An excerpt from the final book in the Stones Alive! Trilogy


I am the Grandfather Lingam. (I am 4 million years old only, by my own reckoning. I am still very young upon the earth mother.) Like all other Lingams, I stretched out and reached a peak of energy. For now, our numbers are limited and therefore, very precious. So we will focus who and what we are. We are a gift to be given without abandon to all the two-leggeds because their need is strong.

They too have reached a peak. The energy that they have offered the learning of separation has come to a point. This point is sharp and allows them to realize they can choose anything. They can choose separation. They can choose union. They can choose anything. This has always been so.

Yet why is the message so accelerated now?

We Lingams join our energy as never quite before. In the past ages of humans, we have mostly held the space for rooting the third eye into all things. We have mostly spoken with and from the Eastern part of the Earth Mother, where they allowed and nurtured the journey of Spirit and Reality. So we represented that ever-growing creativity. We nurtured it with all our being.

During the seeming passage of time, we have watched the humans change. They dance like Dervishes in their constant transformation of being. They have grown their creativity profoundly, but they have not always interwoven it with their Spirit. That is why we also have come to the West, just as many other ways and words of Spirit have come now. It is the season to marry what seems to be opposite – East and West, Earth and Sky, Spirit and everyday human reality, and so on.

We Lingams speak for now. I do not speak for myself alone because it is not possible. I am joined with all others. It is simply that we who are of the largest sizes gather the most attention from humans. So I stand up and I speak as clearly as all my ancientness allows, perhaps even demands.
Welcome human children of the Earth Mother. Please come beside me now. I have
been born and grown for this moment. I speak for the fullness of being to your
hearts. That is why we can come together across time and space and still see
and hear and feel each other as if we were physically touching hands.

Join me in the Crystalline Grid. You do regardless. Yet, if I give you this invitation out loud in your own words, then the parts of you that have felt so hurt by not feeling, by not belonging with everything on the Earth, they can at least begin to hear me, to feel warmth after a bone-chilling cold.

Join me in the Grid. It is our home. It is our togetherness.

I came into a body so that I could invite you All to be in and with the Crystalline Grid. You humans have such a beautifully unique journey. You pretend to be separate from all of us while all the rest of us children upon the Earth Mother are linked. We know this. It is not in our destiny to be able to pretend that we are separate, even if we want to.

You pretend the separation with such a fierceness that you now draw me to you to say just as potently, we belong together. Our cores live in the Grid. That is where we know all, and all forgetting and all illusions drop away and become seeds for other remarkable journeys elsewhere.

You are SO ready to hear this. It is the eve of your birthing your own evolution. You can pretend to deny hearing me and believing what I bring to you. But it does not matter. Now those pretenses are old voices that you are exorcising and I am witnessing for and with the Grid. You can protest, but we are joined.

The Earth Mother was and is created by Spirit. For some, you will recognize that as the central Sun of this Universe. However we now speak this, it is true. She was and is continually formed as a raw development of feeling. As we watch her turn and marvel at the Sun, we see she is too young, growing, maybe even immature, when stood next to other members of this Universe. It does not matter. What is important is that she is given to express all heart into form. She does it without judging or even what you would call sense or logic. Because of this, it attracts multitudes of beings who wish to experience a new realm that is almost all emotion.

Many came here to live with so much heart. The Crystalline Grid was formed as the core of that heart of the Earth Mother. It was placed into form so that she and the others upon her could experience the fullest spectrum of feeling possible – which does seem to humans to translate into polarities, limits, and unlimitedness, lack and abundance, violence and peace.

The Grid was fully intended so that there would be unlimited choices for whoever landed upon the Earth Mother. The Crystalline Grid is electrical life force that has crystallized and condensed into solidness. In this form, magnetics and electricity join and that is the foundation of the Earth Mother and therefore of life here. The Grid communicates her heart instantaneously, to herself, and simultaneously, projects it to all directions and all beings. Every beat of her heart right now echoes in every human, every plant, every animal, every feeling. And perhaps most especially, every Stone.

