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We often think we’re alone, but we’re not. And we think that the ideas that make us money or give us fame and recognition come from our own genius, but they often do not. It is about time that we give sincere gratitude to the others who surround us in this experience on planet earth, those who truly complete the picture and assist us in so many untold ways, day in and day out.

I’m speaking of the dogs, cats, hamsters, horses, rabbits, ferrets, snakes and other companion animals who – if the truth be told – have more intelligence and soul than humankind has been willing to acknowledge.

Of course, we who have lived with pets all of our lives [and past lives] know this. That’s why all of the pet whisperers and animal communicators, the present-day Dr. Doolittles, are popular. We intuitively know that our pets speak to us; what we don’t trust is our ability to understand them.

The late Dr. Carl Sagan said, "It is of interest to note that while some dolphins are reported to have learned English – up to 50 words used in correct context – no human being has been reported to have learned dolphinese."

Humankind has not acknowledged the vast wisdom that exists in the universe outside of the human realm…from the animals and insects, from the rocks, from Mother Earth herself, from the devas and fairies and other subtle energy beings who constantly surround us. And that doesn’t even include the angels and spiritual masters who serve at our beck and call.

The spiraling collective consciousness from which all of our ideas spring forth is a vast pool from which we all drink. It is a wellspring to which we all also contribute, in our own ways, and in our own time.

When I moved from Missouri to Minnesota at the start of that harsh winter of 1995, I towed my VW Fox. Huddled up in that cold vehicle were my three feline companions – the Siamese sisters China Cat Sunflower and Lady Madonna, and the rescued farm cat Seth. Thirteen years later, all three have passed across the Rainbow Bridge.

Today, three other animal companions are with me: Ghandi, a Basenji whose kisses each morning remind me of his incredible love; Sunti Si-Sawat, a devoted Korat who is sleeping on a folding chair next to me as I write this now; and Cleo, a medium-haired tabby with lynx-like ears who also goes by Thundering Herd and Peanut.

Intuitively, I pick up on many of their signals: their desire for me to open the window so they can enjoy fresh air; their wish for me to play more. Despite all of the pets who have been with me in this lifetime, beginning with my first cat Stripey to the calico Layla and the black cat Sgt. Pepper, I am still a beginner when it comes to knowing what they are telling me.

My goal in 2008 is to learn to hear them better so I can learn more from what they are telling me.

I am convinced that life’s journey is more than satisfying my own desires. It is a path upon which I walk with other people, with companions large and small, among the trees and stones and rivers and oceans. And they are all speaking. I could put in headphones and only hear myself think. I prefer not to.



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