Rules for the Journey


In a few days I will be leaving on a trip to Greece. I am leading a mystical
journey with a group of 27 spiritual seekers. It promises to be exciting and
magical, and I am both excited and a little nervous.

I am always slightly unsettled before I leave on a trip, especially when I am acting as a leader. After all, there are a hundred details to take care of and, on a journey such as this one, there will always be magical and unpredictable events for which I can’t prepare.

There, in a nut shell, is the root of my apprehension. After all, I am a psychic. Shouldn’t I know what is going to happen?

It is a paradox of our species, I think. We want to know what is going to happen and, if at all possible, control the outcome. Yet we also want spontaneous, magical and unexpected experiences. Actually, the craving for those experiences is the primary reason people go on mystical journeys.

I have been doing intuitive work for many years and have done thousands of readings. In the last year or so I have noticed a definite increase in my clients’ (and my own) apprehension and anticipation levels. It is as if the human species is collectively holding its breath. We know something is about to happen but we aren’t sure what. Just as I feel before a trip, as a collective we want to predict and control it (whatever it is). But, we also want to experience a magical and unpredictable event.

We are all part of a collective consciousness that knows something big is about to happen. It has been predicted and anticipated for millennia. Still, no one really knows what it is going to be. This is causing substantial anxiety in our society. It is, I think, a large part of the financial uncertainties that are dogging us right now. At least until 2012, that feeling is likely to increase.

I have no idea what is going to happen in 2012. Something will, certainly, as every year has its share of happenings. The feeling I get when thinking of 2012 is similar to how I feel before leaving on a trip. I know something will happen, I prepare as best as I can, and then I sit back and enjoy all the synchronistic, unexpected and magical experiences.

I have led many trips in the last couple of decades. When I talk to participants years later, they tell me that their favorite memories stem not from the planned ceremonies or the scheduled excursions. Their most vivid and treasured times were often simple spontaneous conversations or synchronistic meetings.

I think that is a good thing to remember when we feel anxiety about the future. The best, most memorable experiences are likely to be spontaneous and unplanned. No one can tell us what 2012 will bring. Our collective anxiety is causing all sorts of havoc on the stock market and our bodies, but it isn’t getting us any closer to predicting the future, much less controlling it.

I travel a lot. Over the years I have developed some pretty good rules for traveling. I think they apply rather well for life in the upcoming years also. They are:

  • Never carry anything you can’t afford to lose.
  • Eat when you can, sleep when
    you can, drink when you can, and pee when you can.
  • Remember: it is a privilege to be here.

And, stay flexible. The most fun is found when you least expect it. Enjoy your journeys, wherever they may take you!

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