Matrix Energetics: The Science and Art of Transformation Part 2


Dr. Richard Bartlett, who holds degrees in both chiropractic and naturopathy, has stepped away from his medical practice to help support a shift in humanity’s understanding of reality.

He will be in Minneapolis in mid-September to teach some of us how to do what he does, despite acknowledging that he doesn’t even know what he is doing, and at the same time noting that you or I most likely can do even more incredible things with Matrix Energetics than he can. Matrix Energetics instruction will be September 12-15 at Minneapolis Airport Marriott. For more information, visit or call 1.800.269.9513.

In videos on his website, Dr. Bartlett seems to be doing the same thing as spiritual faith healers who touch their followers and watch them crumple to the floor. In a phone interview with Edge Life, he does his best to explain the unexplainable, even suggesting that Matrix Energetics possibly touches upon the miraculous work of one of the greatest masters of manipulating space and time that we know – Jesus.

To what extent do you focus or visualize during this process.
Richard Bartlett:
Zero. If you focus or visualize, you want to do that before the process and then take a breath. This is what we tell people to do. It’s a metaphor that’s based upon taking a pebble and throwing it into a pond.

Matric Energetics, bookImagine yourself at a beach or in a nice, pastoral scene where there is water. You walk down and you are looking in the sunshine – and you see a pebble glinting out of the corner of your eye. You look over and you decide – unconsciously, because it’s how we do those things – “I like that pebble right there, so I’m going to pick up that pebble.” So, I pick up the pebble.

All of this is more or less an unconscious process of how I chose that pebble. But once I bend down to pick it up, that’s under my conscious control. Once I’ve picked it up, I examine it. This is more of our conscious awareness. Now you are setting up the parameters for what you would like to have happen. You examine it. You feel it. Maybe it’s a little gritty. If you’re a guy, you might even bite it or lick it, just to see what that’s like, and you hold it up and you look at the shape and the dimensions of it, and you feel the hardness of it. Now you’ve made an assessment.

Now, as a child, you’re going to want to throw the pebble into the pond – unconsciously really, because we don’t know how we make the decision to throw it to where we want to see it go. We throw the pebble. It’s the moment you’ve let go of the pebble that it’s beyond your conscious control. That’s when the activity actually occurs.

Intention – or my guides or hallucinations or right brain, however you want to say it – is in the Ten of the One. That means you place intent, drop down or enter an altered state, which can happen instantly, and then you let go. The idea of letting go is the pebble – your intent, your perceived action – that hits the pond of the unconscious awareness or the zero point field. It expands, the ripples interact with the wave, with the surface of the water, with the water being unlimited potential. Once you start it, you get ripples that go out from your intent. The ripples themselves are actually the activity or the light moving through the matrix, moving through the grids and actually creating interference patterns that then come back to you as effects.

The pebble hitting the water. It sounds like a shamanic experience.
RB: Well, it can be. I just recorded a program for Sounds True audio the last couple of days. In the audience were a former Catholic nun and a quantum physicist from MIT. They were both just ecstatic to be there. It’s because Matrix Energetics works. It’s reliable. It’s observable. It’s reproducible.

It bends the rules of physics, because those rules are more like suggestions, as Sri Aurobindo said. And it’s fantastically fun. One of the side effects is joy, and a lot of laughter.

What role does the subject, the person receiving the Two-Point, play in the process?
RB: They don’t have to do anything at all. In fact, I’ve had burly Hell’s Angel-looking engineers come up on stage with me and wind up unconscious at my feet and sometimes in tears, because when you drop out of your expectation set, even for the blink of an eye, your whole universe can warp – and physical beings can literally transform before your very eyes.

It’s more powerful for someone other than me, even though it looks very powerful when I’m “doing it,” which I don’t do anything. The great thing about it is that an engineer or a domestic engineer, a housewife, or a nun, or father or whatever, have experiences that are different than mine. Therefore, their consciousness, their perceptual filters, may be less restricted than mine. They could perhaps perform something you might call a miracle, but I might look at it and go, “How in the bloody blazes did you do that!?”

Let’s talk about Toronto. I had two 11-year-olds in the audience. I was talking in transphysics principles. I saw one of the 11-year-olds, brought him on the stage and said, “Are you understanding any of this?”

