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A gathering of like hearted is scheduled for Saturday, May 17. This event is sponsored for those who resonate to the information and are subsequently drawn to the You are invited to this gathering if the Event Temples material [] attracts your curiosity in learning more in creating a connection to the energetic level which exist in this and various dimensions of reality. The gathering is as a coherent community that has been informed and formed via the internet. Because all of us are unable to gather as a community at the same time, let’s merge for a brief time to share information illustrating that there is an energetic reality which shapes us, supports us and connects us.

The purpose of the Event Temples information is to acquaint people with their innermost levels of their personal self and how we are connected to a much larger vision.

As John Berges writes in the e-book, When-Which-How Practice: A Guide for Everyday Use: "Our skin is not the boundary of ourselves. The space between us is precisely what connects us, and as we move into the next dimension of our selfhood we earn the opportunity to experience a new transparency into wholeness and a new accessibility to our heart’s intuitive guidance."

The material examines a process of exercising emotional self-mastery. This is best realized when each individual lives from their heart. A process is offered whereby persons express the six heart virtues as James has described – appreciation, forgiveness, humility, understanding, valor and compassion. (James is considered to be the author of the three websites: Wingmakers, Lyricus, and Event Temples.) Emotional self-mastery is realized with the virtues being integrated energetically, emotionally and physically and are expressed through behavior.

According to the Lyricus Teachings, the virtues are core behaviors which, when expressed in clusters and/or sequences, have a positive psychological impact on ourselves and others. With increasingly frequent use of the practice, over time, our awareness manifests in resilience and emotional strength.

Quoting from James: "The ability to express the six heart virtues and live within a virtuous instead of a vicious cycle is emotional self-mastery. The ability to sustain a virtuous cycle through the energetic and behavioral expressions of the six heart virtues is tantamount to empowerment."

On May 17, the practice and understanding of the discipline will be presented, applied and demonstrated. We will be focusing our attention on material offered through the Event The e-paper Living From the Heart and e-book When-Which-How Practice, will provide the format of our discussion. Registrants are asked to download this information and bring copies with them. There is no charge for this material. If the participants don’t have the means to obtain copies, they would need to make arrangements at the time of making their registration for the Gathering of Like Hearted.

Some may consider Wingmakers, Lyricus or Event Temples information to be remote and not easily identifiable. To those who have yet to become acquainted, I would suggest accessing the websites to learn about them.

Divine hyperspace

Ten years ago an acquaintance asked if I had heard about Wingmakers. The Wingmakers material was on the internet attracting a worldwide audience. I located the information and several years later I came upon the related Lyricus Teaching Order. I found the information stimulating to my curiosity and broadened the scope and realm of possibilities for self-discovery. I read the material, downloaded e-papers, obtained copies of the poetry and paintings along with their music on CDs and registered to receive their latest releases of information. I have had discussions with some acquaintances, as well as myself, wondering about the material’s efficacy. I wondered, yet I continued to be drawn toward it. My curiosity was engaged. I learned of my vastness – catching a glimpse of my presence in parallel universes and claiming placement in Divine Hyperspace.

In my wonderment I turned to current writers of science. I picked up current bestselling books about superstring theory, space/time and the nature of reality. I re-read The Keys of Enoch, going through and underlining the Urantia Book, finding consolation in the Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East and ancient alternative scriptures. I found similar threads of understandings in the discovery of self-realization. My mind does not grasp the entirety of the merging of science and spirituality, but my heart resonates and continues to wheel toward this perception. It is a matter of the heart.

With this gathering, there are faces, names, discussion and acquaintances allowing us to synergize the information more easily. This Gathering of the Like Hearted is a step in creating connections. This is an opportunity to create community, learning of our capacity for emotional maturity and self-mastery through the material offered in the e-paper Living From the Heart. We will learn that this practice is something we can do and be a part of every day.

In an effort to maintain the connections made on May 17, I will facilitate biweekly small group gatherings where the practice is discussed. For those people who live out of state, in the spirit of community, a private forum on the internet will allow private access for dialogue and discussion. Location, time/date and schedules of small groups as well as passwords for the private forum will be made available on Saturday.

The Gathering of the Like Hearted take place at the main lodge at Camp Sacajawea in Lebanon Hills Regional Park, 5121 McAndrews Road, Apple Valley, MN 55124. Registration begins at 9 a.m. The day ends at 5:30 p.m. with the small group assignments. There is no fee for this day retreat; a love offering or donation will be accepted to help with the rental of Camp Sacajawea Lodge, but it is not required. Please request registration forms and additional information at In the event you do not have access to e-mail, contact Karen Christensen at 651.341.8548 for a registration form.

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Karen Christensen, MS, LicSW, and Transpersonal Guidance & Counseling assists people in their re-discovery of personal identification. She and her clients ask the question: What does it means to be living at this time of incredible uncertainty? How can I become disengaged from earth changes, yet live in them? Karen designs a process of personal quest development, and she facilitates personal self-guidance by balancing personal energy with meditation and trance work. Contact her at 651.341.8548 or visit Copyright © 2008 Karen Christensen. All Rights Reserved.



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