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In a groundbreaking new forum in the Twin Cities, the Conscious Kids Expo presented
by Whispers of Spirit on Sunday, May 18, at Ramada Mall of America, author, columnist
and speaker Meg Blackburn Losey, Ph.D., will present a keynote address on "The Children of Now," exploring the highly intuitive gifts of children who are now inhabiting our planet. Losey’s two most recent books – The Children of Now, and Conversations with the Children of Now – not only unveil the mysteries behind why adults are grappling to educate and understand the challenges of children today, but reveal the innermost sense of who these children are.

Dr. Losey will speak from 12:15 to 1:45 p.m. at the expo, with a booksigning to follow. She also will participate in a panel discussion during the Conscious Kids Expo.

She spoke with Edge Life about the multidimensional reality of children today and about what to expect from her keynote talk at Conscious Kids Expo.

For those who are unaware of the gifts of these children, will you give us a brief overview of how transformation children today truly are?
Sure, there’s really several different categories, although I don’t like to pigeonhole children. When I use these names, it’s just for communication purposes.

There are the Crystalline children, who are some of the younger bunch. They started to be born around 1997. A few came in before that, and they’re still being born. The Crystalline children have energy fields that actually started out with a full spectrum of colors, more in the jewel tones, but as more and more of them come in, they’re coming lighter and lighter, which is why there are several different names: Rainbow Children, Crystalline children. Some of them have shifted to an all-white energy field. These kids are very, very, very sensitive to environment, to how people feel, to what people really mean. They don’t like conflict at all, and they always want to resolve it. They’re all about love. They’re just full of heart. They’re intuitive. A lot of them can speak telepathically, if other people can hear them, and they’re natural healers. If somebody’s hurt, they’ll go put their hands on them and people will say they feel better. They have a real command of subtle energies, which is fascinating.

The Star Kids are different. They’re more technologically oriented. When they get older, they’re going to be inventing technologies to help turn the condition of the planet around. They’re also very, very sensitive intuitively. They can also be telepathic. They often have dreams that very much resemble people’s descriptions of UFO abductions, and they also have a tendency to be natural healers. They often will blow out electronics. They mess up computers just by being in a room. They can blow light bulbs. If they walk under a streetlight, the streetlight will go off until they pass. They have really big energy fields.

When did Star children start coming onto the planet?
This has been a long process. A lot of adults are what we call Star Seeds.
They’re the predecessors, the bridges, to the Star kids’ generation.

Most of the Star kids who are really obvious in this phenomenon are around 11 to 15 years old, perhaps a little bit older. They’re real technological, real brainy kids.

The Transitional Kids are in their late teens, early twenties. They came in after the Indigo kids and before the Crystallines. They have some Indigo tendencies, and some Crystalline tendencies, but they really don’t have a full set of those particular energies, so to speak. So you’ve got kids who are pretty much normal teenagers, but yet they have extreme sensitivities and even some giftedness in different ways, such as a sensitive intuition. Some of them see spirit people. They feel very different, very set aside, and they often have a really, really low self-esteem, so they start getting into drugs, alcohol, self-abuse of all different natures. There are suicides in this group, because they just don’t seem to get what they need. Normal allopathic medical treatment just doesn’t help these kids, because that’s not what’s wrong with them. They really need to be supported and taught good communication skills. They also need to be aware of what feelings are theirs and what they’re picking up around them. They have a tendency to be very empathic.

There’s one other group that is really my favorite, just because of all of the challenges they face, and they are who I call The Beautiful Silent Ones. There is a group of kids that are in their puberty age right now, early teens, and for some reason or another they have either been born with or shortly after they were born come down with physical anomalies that have left them unable to speak and often profoundly physically disabled – and yet this group of kids are extremely gifted. They just radiate love. You get around them and you just feel good, and their gifts of telepathy are profound.

One young fellow in California actually makes things happen all over the world. He’s connecting people telepathically and networking people, and it’s pretty amazing.

Now, ADD (Attention-Deficit Disorder) and ADHD (Attention-Deficit/Hyperactive Disorder) are prevalent now, and truly this is not a physical problem or even a behavioral problem. These kids don’t think the way that previous generations did. Most of us tend to think in a linear fashion: A + B = C. The kids that we’re talking about right now go from A to S to T to I to R and then to Z, all at the same time. They think compartmentally. They actually file their thoughts in little small fractals and are able to pull things together like out of a hat. They’re easily bored, because the school systems are based on a 100-year-old curriculum. It doesn’t work anymore. Instead of changing the curriculum, the school systems are requiring that a lot of these kids be drugged. All it does is numb these kids. It doesn’t change who they are, and, in fact, it causes them depression and other side effects, because the drugs they’re being given are not made for children, but for adults.

