My Yoga Experience


Last fall I went to a Bikram Yoga retreat for a long weekend. On Saturday night after dinner, people got up to describe how yoga changed their lives. I was stunned. People went from suicidal to happy, energetic, full-of-life people. Yoga had carried some through cancer, accidents, and other life traumas.

I just didn’t have anything that would begin to compare. However, slowly and surely the benefits of my four-year yoga practice begin to make themselves known to me. I just wasn’t aware of them at the time.

For instance, during one posture, the instructor said, "This is especially beneficial to those with shoulder problems." I thought – oh yes, that’s me. But then…wait a minute…I don’t have any shoulder problems anymore! Nor do I have lower back issues anymore. I am far more patient, far more tolerant and far more calm.

At the same time I am far more eager to learn all I can about Yoga and its benefits, especially spiritually. I have become an avid student of life and its mysteries, and I love it. And there are more added benefits: my relationships have improved, I eat better, I’m happier, menopause was a cinch, and even my sex life improved. Details (not) to follow!

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Patrice Papke
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