Honoring the Violet Generation: the Unexpected Psychics


During the twenty years or more that I have been a professional psychic and medium, I have had hundreds of men and women visit me, wishing to talk about their newly emerging psychic ability. Many times they are rather embarrassed or upset by this phenomenon. Often, they first notice it in the last third of their lives. The circumstances that prompt them to come to me are very different from person to person, but the effect is the same. Something has happened, a death perhaps, or a business failure or a significant illness, that has prompted an awakening of sorts. They have begun to hear the still small voice of intuitive knowing that has been lying dormant within them since childhood. They may have heard its call before, but this time they listen. Usually, it scares them half to death.

A number of factors come in to play to cause this to happen. First, older people have often finished with the embracing, fulfilling and yet distracting times of child rearing and career development. Often, they have entered a period where they have the time and money to do some soul searching.

Also, the death of a spouse or child, the risk of a serious or life threatening illness, or even the trauma of a midlife career or relationship change is much more common as we age. Not many of us escape our 50s without some sort of wake-up call from the spirit realm. It is as if we are programmed to awaken our natural intuitive ability at this stage of our life. I believe we are being invited by Spirit into what I have coined "the Violet Generation."

Souls come into this world with most of their memories intact. They also come in fully connected to the world of spirit and the information it contains. They know that they are one with all beings and that what one knows we all know. We have all heard of "Indigo" or "Crystal" children. These are the children who retain that knowledge and act on their inherent psychic abilities rather than allowing it to be socialized out of them. What we haven’t heard about are the souls on the other side of the age spectrum. These are the people of the Violet Generation. They are you and me.

I am convinced that as people age they become increasingly psychic. Some of my students report spontaneous psychic occurrences that prompted them to explore this topic. Others talk about being "kicked in the pants" by the spirit realm. It seems that the brain often compensates for decreasing memory and other cognitive skills by enhancing intuitive ability. It also appears that the lifestyles of older people allow for more quiet, solitude and introspective time. Also, the trials and tribulations that come with a full life will often trigger prior to unnoticed psychic ability.

Many of us are discovering that the things we desired and strived for when we were young no longer seem to matter as much. Before joining the Violet Generation, some of us first have a stereotypical mid-life crisis. Soon, though, the affairs or Harleys or facelifts don’t matter much to us either. Eventually, all of our life journeys inevitably lead us (sometimes kicking and screaming) face-to-face with the realm of spirit. No matter what event causes us to reach that point, we cannot go back.

Like it or not, the baby boomers have changed society. As we now enter the Violet Generation, I believe that our awakening intuitive powers will allow us to once again rock the world. We have the potential to be a huge force in our society. We dare not turn our backs on this resource.

I have entered into a book contract with Llewellyn Worldwide to write a book with the working title, The Violet Generation. I would love to have the help of the readers of The Edge in the telling of the stories of the Violet Generation. If you have a story of emerging psychic ability as you age, please go to my website to learn how to submit your information to me. Thank you all in advance for your help.

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Kathryn Harwig
Kathryn Harwig is an internationally known author and speaker who has written five books. She appears regularly on television and radio and hosts a monthly intuitive forum in the Minneapolis area. She is a former attorney who now dedicates her life to spreading messages of joy and hope. Contact Kathryn at www.harwig.com.


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