An Overnight Evolution


Tohmas and Marilyn Twintrees, spirit storytellers and authors of Stones Alive! 3: Translating the Crystalline Grid, the new third book in a series, are known for listening to the devas, the little people, the fairies and even the intelligence grounded in rocks. In communication with the stones, they have been told to focus on the Shiva Lingam stones, sacred icons from India described as symbols of the Divine Creative manifestation. Their shape represents the power of Shiva, the Lord of Creation, and masculine creative energy (knowledge), and the markings represent feminine energy (wisdom). Lingams symbolize the manifestation of love energy within us all and symbolize perfect balance.

The Twintrees have announced a Shiva Lingam venture entitled "Peace Across the Planet: Crystals and Humans Evolving Together."

"The name was birthed from listening to the Stonebeings, of course," Marilyn Twintrees says. "The image of peace across the planet comes from standing up these bigger Shiva Lingams in various places around the world (so far we have them up in Arizona and New Mexico, with Minnesota and Canada to follow shortly), so that they essentially act like ‘stone acupuncture needles’ that interact with the Crystalline Grid of the Earth – the Earth’s libraries where all wisdom is stored and anybody can access any Earth information immediately.

"The Stones asked us to do this, because we are all in the midst of an overnight evolution, which for the Earth Mother is one thing…and for the non-human children upon her, it is somewhat simple because they all follow her lead unconditionally. For humans, this quantum leap evolution is really profound and more challenging than anything else our species has ever known. So, we really do need to respectfully utilize the gifts and the support of the other children of the Earth, now. As the Lingams are stood up in various parts of the Earth Mother with great consciousness and ritual (which is how they were gathered for ages by the monks and holy people in India), they will immediately and dramatically root peace and integration of this evolution into the Crystalline Grid of the Earth to make this vibration more available to all humans than ever before, right now!"

The Twintrees are seeking people who have conscious homes for these Lingams. Wherever the Lingams are placed, it shall be done so with sacredness and they will be made available to the entire community so people in the area can gather regularly in communal ritual.

"It will bring people together with the Lingams for spontaneous peace and joy," Marilyn Twintrees says. "We have already seen this happen and it immediately changes everything in your being. The Lingams that are already standing and doing this are affecting all of us in ways that we may not be able to absorb otherwise – and we are very very grateful!"

Money and sponsors also are being sought to pay for the Lingams and to get them shipped to their new homes. Elementals of Life, a non-profit led by the Twintrees, is coordinating the project so that all donations are tax-deductible.

"It has always been a core vision of our non-profit to co-create ‘islands’ of community that are intimately connected through the Earth Mother," Tohmas Twintrees says. "The shiva project implements this vision clearly, succinctly and respectfully, and offers so much support in these times of great need and expanded fears. The Shivas really slow things down to timelessness, and they root and anchor us in ways that allow us to access the bigger picture amidst the fears."

In the coming months, the Twintrees will be relocating several large lingams to the Twin Cities and Duluth, and they will organize a reunion gathering of the Festival of the Little People while in the area.

For more information, please visit Contact Tohmas and Marilyn Twintrees at 575.534.0410 or e-mail



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