The school curriculum needs to be changed to give kids an arena of education where they can multitask – of course with boundaries and some deadlines. These kids tend to want to flit all around, because they’re sentient – they pick up everything with their whole body, not just their brain, energetically. If you give a kid like that an environment where they’re able to do it at their own pace, you will find that they’re stellar. If you stop and talk to these kids, what you find out is that they’ve heard and not missed everything in the entire day.

Autism is another situation. I’m seeing more and more that it’s directly related to the vaccines that a lot of these kids were given early on. Until just a few years ago, they started refining the vaccines to a point where some of the chemicals and heavy metals that were used as fillers are not in them, but they’re still sending these tainted vaccines to third world countries, which I think is horrible.

The medical establishment is not considering the fact that we are not just electrical with our nervous system, but we have electromagnetic fields of energy that are harmonically related all throughout our body. There are different frequencies throughout our bodies. A lot of these vaccines – and also heavy metals in our environment – get into these kids when they’re small and change the electromagnetic relationships in their bodies. Some kids are just hypersensitive to that. When that occurs, it expands the electromagnetic field to a point where the consciousness is not fully functional. Our consciousness and our thinking self are not the same thing. As a result, we’re seeing all degrees of what is now being called autism, which in my opinion is epidemic. It’s just mind-boggling the damage that’s been done to these kids.

Some of these autistic children with whom I have worked have commented telepathically that they’re here to affect everyone around them in a different way. Something as profound as autism changes how families and communities see things and how they do things.

How many children on the planet have these special gifts, compared to those who do not?
My estimate, and it’s only an estimate, and I think it’s low, is that at least 20 percent of the global population has these gifts, and it’s not limited to the U.S. I’m seeing it globally. This is an evolution of humanity. It’s an evolution of consciousness.

I’ve heard of the super-psychic children in China. Are they similar to what you’re talking about?
Yes, and fortunately those children are fairly normal in presentation physically, and yet they realize how to use their consciousness and just tap into the universal mind, so to speak.

How did you get interested in this phenomenon of the new children?
My granddaughter had a lot of the Crystalline tendencies, and when she was born I literally watched her try to lift out of her body and how frustrated she would get, because she was so limited. I thought it was kind of funny at first, and then I realized that she’s telepathic and she sees angels.

I have a healing practice, and I started to work with more and more families and their children for various things. I started to see a trend, and then that trend divided up into what I now use as languaging for the different types of kids. At the same time, while all of that was happening, I was preparing to present at a conference in Spokane (Wash.) that I usually went to every year.

I wanted to talk about something different. I heard, "Speak of the children." And I told myself that I don’t know enough about these kids to present to a large audience.

"Speak of the children" came to me three times – and I never question it if I hear something three times. So I went to the conference and stood before this audience and said, "I have to make a confession. I have no idea what I’m about to say to you, so we’re going to learn together." That two-hour lecture ended up going for an extra hour in the hallway, because so much information came out and I had really learned a lot.

Then, after about ten years of working with these kids and their families, I started getting telepathic messages that would wake me up at night and interrupt me when I was working. I even began to see orbs. The whole thing was just crazy.

One day I finally said, "If you guys are real, start showing up in third-dimensional reality so I can validate that what’s going on is going on." A couple weeks later the phone rang and it was a really nice lady who started laughing. She said, "Well, I have to confess that this session isn’t for me, it’s for my son. He told me to call you."

I said, "No."

She said, "Yes, and he can’t speak."

It was quite a bit of work for him to get his mom to call me. He pulled up my website and told her to call me.

I said, "Oh, my God. I wonder if he’s been talking to me."

And she said, "Oh, yeah. He said he has been for a couple of months now."

Oh my God!

A little while later, I went to a conference in Scottsdale, Ariz. I had my back to the aisle as the different lecturers were switching out of a room, and I heard, "Hi, I made it!"

I turned around and there was a beautiful young lady in a wheelchair, paraplegic, couldn’t speak, and yet she’s talking to me. Her mother was there, and she said, "Oh, yes. She said she’s been talking to you for months."

Five or six other children showed up, and I finally realized that this was a real thing. I had no way of knowing these people. Fortunately, all of these children have great parents who do their best to hear their children. That experience led me to call these children The Beautiful Silent Ones. That’s how I became involved with that. They find me everywhere.