He said, “Some.”

I said, “Are you enjoying it?”

He goes, “Yes!”

I was talking about the Philadelphia experiment with the possible physics principles and how it took place. The 11-year-old thought that sounded like fun. So on a break at the seminar – and by the way, these two children stayed for a whole four-day seminar and were enraptured with it, that’s how much fun it is – the 11-year-old went with his family to the mall. At the mall, they have this motion sensor so when you go through it, you are detected, right? Well, he decided he’d try to be the Philadelphia experiment. His family went through and it beeped every time they went through. He went through it didn’t beep. He decided that was really fun, so he went back and forth, but it never beeped for him, because he was being invisible.

The more childlike you are, the less education you have, the less your expectations and even the more skeptical, the more powerful the outcome in many cases.

In your book, Matrix Energetics, you write that you don’t really expect any results.
RB: That’s right.

But do you find that the whole experience of Matrix Energetics gets more effective or stronger the more that you practice it?
RB: Absolutely, but that’s not based on an expectation of result. That’s based upon trust, which is different. Expecting a result is actually the opposite of trust.

It’s kind of like me really want a red bicycle for Christmas. “Mama, get me a red bicycle.” Right? And then you get something so much better than the red bicycle that you could never imagine. That’s not based upon expectation of result. That is beyond your expectations. With practice of Matrix Energetics, you go beyond your expectations and you don’t care what the result is, because you know you may not be able to imagine it.

It’s often said that great ideas oftentimes will develop in more than one person at the same time on the planet. Are other ideas similar to Matrix Energetics coming to your attention?
RB: No, and I’ll tell you why. Most of the ideas that are out there are a result of people who have developed a technique. Most techniques are based on resonance theory. They’re based on running or channeling energy. They will run it through an imagined outcome, through a process, through a field, through a parameter of “this is the way it works.” They’ll run it through a set of rules – in other words, a morphic field.

Matrix Energetics is much more rebel rousing than that. It doesn’t have any rules. Once you learn how to make the measurement, drop down, place intent and let go, the field of possibility opens wide, because what we’ve created is a morphic field of “anything goes.” Most things that I’ve seen that are out there say, “This is the way it works.” I don’t believe I know the way anything works.

How do physicists react to this experience?
RB: A relatively famous physicist, Dr. Bill Tiller, wrote the forward for my book. I won’t mention the name of my physicist friend, but he has a rather large and wonderful book, and I had no idea that he was who he is. He was educated at MIT and Princeton University and he is absolutely in love with this work. In fact, he says there is going to be a part of a chapter in his next book about me.

The ideas that are exciting me and bringing parallels in with regard to Matrix Energetics are in the physics realm. In preparation for my second book, which I’m working on right now, I have read 120 books, mostly on science and physics. That’s where the ideas come from.

Interestingly enough, though, is that these ideas of physics are bringing me back to the principles of healing that I think Jesus employed. Not the Jesus of the Bible, not the Jesus of the pulpit, and not the Jesus on the TV or the Jesus images we’ve had portrayed. It is Yeshua Bin David, the master who walked the earth that we have no idea who he was. The Bible has been so manipulated that we don’t know what was originally in it.

Yeshua defined himself by saying, “I am the son of God,” but when he said that he wasn’t referring to himself. He was referring to the consciousness that moved through him. That consciousness was universal consciousness – and that universal consciousness would define itself based upon the vessel that was around to be poured into.

How was Matrix Energetics affected your personal life?
RB: Oh my God! It has turned inside out and upside down. I’m not working as a doctor anymore. I have two medical degrees, a chiropractic degree from Parker Chiropractic College in 1987 and a four-year medical degree for naturopathic medicine from Bastyr University in 2000. Last year I quit my practice because I had a six-month waiting list and I realized that medical practice isn’t the way to perform miracles, it’s the way to prevent them!

People come in with their expectations, their laundry list, their Santa Claus list. They might, indeed, be able to “get” some of the things that are on their list, but the very fact they have these expectations prevent them from observing any in the outcome. When I teach people in seminars and then they go home and perform all manner of miracles, it’s because they don’t have that expectation set of a medical practice.