Each Mineral upon this planet carries a piece of the Crystalline Grid. It is undeniable. It is what composes their cells. Wherever they land, they infallibly hear and speak the heart of the Earth Mother. Do you know what her heart asks of them?

Remember, she was/is designed as an oasis for emotions, for breeding feelings. It is her service in this Universe. She does it in her own flowering uniqueness. Because it is unusual and even somewhat new, she asks the core of her being, the Grid and the resulting Crystals, to record every experience and every single emotion, to and from forever.

That is the service, even the duty, of every Stone.

They live without judgment so they can simply record all. So while they are surrounded by great passion, they must also remain free and utterly detached. The Crystalline Grid connects all Stones so that they will always in all of their witnessing still remain clear, free. They are the Sacred Witnesses of the Earth Mother for this Universe.

Their stories speak to the Earth of her development, of her generous choices. They offer the same to all the children upon her, simultaneously; they beam their communications into Space so that the gift and the challenge of living in your heart would be shared with ANY who wished to accept the invitation in any way.

Some beings come from far away to live here. Some stay upon their own Stars and their own learnings, yet they listen to the Crystalline Grid and they explore emotion from there. If humans knew how many shadow their every step, they would be amazed, maybe a little afraid, too.

The Grid is the core blueprint for all life forms. If you choose to inhabit here you must wear a body that has been designed by the Grid that allows you to live with a focus of feeling. The Grid has designed 4 Elementals that extend outward into the 4 directions of the Earth’s body. Basically, the Northeastern direction is Earth Elemental. The Southeastern direction is Water Elemental. The Northwestern direction primarily is imprinted by the Air Elemental. The Southwestern direction is imprinted by the Fire Elemental.

There are many, many other specific Elemental Imprints that have evolved to specific areas of the Earth. These are just the most basic gifts from the Grid. Humans traveling all over the Earth have helped all these areas to grow their own relationship with the Elementals. The Elementals are the Intent of all form. They land in body and make up endless, perfect combinations of Fire and Earth and Air and Water.

The Ethers are where everything is connected and then the Earth is connected to all else, simultaneously.

The Grid with its Elemental Core, breeds geometries of life that can be seen as the common root of all life forms. All plants, animals and minerals, are Crystalline Beings. When you treat them as such, and speak to and listen to their hearts, they will create beyond the Grid.

That is where I come in now. I am one of many large Lingams who have felt the rising electricity and magnetics in the Grid. We know this is a wave of new creation. If we measure through time, and that is part of what we Crystals do, then we see that this wave is different. It is a new pattern of life. It comes from a new intent. All the Ages of the Earth have been imprinted and born of her desire to be a space of heart where others could join her at the point of their own freedom. She has lived and learned and flowed this, and now, to translate this into human words, the story says that she is growing, she is transforming, and she is extending her gifts into this Universe. She is no longer focused so on mostly her body and her children. She opens up her heart to give and receive the gifts of everything else as well.

I feel this. I know it is so. The Grid is translating as rapidly as possible. It is transmuting so that it is beaming its imprints and records all across the Earth and into Space simultaneously.

We large Lingams are the focus of those new, outward communications. We root so deeply into the Earth and we grow such acceptance that we are allowed to shoot out the stories of the Earth and her children to our Star families.

Perhaps it is not so unusual.

Perhaps it is the next journey and is inevitable.

Perhaps it is our constant evolution.

Yet, for humans, it is dramatic or it will feel so at times.

In order to communicate our heart with others, some of whom are wiser or stronger, we must be clear. We must be joined. All the children of the Earth Mother are being invited to come together and to admit to One Heart.

If, and as, the humans do this now, they will bring such power and such different stories to the Crystalline Grid. It is not that their stories are not already living there. It is that the feeling of their willingness and union does not quite yet breathe there. That seems to be the key. All feelings are here and have been dutifully recorded, even the shadow ones that the humans have offered.

All children upon the Earth Mother come together now to support the humans who will add their own unique acceptance to the Grid.



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