Nepalese Shamanism: Ceremony and Initiation with Bhola Banstola


wed this!Bhola Nath Banstola will present an experiential two-day workshop on June 20-21 at The Center for Spiritual Development in Minneapolis, 323 W. 48th St. S., Minneapolis. It is devoted to the healing of oneself – both in its own right and as a foundation for doing healing work for others. An introduction of traditional Nepali shamanic healing systems and practices will be followed by a technique for inducing the shamanic trance.

The Nepali tradition is animistic and polydiestic, embracing the spiritual
life in all natural phenomena. Shamanic journeys will be followed by sharing,
group shamanic dance hand-in-hand and discussions on disease and healing levels.
The group will conduct a healing ceremony in circle transferring the spiritual,
emotional and physical obstacles and hindrances into a shamanic mandala. There
will be seven levels of cleansing, transferring and transmuting unbeneficial
energies and two levels of thanksgiving to the spiritual guides and ancestral
spirits – and the group will sing, blessing every living and non-living being
of this and other universes.

Participants will receive a sacred mantra to be
used in doing healing work, prayer, meditation and when calling on the deities
as a part of this beginning initiation which will then be followed by group
drumming, dancing and thanksgiving songs. A working knowledge of shamanic journeying
is a prerequisite. Banstola is also bringing a number of sacred objects from
Nepal and India to sell.

Call Lena Swanson at 651.206.0644 or visit
for more information on the event, or for information on shamanic journeying

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