aware that he wanted the orange, and he like got all frustrated and angry and then slammed at the orange box. He had told her telepathically that he wanted the orange, but she didn’t believe she could receive it that way. His brother was about five years older than he was.

I said to him, "You pick up when your brother thinks that stuff, don’t you?" And the kid looked all sheepish to me and he finally went, "Yeah, I do." He acknowledged that he was able to pick up the thoughts that his brother was projecting. I started to teach the mother how to project her point of view or her thoughts so that she would be able to create a greater and easier connection with her son – and it started working. He’s been doing a whole lot more communicating telepathically and she’s been communicating telepathically, as well. The young man has been having fewer "tantrums" that arise when he is frustrated, because he thinks others hear him and he doesn’t get that they don’t.

How long have you been working with autistic kids?
I’ve been working with autistic and all kids for about 15 years now.

Why are more children getting autism now?
As I said, I believe it’s a mutation of the species. It’s literally what if we are like when we are telepathic. Animals don’t have to speak in order to communicate. They know instantaneously. If a horse twitches an ear, the other horses move because they know the horse is telling them, "Get out of my space." All forms of pets and animals have their telepathic forms of communication.

Why don’t we, the humans, have that same kind of telepathic communication? We do, but we call it intuition or names other than actually communication. You’ve known sometimes when it was inappropriate to go in a certain direction and you thought, "No, that can’t be right." And then you went down there and found a traffic jam. If you’d gone the way you’d originally thought, there wouldn’t have been a traffic jam to deal with. Everywhere in our lives, we have these forms of communication that come to us. Well, these kids with ADD, ADHD, OCD and autism, are actually capable of communicating in this way.

I worked for two hours with a little girl who was diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and I told her mother, "She’s picking up thoughts, feelings and emotions of everybody around her – and these thoughts, feelings and emotions are not actually hers. The most important thing you can do is ask her what is she perceiving, not what is she feeling. Because every time you ask, "What are you feeling?" she literally taps into the feelings of all the people around her who are feeling anything. When you ask, "What are you perceiving?" then she can step outside of it and she doesn’t take it into her body and assume it’s hers.

The girl’s mother said, "Okay, yeah, yeah, yeah, sure." About two weeks later she called me up and said, "Gary, I thought you were completely full of shit when you said she could pick up other people’s thoughts. I was in the car with her yesterday and I was thinking, ‘God, I love this girl so much.’ And my daughter turned to me and said, ‘I love you, too, Mommy.’"

That’s what I was trying to explain to her. These kids have this ability to understand our thoughts. We assume that that’s not really possible, but what if it is not only possible, what if it is the place we need to be going that we’re not going?

So these children actually are leading a direction for all of us?
Yeah, I think they are. My business partner and I attended a special day for teachers with the special education department in Florida, and we presented to a classroom of 50 people for six hours. We spoke to a different set of people every hour for six hours, talking about these ideas and concepts with regard to how these kids actually function.

And the teachers said, "Oh, well that makes so much sense. That’s what I see all the time. Well, gee, why hasn’t somebody told us that before?" People who work with these kids know it’s true, because that’s what they see all the time, but there’s nobody talking about it.

I also did a presentation for psychologists in Dade County, and 47 percent of them said, "Wow, this is really interesting stuff" and 52 percent of them said, "Eh, bullshit. He has no credentials." I don’t have a Ph.D. I have a B.A. in Psychology. What I look at is how things are working and then I question. If this is what is occurring, what’s really going on here that I’m not looking at? We haven’t done clinical research, nor have we tried to prove the rightness of our point of view. We’ve only worked with people who are out there in the world with these problems with their kids, and we are able to show them how to make it work differently – and it is working.

You’re going to be presenting "Conscious Kids – X-Men" on June 3-4 in Minneapolis. Many of us have encountered conscious kids, but who are the X-Men?
Did you see the X-Men movie? It’s about kids who were mutations and the school for the kids who were mutants. It’s our perception that these conscious kids are the mutation of the species and we need to understand how they work, not try to make them work the way we work. We call it the X-Men class because these kids are not wrong or broken, they are different. If we look from the point of view of the difference instead of the wrongness, what could be created from that, as opposed to what we are currently creating?

We do the "Conscious Kids – X-Men" program in different locations in different cities where we are asked by parents who realize the necessity of it, and then they share the information they’ve gotten from us with other parents.

What cultural perceptions can be modified to give us a more true picture of who these children are?
The primary one is to realize that these kids have special abilities. Right now we assume that they are disabled in some way. By changing our perception, we can create a whole new possibility for these children. By doing so, perhaps we can learn something we really need to know, but don’t know now.

Are there specific communication tools required for the different groups of kids that you’ve mentioned; the ADD, ADHD the OCD and the autistic child?
Some things apply across the board, and then there are other things that are specific to those kids. For instance, the autistic child has a level of sensitivity where the amount of information they can receive almost overwhelms them, so they tend to withdraw from the world. They don’t understand why you don’t understand what they’re thinking at you.

The OCD child will tend to pick up information anywhere from 8 to 800 miles in all directions around them, and they can’t discriminate between what are their thoughts, feelings or emotions and other people’s thoughts, feelings and emotions. There are techniques to help them change that perception and to recognize that just because they’re receiving it does not mean it is theirs.

Kids with ADHD have a tendency to worry and fixate on emotional things. It’s important to show them how the emotions are not theirs and how they don’t have to feel the emotion as much. And with some of our tools, we have helped the ADD kids. I’ve taken kids in half an hour and increased their ability to focus by about 40 percent after one half hour.

Specific techniques can help each one of these groups of kids have an easier life, allowing their parents to function with greater ease in every aspect, as well. That’s really why we do the classes: to give parents the tools that nobody else is talking about, tools that will work if they use them. We’re not trying to prove we’re right. We’re sharing tools that may work for them. If it works, it’s valuable; if it’s not, don’t do it.

Do you anticipate at some point that this will become a topic that is addressed by the general public?
I believe so. We’ve been starting what we call The Access True Knowledge Foundation to get grants and money to create schools in which these techniques will be applied to help the kids.

What questions are you now asking with regard to Conscious Kids and X-Men?
For me, it’s always a question of what else can I look at, what else can I perceive in a different way, and what additional things can they teach me that I’m not aware of? My point of view is these children understand where they are better than we do. We seem to think they should be at a certain place. That’s not my perspective. I ask, what about their place do I not understand? And what else can I change in my own point of view that will facilitate them and make their lives easier?

Any final thoughts?
Just come with a questioning mind, and don’t buy my point of view. Question everything, and if you’re skeptical, good choice.

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