The Feline Interviews


The following are interviews I conducted with four beautiful cats. To help with the introduction, I called up Nimbus, my cat friend, who had given me such a thoughtful interview a few weeks earlier. With the help of his caretaker (Jim), I asked him a few questions over the telephone.

Would this be a good reading material for humans to share with their cats?

Yes, but more importantly share yourself. That is the most important thing, your sharing and caring.

Based on these four interviews, cats seem to see a lot of things we humans don’t see. Is that true?

Yes, cats are always looking and they see a lot. Humans don’t spend as much time looking.

Were you happy doing the interview?

There is more than a thank-you inside of me. If I had a hat, I would tip it. This is how all four of us cats feel. And we send wishes of sharing, caring and touching to all the cats in the world.

For these interviews, the cats formulated both the questions and the answers. The focus was completely on what the cats wanted to say. In each case, the cats’ caretaker was present for the interview and greatly supported me with the communication process. Through openness and respect for the cat, we listened carefully to receive the information (including the questions). Together, we fine-tuned the wording provided by the cat until we felt we had it exactly right.

BOO BOO : A 16-year-old Chocolate Himalayan

He has lost a good deal of weight recently. He is probably in the final months of his life.

Why do you feel locked up?

I want to be free. I am tired. My body is sore.

What is your life like now?

I love Lynn (his caretaker). I love when I am with Lynn. I am here for Lynn. I know that I am getting older. It is okay. I am here for a little longer. I like my life even though I am sore.

What do you want?

Only love. And food with peas.

What do you see?

I see a friend with wings flying. She plays with me. And loves me. And sleeps with me.

What do you want to say?

Even though I am slow and old, I am happy. I had a good life. I feel peace.

Do you believe in another world?

Yes, I see it all the time. That is where I am going. I see big mountains. I see thousands of cats. There are big ones and small ones, even lions. Friends with wings are all around. There is a sweet music. I am really happy here. I see Yogi (a cat who he dearly loved who recently passed over). We play. Friends with wings sing to us.

What is in your heart?

Sweet love.

* * *

BESS :: A 7-year-old long-haired cat

Right from the start, do you have something to say?

Yes, I want to say that I am lonely.

What are you lonely for?

I am lonely for a magic person.

What do you mean?

Poppy (the family dog) has a magic person. She flies around Poppy and plays with her. I want that.

Is it an angel?

Yes, a magic angel with wings.

We can ask a magic angel with wings to be with you now. Would you like that?

Yes, right now.

Just right now we ask a magic angel with wings to be with Bess to bless her, guide her, play with her, nurture her and love her, all for the highest good. Do you have the angel now?

Yes, the angel is big and white and has two wings.

How big is the angel?

As big as two people.

How do you feel now?

I feel happy and glad. I feel at peace. Thank you. I love you.

  • * *

Nimbus : A 5-year-old Norwegian Forest cat.

The interview is conducted via telephone. Throughout most of the interview, Nimbis is sitting on Jim’s (his caretaker) chest, just a few inches from the telephone.

Where are you going?

I am going to become a human person.

How will you become a human person?

By watching and helping one (a human).

Can you only become a human person?

No, I can become a cat, a dog or an invisible one.

What is an invisible one?

An angel who guards a person.

After you become a human person, where will you go?

I will become a greater and fuller human person.

Why don’t you hunt live animals?

I want to, but my human doesn’t want us to. I’m okay with that.

Is there anything you want to tell Jim that he doesn’t know?

Yes, there is a ghost in the garage.

Is there a big plan for us?

Yes, but it is not my plan. It’s HIS (God’s)plan. So, I just get to wait.

  • * *

ORANGE BOY: A 4-year-old blind and deaf cat

What is going on with your heart?

My heart is so full of love, yet something bothers it.

What is bothering your heart?

There is an energy in the house. It is a dark energy that sticks to things. Sometimes it sticks to me.

How can we get rid of the dark sticky thing?

Would you please pray and remove it?

(We say a prayer to remove it and ask for the support of the Archangels.) How do you feel now?

I feel very happy that that thing is gone. I am more relaxed. I see a good energy. It is moving all about. I don’t know what it is, but I like it. It is friendly and kind. It is sweet. They are flying in the room. They keep me company.

Why did you come into this house? Why were you chosen?

To serve the people here. To teach love that is very pure and very simple.

How do you feel about being deaf and blind?

Sometimes I am scared when I am outside. (Orange Boy has been attacked on several occasions, when outside the house.)

How can you be safe when you are outside?

I want a strong friend; a friend who is bigger than me, a friend who looks like a big cat with wings. (We invite a guardian angel to come forward.)

Is there anything you want to say about being deaf and blind?

Gee, it is dark in here, but I am not sad.

Do you know why you can’t see?

Because I can not do God’s work with sight.

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