Did those experiences change the path of where you thought you were going in terms of what you were doing?
Yes, because I never considered myself an expert on children. I love them, but I never planned to do this. But when I heard, "Speak of the children," I knew something major was about to happen. After I started to realize that these children were talking to me, I was on a seven-week tour at the time and on every single plane, I was surrounded by kids – not just one or two, but whole groups of them on field trips. They would pour their hearts out to me. I just laughed a lot, and I said, "I didn’t choose this; I’m being carried. When I see how much good it does to bring social awareness to something that is so subtle, and in a lot of cases so very different, I feel so good about it. It has become a quest at this point.

What are the children telling us about what they need from adults at this time to make the most of the gifts that they share with us?
They want to be heard. They want to remind us that we are love. We’ve forgotten. We’re so busy being responsible and caught up in a fast-paced world that we’re not really aware of the finer aspects of being, of living. They want to remind us why we need to care for each other and why we need to work as a whole world, rather than a whole bunch of factions with country names. They want to bring technologies to us that we’re not using. And the Star kids are very Earth conscious.

In terms of climate change and global warming?
All of it, what we’re doing to the Earth. They can feel it, and a lot of them can communicate with it. They say it’s toxic and we’re hurting ourselves, because we’re killing our environment.

These children need to be told the truth. We often don’t tell our kids things, or as we walk through the room, we just say what we think they want to hear. That doesn’t work anymore. We need to communicate directly and honestly with our kids, because they know the difference and they know when we’re telling the truth.

What is your favorite experience during the creation of your new book Conversations with the Children of Now?
Oh, my God! My favorite experience was my process of emailing these children. I queried a lot of them via e-mail because they were living all over the country. I loved it when all of their responses started coming in, because of the depth of their feeling and the power of their words. I laughed, I cried, I shook my head a lot, and I nodded a lot. I was so grateful that they were open enough to talk with me and share themselves with the world. The best part was to be a catalyst for them, for that book.

What promising developments have you seen in society that gives you hope that people are taking notice of the needs of these children?
Oh, it’s wonderful. I’m hearing from teachers, from doctors, from psychologists, from psychiatrists – all mainstream people. I’m really excited to see that they’re listening. I hear from a lot of them.

I worked with a family of three children who were all medicated. Now that they’re off the medication, they’re just soaring. A psychiatrist is so just stunned by their progress that she’s coming to my class to see what I’m doing. I get a lot of that. Mainstream doctors attend my classes. I’m also noticing a lot of grassroots schools popping up, people who are trying to create the environments that the kids need.

I want to start networking families and kids and help them in a variety of ways. I see that people are really wanting to make a difference. Society is beginning to realize that something needs to change.

How does the transformation of adults at this time relate to the growth of the children?
A lot of adults have been bridges to this new generation. Many of us have stepped into our giftedness and accepted ourselves just the way we are. That’s a real healthy thing to do, and more and more people have said, "The world isn’t working the way I’m living in it. I need to change." And they’re really seeking more from a spiritual perspective.

As more adults become healed and stop being afraid, and start living their lives and doing it from a more joyful and healthy perspective, many others will spontaneously begin to do the same. This will create a generation of healthier adults who will raise these kids more responsibly.

Keep in mind that this is a two-fold focus: the gifts of the children, and the responsibility of adults to care for the kids. This is a wake-up call to pay attention and stop lying to ourselves, to be in integrity with ourselves regarding what we say to ourselves and what say out in the world. If we’re not in integrity with ourself and honest about what we’re afraid of and why we’re really doing what we’re doing, we’re not doing much good to anybody.

What overall message will you convey during your talk at the Conscious Kids Expo?
That all children are special. It’s not just about these kids, it’s about all of them.

We must stop looking at these gifted kids as different or broken, because they’re not. They’re just differently abled. It’s a part of evolution, where humanity is going if we’re going to survive. We need to nurture these children. We need to tell them the truth. We need to get them what they need. And we need to change our social structure in a way so children are honored and, at the same time, not put on pedestals or turned into circus acts but allowed to be who they are.

If you could share one idea with everyone on the planet right now at this time, what would it be?
Use everyone you meet as a mirror, because in everyone is part of us. We have to stop hating each other. We have to stop thinking about each other as different, or whether we believe the same things or not. We’re really all trying to go to the same place, so let’s work together and create a world that sustains everyone – and let’s do it well.

How are you planning to continue your exploration of the Children of Now?
I’m going to let the children show me that. I’m not really sure, except that I want to set up a global network. It is important to start linking people so they can help each other. It’s not so much about writing the books. It’s about walking the talk, acting on what I’m talking about.

For more information on Dr. Meg Blackburn Losey, please visit or email [email protected]. For details on the Conscious Kids Expo, go to or call 651.330.9031.

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