And they haven’t defined their own condition.
RB: That’s right. I tell them they’re unlimited and they go, “Okay!”

My daughter, Justice, is going to turn 28 next month. I hate to say it, but since age 16 until three years ago, she was a crack addict. I didn’t know this. I was too busy being a medical doctor. She was living in another state. She now teaches on stage with me as the master that she truly is. She’s completely free of any of that and has been for three years, and there’s no a trace of it in her aura. You couldn’t even imagine that about her, and she doesn’t mind me saying this. She just completely stepped out of the matrix or grid of that experiment of the soul. She walked right out of it.

My son, Nathaniel, who is two years younger, didn’t used to like his dad very much. He was made to come to a seminar, kind of as penance because he wasn’t doing anything. Within the first 10 minutes of the seminar, he wound up unconscious under a table drooling into the carpet. The next morning, he was dancing on stage and he’s been with me ever since.

My other son, Victor, is two years younger. He’s an artist who has gone to art school. He’s not directly involved with Matrix Energetics, but it’s changed his life anyway, because he’s seen the changes around him. He lives with me, and he is doing art. In fact, he designed the archetype or logo for the Matrix Energetics that represents the principles that I teach.

That logo, by the way, came to me in a vision. It literally appeared floating against my venetian blinds as a three-dimensional, full-color image. Huge. I went, “Hmmm.” It’s kind of like Batman, right, “I need a symbol. Something to strike fear into the hearts of criminals. You need your superstitious law, I need a symbol.” And this thing showed up.

On the surface, if someone just looked at the videos on your website, it might appear that you’re doing faith healing, the hand to the forehead and the subject falling unconscious. How similar is what you’re doing to that?
RB: There’s another one of those morphic fields isn’t it? What is faith healing? Well, what I think is this: I think they’re using technology. I think they’re taking their unconscious mind, focusing on a conscious outcome and using a whole lot of people to create what Tom Bearden calls a scalar wave, popping that in the zero point field, and then knocking people senseless with the Holy Spirit. It’s looks like the same thing as Matrix Energetics, but I don’t think it’s the same because the intent is completely different. However, I’m not saying there’s not a Holy Spirit or there’s not a real effect there.

You had some unusual experiences when you were younger. But as you say in the book, it doesn’t really matter whether you’ve had experiences or not, because you’re really no different than anybody else.
RB: That’s right. Having experiences are useful if you’re so damned hard-headed that you have to have them.

When I was 10, I was hit by a car. The car hit me right in the center point of my chest. I don’t know how fast she was going, but it was too fast. I was crossing a crosswalk and she ran the red light. I was flying through the air and my head was extended in the Christopher Reeve’s break-your-neck position. Very sad. And I heard a loud voice in my head say, “Slap the mat.” Somehow due to my physiology, call it a past life, call it some parallel resonance, I tucked my chin under my chest, slapped down with my palms and rolled my body and I slid on the pavement rather than breaking everything in my body. I was knocked 20 feet in the air and slid 25, they say. And I was perfectly fine.

That was the first time I’d ever heard that voice. It has been with me ever since. A useful thing.

What other ways are you going to evolve Matrix Energetics?
RB: Well, the Sounds True audio series that I just did will be a beautiful package that will expand Matrix Energetics throughout the world. I may be teaching a new series of seminars at some point based upon what I’m perceiving to be the physics of Jesus. I’m already talking about that a lot. It is about real physics, but here’s the beauty of it: If I tell people that Matrix Energetics is the physics of Jesus and people then embrace it, guess what? Now you have a morphic field of possibility that’s grown larger. And the name of the game is tap into the largest field you can, let go as much as possible, and allow miracles to occur.

This is the first book I’ve read in a long time that just transformed me just by reading it.
RB: Thank you. That was the intent when I wrote it. It’s not really a book.

When I first gave the book to the first editor, it was a wholly awful mess. I had no idea how to write, and he looked at it and he told me it was a mess. He also said, “There’s something here. I don’t know what it is. I think the only way you could make this book more powerful is if you put peyote buttons on the back jacket and have people ingest them as they read the book.” Then he added, “Wait a minute, I think you did. I feel strangely different now.”

For more information on Dr. Richard Bartlett and Matrix Energetics, visit

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