Just Being Prepared or Programming it in?


My parents recently gave us their water cooler. We were thrilled as we had stopped buying bottled water to be better stewards for the environment and this now gave us cool, great tasting water all the time. It also gave me peace of mind that water supply was now more in our control if I kept a few jugs on hand in the garage in addition to ones that we drink regularly.

Upon hearing my relief about that, my daughter asked me "WHY?"

So I explained why I felt this way as briefly as I could, giving the difficulties for those who awaited water after hurricane Katrina hit as an example.

She responded quickly and succinctly as both my crystalline children always do, with such strength and confidence that it surprised me. She said, "Well, you know then that you are just programming in a disaster if you do that!"

I disagreed and said I’m just being prepared. I don’t WISH for that to happen. But it gave me pause and made me wonder about my thought patterns.

Later, I commented to my husband in the car about the rising cost of gas and said, "You know Dannion Brinkley predicted $5 a gallon years ago and it seemed so out there. I bet it will be over $4 before the summer’s over."

To which my son chimed in passionately from the backseat: "Mom! If you keep saying that, guess what, we’ll have $4 a gallon! Stop programming that in!"

Whoa. He told me! Good thing I have the Programming Police under my own roof. I guess I just have to practice what I preach! He was right.

So I corrected myself: "I’m so glad that the gas prices have gone back down to where they were before President Bush – to $1.45 a gallon with the new president." When I put a measly $10 worth of gas into my car later that day, instead of griping about it I happily told the attendant, "I sure will be glad when gas prices go down!"

To which she smirked and said, "Oh, that will never happen" – and I said happily, "Sure it will!" The attendant responded with an even bigger smile and a look that said, "I’d like a dose of whatever medication you’re on."

What we think

If we prepare for disaster A – or even consider disaster A – aren’t we then collectively programming Disaster A? After all, you are what you think. We are what we think! And so it is that I ask you to consider this: If you hear…food shortage, recession, depression of the centuries, Marshall Law, fascism…watch what it is you are thinking and feeling at the time. Perhaps you could use the opportunity to consciously choose and program in a different direction – or simply to denounce and reject any negativity or duality. Otherwise, don’t we risk collectively in consciousness programming in a more negative reality? Perhaps a reality that is served to us daily on a silver platter by more sources than ever before but by fewer and fewer companies, via a more corporatized and consolidated media. A media I spent 21 years in that is barely recognizable anymore.

Surely you know by now that big media has researched and discovered that "drama sells" and "the more emotion and drama, the better," whether it is in our political debates or the selection of news stories or even the advertising.

What you see is a reality that is being programmed into our collective consciousness, a reality that doesn’t always represent NOW but certainly will – if we all watch and think about it enough!

Where IS this good news then, you may ask? Well, since the economic "collapse" is the story du jour in American news, let’s start with the immense economic growth like the world has never seen. Fareed Zakaria writes of this economic boom in his new book Post American World:

"In fact, the percentage of people worldwide living on a dollar or less a day plummeted from 40 percent in 1981 to 18 percent in 2004, and it is estimated to fall to 12 percent by 2015. China’s growth alone has lifted more than 400 million people out of poverty. Poverty is falling in countries housing 80 percent of the world’s population. The 50 countries where the earth’s poorest live need urgent attention. In the other 142 countries, the poor slowing are being absorbed into productive and growing economies. For the first time ever, we are witnessing genuinely global growth!

"In the two decades since the end of the Cold War, we have lived through a paradox, one we experience every morning when we read the newspapers. The world’s politics seems deeply troubled, with daily reports of bombings, terror plots, rogue states and civil strife. And yet the global economy forges ahead, not without significant interruptions and crises, but still vigorously upward on the whole.

"War and organized violence have declined dramatically over the last two decades. Ted Robert Gurr and a team of scholars at the University of Maryland’s Center of International Development and Conflict Management tracked the data carefully and came to the following conclusion: "The general magnitude of global warfare has decreased by more than 60 percent since the mid-1980s, falling by the end of 2004 to its lowest level since the 1950s! Harvard’s polymath professor Steven Pinker argues that "today we are probably living in the most peaceful time in our species’ existence."

Of course this is not drama. This is Peace! Peace that we can expand upon if we only continue to believe in it and live it and program it in co-creation with our Creator and all the great guidance of Light that is here at this momentous time on Earth.

Reclaiming our sovereignty

One must be diligent to be a principal of peace – especially now. Which is why in our home we watch and read less and less mainstream news. That is not to say that I don’t keep one eye open on the movers and shakers who wish to program in a darker, false reality. I believe we are all being called to reclaim our sovereignty – a moral responsibility to be the peacemakers where light is needed – whether that be in Darfur, your church, your local homeless shelter, in the billions being spent in our presidential elections or your home or office.

We used to rely upon the media to hold others accountable as part of the public trust that their licenses say they must adhere to. But that has long been lost to corporatization and consolidation of media. It never ceases to amaze me that a media obsessed with drama for the most part simply ignores the events in Washington that silently unfold unbeknownst to most Americans. Among other things, we have witnessed: scientific journals that have been altered after warning of climate change for decades; the removal of our civil liberties; and torture hearings going on in Washington that directly involve the highest-ranking members of our government. The rest of the world is now watching us very carefully, yet in our day-to-day lives, most of us are unaware of what is taking place.

It may seem difficult to balance all of this, but it’s not. Do not turn away completely, but do not resign yourself either to the false reality that’s been sold to you out of fear, anxiety or just mild uncertainty and discomfort.

We must all keep an eye on the truth and reclaim our sovereignty to create this New Earth we all came here to co-create. We wouldn’t be here if we didn’t have it within us to do this! Remember, we are One! And don’t stake your claim too harshly on one side (perspective) or another, for then you only contribute to the lower vibrational field of polarity at a time when unity is needed.

Live (and think!) Heaven to create Heaven here. Have the courage to speak up where there is silence or darkness, but do so in Grace. Prepare certainly, but prepare for Peace! Prepare for a New Earth that serves the One, not the Ego! Program that collectively and I believe we will get there sooner rather than later.

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