Pathways to your Heart and Mind


I suspect that by now most people know directly or are aware of the tangible physical health benefits of yoga, karate and other forms of movement arts. However, I believe that many people, including some practitioners, are largely unaware of how subtly and powerfully they can affect us at the fundamental levels of our Being.

Through time and with careful attention, these forms become naturally flowing channels of movement and energy uncluttered by unconscious patterns. They come to have tremendous ripples of effect on the inner and outer relationships of everyone who directs enough energy through them. I join a continuously growing number of people who recognize that meditation and movement arts foster deep body and mind awareness, and thus they are often our most open and receptive portals, our truest pathways into each blossoming moment through the vehicles of balanced, healthy and flowing mind-body breath.

I have referred to the individual benefits of these movement arts, but I have not, as I believe many others have not, spoken about the collective benefits of yoga, karate, meditation and all other forms that facilitate the development of body and mind awareness. Practitioners may gradually become more conscious of their body and mind in how they navigate through and relate to this world; thus, they become more open and balanced internally and externally throughout their development. As society is only a reflection of all of us interacting, it follows that the action of deeply aware individuals relating more authentically naturally entails more balanced and better integrated patterns of being as we create and sustain our societies. This deepening of consciousness manifests in everything we do and, when enough people engage like this, we change our world together.

These possibilities of individual and collective change are a wonderful illustration of how the inner world is the outer and vice versa.

A friend and I recently were discussing the positive changes we wanted to see occur in our world and how we might specifically help in bringing them about. I can certainly sympathize with the frustration she was expressing at the time, but I urged patience. I asked her to recognize what I mentioned above: inner development affects all of our relationships within ourselves and with all others, and this is where we all must start.

The inner movement is the outer, the outer is the inner and one cannot but follow the other within the endless succession of each moment unfolding. By being connected deeply within our own mind-body, we are able to relate more deeply and authentically with others and so we live more fully with an easy flow that naturally creates the positive changes we want to see in this world. Without peace in ourselves, without love and understanding for others, how can we ever create peace and love in our world?

The pathways through your body to your heart and mind are the doorways to a healthy and positive future for all.

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Jesse Chambers is 26 years old and has been living in the Twin Cities for almost two years. Jesse trained in Shotokan karate for over six years and during that time participated in local and national competitions, taught youth lessons and participated in a Junior USA Team Training program. Jesse, a local student majoring in philosophy, recently began practicing Svaroopa yoga at Highland Yoga Center and just started a fine photography business, Evolution Images. Copyright © 2008 Jesse Chambers. All Rights Reserved.



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